January 02,2009

What FriendFeed Needs to Do To Grow and Keep New Users

That 我喜欢朋友and so does Robert Scoble还有几千人 Web-addicted Silicon Valley-centric peopledoesn't matter very much.That thousands more have signed up to the service and imported their data doesn't matter very much either.这项服务有大量的铃声和哨子和一些聪明的人在背后,并设法有一些伟大的正常运行时间,compared to other services,也不会让它成功。Because what I'm seeing,and continue to hear,is that the site is too busy.It's too intimidating for new users,有些人甚至加紧给旧的大学尝试寻求帮助。 See: Om Malik of GigaOM)..

Why?因为我相信服务是伟大的,the learning curve is sharp.人们没有马上得到效用。他们不会马上找到朋友,或者理解他们为什么要花时间参与。Others are intimidated by the sheer volume of updates coming from people seemingly embedded in the Web,be they Robert,myself or many others..

In December,Robert wrote a piece,"" 10 Reasons why Twitter is for you and FriendFeed is not",where he outlined some of the top-level differences between the two services.And while he was jokingly saying Twitter's lack of features made it a better option for some people than FriendFeed,这是真的。.

Given FriendFeedis relying largely on word of mouth from users,and press from bloggers and other tech publications to help raise awareness,还没有投资营销部门或更正式的外展策略,他们可以考虑这个缩写的营销要求文件是公益性的:

FriendFeed Must Have a Lite Version for New Users

新用户注册到FrADFIPS,by default,see all updates from all friends who they are following,以及朋友的朋友的更新。这意味着,即使你开始只跟随几十个人,be they those automatically synchronized with your Facebook account,or recommended well-known Silicon Valley digerati,you can be flooded with updates from Twitter,Blogs,bookmarking sites,external commenting sites,, BrightKite位置通知,photos from Flickr and other sites,YouTube视频甚至项目来自 Amazon.com愿望清单。And not only do you have to see all this from the people you know,but you'll even have to see updates from friends of those you know,if your friends have made an action on their updates..

What needs to happen is that FriendFeed must tier their offering,for"小“,"媒体“and"large"消费。Lite版本可能会从博客帖子开始,, 弗里克photos,和本地FieldFIVEL条目。The default behavior should be that you would need to"选择加入查看服务,rather than be forced to opt out or hide every single one of them as FriendFeed adds them.FriendFeed already supports more than 50 different services,but the excitement this may bring to power users is just overwhelming to new folks..

The data should still be available in a tab that says"更多的展示给我看或“What You're Missing",etc.,but you have got to not aim the firehose at those who aren't ready..

FriendFeed Should Help You Find Your Real Friends Better

If you weren't referred to FriendFeed from an existing user,you're starting off from scratch in the friends department.FriendFeed helpfully offers you an array of popular users,基于其他用户的活动,but it's highly unlikely you're on a first name basis with all of them,and they're probably not"really"你的朋友们。.

Assuming you register your Facebook account with FriendFeed,it will check your existing friend base and see if they are registered with FriendFeed,and automatically add them to the people you follow.You also can find your friends by importing your address book from GMail,, Yahoo!Mailor Hotmail.But as many found when Google Reader assumed those you e-mailed most out of GMail were your real friends,that doesn't exactly solve it either..

FoeFoIP应该在这里做一些事情。第一,他们可以让你交叉引用你在Twitter上的那些人(这是一个嘈杂的选择)。Second,you should be able to synchronize those you follow on LinkedInas easily as you do your friends on Facebook.如果你联系LinkedIn,maybe you should have the option to follow them on FriendFeed,getting you connected with colleagues.Third,最重要的是,FrimFIVEL应该有基于内容的智能。你应该能够列出你的兴趣,就像脸谱网一样,并为那些讨论这些主题的人提供建议。Fourth,you should be able to add details to a profile,包括故乡,办学背景,等,并得到朋友的建议非常类似脸谱网的“常点”People You May Know"feature..

You would also have the option to get weekly e-mails with updates on"People You May Know",much like LinkedIn shows you that new colleagues and classmates have started to use the service..

FriendFeed Must Be Doing Outreach and Communication With Inactive Users

Having always been active,我不会遇到球队这样做的,but I have seen a significant number of people who have had very little activity on the service following initial registration.They may not have had comments or"liked"几个月的事。但是,当涉及到总用户时,它们确实是很重要的。and their data is quietly pouring into the service!!

