July 17, 2008

Twitter Chokes Unauthenticated API Requests By IP, Sites Gasp for Air

Twitter的struggles with handling high user load have been well documented. To help the embattled site stay up between Fail Whales, they've at times reduced features to just try and keep afloat, blocking the replies tab, reducing pagination, and blocking Instant Messaging, for example.

他们还明显地调整了验证API命中率,从70第一次下降到20,并备份到100.但直到最近,未经身份验证的API请求是无限的,这一切都改变了周三晚上周围下午5时太平洋时间,当Twitter的逐步加大下来到相同的100每小时IP地址,有效地压碎在Twitter上依赖于他们的数据很多外部服务。而这是不公开提及完成on the Twitter blog.

As you can see in thisGoogle Groups thread,Alex Payne of Twittertold developers last Thursday:
虽然这听起来所有尼斯和花花公子,有一些开发商谁没有看到“可怕的问题”,从记欣克利,首席执行官Somewhere, Inc., Richard Cunningham ofFriendBinder和乔尔StrellnerTwitturly, each of whom runs a product that depends strongly on unauthenticated API requests from the microblogging service.

But it didn't stop Twitter from making the change, even as Jodee Rich ofPeopleBrowsrwrote, "this will blow us out of the water."


Twitturly says onstatus page:"Due to recent changes in Twitter's API, Twitturly is slowly dying."

Similarly, Twist's Twitter charts only show a fraction of the data they did at the beginning of the week. (See:“早上”,"starbucks""computer"。)

Twist's Twitter Search for "Morning"

Twist's Twitter Search for "Lunch vs. Dinner"

In response to the changes, FriendBinder's Cunningham said he will now be changing all API requests to Twitter to be authenticated, to work around the problem. He wrote me, in an e-mail, "There are also some parts of the API we cannot even attempt now. User authenticated requests limits are shared with other sites that the user has used - so we might not be able to get any updates for them if some other site hit the limit for them."

你可以看到这自己通过网站的目标to help you bulk follow those Twitter users who are following you. If you use a site likeTwitter的因果报应,然后尝试使用Less Friends,你会得到一个讨厌的注意,说你已经超过时速上限的100个请求。如果你像我一样,已经落后于人之后,你可能会重新审视这些网站宗教每隔一小时在未来数天,直到你赶上的一种方式。

Less Friends and Twitter Karma Get a Mere Fraction of the Updates

Last month, Jesse Stay wrote thatdevelopers were bailing on Twitter, thanks to outages and broken APIs. With changes like this, despite improved uptime of late, the end to Twitter's problems is nowhere in sight, and services that hoped to tap into their API this way are sore out of luck.

Note: These restrictions do not impact the four golden partners of Twitter's XMPP feature, includingZappos,Summize,FriendFeedTwittervision.