July 08, 2008

Late-Night Seesmic Desperation Yields Results

Guest Post By Cyndy Aleo-Carreira (E-mail/Twitter)

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not a huge fan of social media video sites. Videos take too much time to watch and slow me down in my daily consumption of the firehose. I'm still sitting on a 14-minute ode to copyright fromDuncan Rileythat I just can't bring myself to sacrifice 14 minutes of my already over-stuffed day to watch, yet I also can't bring myself to mark it as read.

That being said, when I was fiddling withSeesmic有一天,我的两个岁成为与人们的观念和她说话了我的笔记本电脑迷住了。她一直iChat中的这个原因经过较长时间的风扇,并且,对我平时家长的判断,让她录制视频。她现在是一个真正的瘾君子Seesmic的,乞讨几乎每天发布视频。

昨天晚上,我们把她睡觉,共收治不停尖叫。在她的年龄,它通常意味着她过度疲劳,但在这种情况下,她看后皮克斯的很害怕Monsters Inc.earlier in the evening with her older siblings. To calm her down, I asked her if she wanted to "do a Seesmic" as she calls it, and we recorded a video talking about how she was scared of monsters.

Within a few minutes, she had a reply from Seesmic userrobertpwith a suggestion he's used with his own kids. She and I went on a video search throughYouTube佛r a video that featured at least one of the voice actors from the movie, and hit the jackpot with a clip of John Goodman appearing on her very favorite show,Sesame Street。她能够看到苏利只是一个动画人物讲了一个非常友好的美男子谁发生像三角形,她平静了降权。当然,她喜欢收到回复,而不得不发布一个为好,感谢罗伯特回答她的“bidee哟。”

I have to take back my previous gripes about social video, however. It works better than anything I've ever tried to get a frightened toddler back to sleep. And after 10 PM, it sure was easier to get help from a virtual stranger than it would have been to phone one of my friends, who were surely already asleep.