友谊饲料应该积极地追求这些陈旧的,abandoned accounts,and updating them on new features,or highlighting site usage case studies.It's practically a pastime on the Web to register for new sites,但是它并没有让FooFo饲料社区在数字鬼魂的物品上浏览和表演。.


Long-time users have a distinct advantage over new users in terms of feeling engaged on the site.和高中一样,或者任何其他网络论坛,你有常客,他们处于舒适状态,communicating with the same people who interact in small social circles.加入该网站的新用户在不知不觉中开始行动,直到他们开始对别人的项目起作用。New users who understand the service and register their feeds may see almost no activity as they are not added or even seen by other users at first,而他们自己的饲料比较沉默有时足以让人们感觉被忽视和离开。.

FriendFeed could,instead,choose to have an area dedicated to new users who have joined the service over the last 1,7 or 30 days (as they do with top items),and assuming you can fill out any identifiable data,as mentioned above,在家乡附近,学校,和利益,these new users could be grouped.(e.g.25 new users within 30 miles of 94086 joined in the last 7 days)

FriendFeed Should Deliver A Desktop Application and iPhone App

The introduction of TweetDeck改变了很多人使用Twitter的方式。It takes all the different options of Twitter and put them in a highly-customizable app,incorporating DMs,Replies,Groups,搜索。我听到人们说他们不会使用FieldFi直到它集成到TwiteDead,and the current third-party apps for FriendFeed pale in comparison to the Web offering.The iPhone offering is good as well,but doesn't feel as polished,and lacks options one would expect in an app written for the device..

FriendFeed Needs to Better Define What It Is and How People Use It

Scoble (yes him again) recently posted a video on how you can be a power user of FriendFeed,showing 20 things it's useful for.( video link)

But it took him almost half an hour!不冒犯罗伯特,but the service has got to become a lot more simple than 30 minutes worth of explanation to get new users engaged.All sorts of companies,from consumer to enterprise,利用案例研究和客户演示视频来解释服务和福利方面的问题,它们应该分为30秒到5分钟。.

You can see FriendFeed's early efforts to answer questions from users on their lengthy one-page FAQ.They also have a FriendFeed Feedback roomon the site,which augments the service's now largely stale Google Groups forum.But"how to"videos are either non-existent or made incredibly hard to find.The"why"to use FriendFeed and how power users or more mainstream users use FriendFeed case studies are missing altogether..


2009 does not look like it is going to be friendly to companies that are long on hope and short on revenue or momentum.The team can innovate better than any other that I have seen,per capita,but the appearance is that the service is doing so in a relaxed,jovial way.Questions about a business model seem theoretical and eventual,而不是立即。而且没有明显的可见活动发生,这让我觉得团队正在以一种更积极的方式工作,以增强服务的意识和可采纳性,而许多好奇的采用者正在远离噪音。.

Lacking This,发生了什么事??

Simply put,people aren't getting it.I understand the team's Google-born mentality of"build it and they will come",并希望如果用户体验如此好,people will gravitate to it over time,or that word of mouth will be all the marketing they ever need,but usage growth has stagnated compared to other faster-growing services,like Facebook and Twitter.(See Quantcastor Compete,who both agree on the flat to downward trend.)

As one of the more visible,more active users,I tend to have a lot of activity on my feed.It's a factor of participating,having been visible early and consistently championing the service.But even the most active items rarely approach a few dozen actions,be they comments,或喜欢。And this number has not grown much over the last several months.Assuming FriendFeed were growing and doubling in size consistently,I should be seeing a great article,图片或更新获得数百个动作,as the user base grows,但它们不是。流行项目得到20到30个喜欢,and top ones approach 100,about the same amount of actions as the number of comments on a single TechCrunchpost,即使简单liking"an item takes much less time..

I recently ran a third party toolthat compared those people I was connected to on Twitter and FriendFeed,让我匹配我的清单。I was surprised to see how many people I knew on Twitter who were also using FriendFeed,or at least had registered,but had not been active.Account after account after account had seen no activity in weeks..

虽然我有一个非常活跃的用户的核心,我每天都能看到,并且可以参与,I see those initial quiet signups as a lost opportunity,对他们和朋友来说,在问题变得更严重之前,I think the team should make the revitalization of these abandoned accounts a priority,along with easing the transition of new accounts,降低噪音的巨大潜力,and starting to market themselves.There's a reason I keep getting asked by people for help on getting up to speed on FriendFeed.我得到它是因为我被埋葬了一年多,真的不应该做这么多的工作。.