June 18, 2009

eTrade Delivers Long-Awaited iPhone Application for Stock Trading

No matter how many iPhone applications I have downloaded over the last year or so, I have known there has always been a big gap - that of a dedicatedeTrade应用程序,设置让我股票交易,为我国er funds and check balances while on the go. But eTrade, until now, has stuck with an exclusive contract with BlackBerry (which we discussed in March), leaving those of us with iPhones on the outside looking in. But in the quiet shadows ofApple's iPhone 3.0 operating system release,eTrade finally rolled out their app- and even though the markets were closed tonight, my testing of the application shows it delivers exactly what I would expect, in a clear and intuitive way.

eTrade's iPhone App Highlights the Market and My Accounts

对于大多数交易员,eTrade等网站提供了一个资源tant combination of both company news and trading activity. The iPhone application is no different, featuring near real-time stock prices for the markets at large, and the top news for those stocks any time you query a specific ticker symbol.

eTrade's iPhone App Lets Me Highlight Stock Charts and Trades

eTrade's iPhone application gains me access to all of my account data, from my stock portfolio to my checking account, showing balances, gains and losses, and of course, making it very easy to make stock trades - off which eTrade makes good money.

Just like on the standard eTrade site, I was able to set up alerts that would notify me if individual stocks reached a certain milestone. I could check individual stock charts for durations of days, months and years, and I could place trades from any quote.

I Can Get Detailed Quote Data and Set Up Alerts

Placing a trade on the iPhone is very easy. Testing withApple,Googleand others, I could make a bid for a stock at a limit, and could enter the number of shares of stock, assuming I had available funs to see the trade execute. I could even set up my quote data to be streaming, which I assume will push the real time upticks and downticks straight to my iPhone.

eTrade's iPhone applicationis one that I've personally been calling for since the first day I got my iPhone. Now that it's here, I can be ordering stock trades from my phone as easily as sending an e-mail.

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