July 30, 2008


(UPDATE: I wrote this post originally with the intent to show several missing features, which appeared to be missing to me over the last week or so. As you can read in the comments, I was very quickly corrected - either Facebook has recently re-added those features in place, or they are, as I mentioned in this post, just hard to find! I realized we had something bigger on our hands - If Facebook can confuse me, how many others will also be confused? I've modified this post to reflect that.)
With every new site redesign comes angry users ready to criticize the change. People just don't like change. I saw this first when I redesigned the site,SteepAndCheap.com(这里我经过千钧一发之际,“SAC黑客”在论坛)。我们在几年前看到对SteepAndCheap新设计的每一个可能的反应,但最终,人们安顿下来,习惯了,并意识到这实际上是更好地为他们的长远目标。我们正在与目前看到这Facebook的'snew design, even when only 5% of their users have actually switched to the new design! However, some of that outrage may be warranted, as you know (look in the comments), I originally wrote this thinking several features were missing, only to realize even I was confused at where to find them!

Facebook的似乎已经移动的页面和论坛上的用户的个人资料页面。现在,访问网页或论坛,人们必须从主个人资料页点击深一个页面进入“信息”选项卡,如果你向下滚动网页及论坛将在下面的主要部分。什么是更奇怪的是,有没有办法拖这些集团或页面周围像为了有之前把它们上涨的用户看到。Facebook的显然不希望用户看到的页面和组的第一件事用户看到,当他们访问您的个人资料,该公司似乎是saving the business portions of Facebook for later.They seem have put low priority on them lately.

It's obvious that Applications have now moved to the "boxes" tab, and Facebook has made this clear in several announcements and blog posts recently. They did cut developers short however in the time frame they offered, and developersaren't happyeither. For this reason you'll see most of your applications in that Boxes tab, rather than on your main Profile page, and applications like the FriendFeed app on Facebook no longer display detailed information in your news feed, but rather, "so and so has new activity in FriendFeed".

Lastly, up until just recently it appears (because there is an entire thread of people这里that seemed to be missing it), a much needed and appreciated feature, the "ignore all" feature for applications was gone entirely. Facebook seems to be trying to remove spammy activity by applications, but somehow this was overlooked when they launched the new design it appears. It's a welcome sight to see that "ignore all" button back in your requests again.

As you can tell from the original revision of this post that I mentioned above, even I was confused by the new design (and I wrotetwo books关于Facebook)!虽然我喜欢新的设计是干净的,去了解那里的特点是,并不需要一定的时间。这是要迷惑许多的你,会有一定的反弹。我的希望是,随着时间,这一切都将制定出一个更美好,更清洁,少垃圾的Facebook,我们都明白。

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