July 08, 2008

The Importance Of Blog Linking Seems to Be Declining


Yesterday, out of curiosity, I downloaded all my visitor logs going back to January of 2006, when I started regularly posting on the blog. While there's no question traffic overall is significantly higher now than it was one year ago or two years ago, the impact that even the biggest of blogs can deliver is lessened. I believe that this is due to a few things:
  1. People are relying on aggregators to find them new sources of information, includingTechmeme的,Hacker News,书签交易,MIXX,的FriendFeedand others.
  2. 人们,尤其是那些谁读这个网站上,都更加依赖于RSS阅读器,许多人订阅了这么多的饲料,他们通过故事,努力清除其未读条目,不点击嵌入式链接阅读。
  3. People who actually read blogs on the site (outside of RSS) are clicking through to respond to the author with comments, rather than viewing links.
今年以来,由于涉及一些在科技博客圈最热门的话题,我去过已与从一些最突出的博客在市场上足够幸运,包括TechCrunch的,读写网,混搭,Scobleizer,MicroPersuasion,耶利米Owyang,马修英格拉姆,该Inquisitr,Profyand others. I've also been actively engaged with those flying lower on the radar, including我并不是一个真正的野人,SheGeeks,Regular Geek(见一个主题?)等。

But looking at my aggregate statistics from the last six months, not even the "big name" linkers drove a lot of traffic, relative to just about every other source. And in some cases, the top blogs that drove traffic were themselves relative unknowns who I've featured in my monthly obscure blog recommendations, themselves often being the beneficiaries of being on Digg or Techmeme.

  1. 我并不是一个真正的野人: When Your Blog Is LouisGrayCrunched
  2. Scobleizer:爱我的FriendFeed
  3. 定期奇:必读在社会化媒体
  4. ValleyWag:大多数博客不值得任何广告收入,七word版
  5. TechCrunch的: More Bloggers Raising Money. Here Come The Politics. And Here Comes My Rant.
  6. 微劝说:成为一个专家的力量of Deliberate Practice
  7. 马修英格拉姆: Duncan Riley: Lessons in diplomacy
  8. WebWare: A Proposal for Twitter: Shut It Down
  9. ReadWriteweb: Content Is Becoming a Commodity
  10. Mark Evans: Who's Louis Gray?


In fact, it isn't until the #10 position overall over the last 30 days that you get a total number of visitors that is less than the #1 blog referral over the last 180 days. And in most cases, I've not seen any kind of meaningful traffic from mentions on Mashable or ReadWriteWeb. Back in January,I was a little less than happy that Mashable wasn't giving linkage a lot of prominence,但即使是现在他们的影响是非常小的。我得到了来自Mashable 77个推荐他们身边的故事Twitter的品牌管理和从53更a story on my being an early adopter,在事物的大计划很渺小。

现在,我不是说这个数据证明了链接已经死了。我知道链接功率谷歌果汁,和他们增强Technoratirankings, and if done well, people can find new sources of data, but the ability for even a so-called A-List blogger to deliver a windfall of visits is much less than I had ever expected. It is now more important to be part of the social media sites that drive strong traffic - the Twitters and Techmemes and FriendFeeds and Stumbleupons and Reddits, if traffic is your goal. Those sites, combined with RSS activity in Google Reader and other programs are what will drive traffic. So don't wait around begging for Scoble or Mashable to write you up. It might not have the effect you thought.