December 31,2009


Ever since I stopped doing my monthly summaries on blog statistics,as some had judged them as internal navel gazing and self-gratification,我还没多谈统计和数字,击打,页面视图或访问者。But in the interest of sharing,并结束了2009年度,I thought I would expand on 我上星期的年度总结报告并显示访问者正在寻找的驾驶交通。总而言之,I should mention that total traffic in the year was not dramatically higher than 2008,which I take to mean more people read the content via RSS or in aggregators.此外,there were fewer posts on the site in 2009 than in 2008,thanks to reduced guest posts..

2009年度的15大故事,in order of highest traffic to least:

1..谷歌波浪冲击海岸。Flash Flood Warning In Effect..
October 1,2009

The summary of my initial reactions to Google Wave was surprisingly visible.Although I felt as if my thoughts were actually late to the game,这篇文章最终成为今年最畅销的文章。道钉是由Robert Scoble张贴多少钱 he thought Wave was overhyped.Subsequently,someone posted our pair of posts to Slashdot,and Der Spiegel of Germany also highlighted the summary.虽然我对海浪没有太大的负面影响,我确实说过它很忙,and my reaction often got lumped in with Robert's much more critical response..

2。.40 Key Elements to Getting Started In Social Media
January 5,2009

年初时,, Mike Fruchter写了一个非常详细的指南上所需的工具,从事社会媒体。他的努力得到了奖赏,这是最美味的书签之一。and being highlighted by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.Mike is one of those talents that I hope to be working alongside someday,should I ever get the chance..

三。.The Story of Google's Closure: Advanced JavaScript Tools

When Google released Closure tools to the Web,response to this was fairly neutral.Most folks tended to just repeat the news.But I thought it made more sense to ask Google developers how they had benefited from the tool while in house.Mihai Parparita of Google Reader gave a wonderful first person account of his use,其他极客对此表示赞赏。这是黑客新闻的特色。.

4。.FTC 188金宝博官网登录 Made Simple For Bloggers With Conflicts

今年最有趣的帖子之一就是本月早些时候与珍妮·谢弗合作,在一些图标上帮助博客作者披露与联邦贸易委员会的关系。It was a fun idea,and Jeannine came through in a big way.Mashable and others highlighted the story,我很高兴看到这些幽默的图标在接下来的几周里在网上流传。.

5..Facebook Drops the Walled Garden,Opens Up Possibility for Track
March 16,2009

杰西留下来,a preeminent expert on both Twitter and Facebook,突出了脸谱网的开放度和允许更新的漏洞泄露给谷歌和更大范围的网络。He is the author of multiple books on Facebook worth checking out if you ever want to write Facebook apps or just learn more about the largest social network in the world..

6..Twitter's Search Engine Is Very,非常,破碎的

随着Twitter的发展远远超出了最初的预期,the service's fragility has shown in a number of ways.其中最明显的是来自该公司搜索引擎的令人失望的指数。It's now widely known that the engine only goes back a few days,而且它没有索引一些最明显的账户,使数据发现和保持困难。It would be wonderful if this were to be solved in 2010..

7..Could A Real Apple Fan Completely"走谷歌??
October 29,2009

At risk of having to throw away my Apple fanboy card,2009,我更被谷歌迷住了,thanks to the company releasing solid product after solid product,many of which competed head to head for my attention with Apple's well-known suite of offerings,including iLife and the iPhone.The more I thought about it,the more realistic I thought about switching,我绝对在密切关注这个空间。.

8。.What FriendFeed Needs to Do To Grow and Keep New Users

年初时,seeing a lack of growth on FriendFeed's part that met my own aggressive expectations,我主动提出了一些反馈意见,告诉我公司是如何改进的。They had other ideas,and launched many great tools,但没有按照我的想法去做。Months later,他们被脸谱网吸收了。.

9..The Newest Annoyance on Twitter: Follow and Refollow Spam

Twitter's problems weren't limited to their own back-end infrastructure.用户常常厌倦了被不同类型的垃圾邮件所轰炸,无论是在服务本身,通过直接消息,或者通过我发现的追随垃圾邮件。Some automated accounts were following my account every few hours to get in front of me and my connections.This annoyance was thwarted in time..

10..iPhone Call Recording: It Makes Too Much Sense Not to Do
August 9,2009

While BlogTalkRadio's CinchCast product has largely filled this need,it seems to me that Apple could easily enable us to record phone call conversations for interviews and podcasts.So far,我的理解是,发布到iTunes Store上完成此任务的应用程序已经放慢或完全停止。.

11。.How To Cleanly Separate Personal and Work Social Media Personalities

很多人都在寻找一种在社交媒体上代表公司的方式,while maintaining their own personality.Having accomplished this myself,I thought I would share how.似乎许多其他人都很好奇,这个帖子在今年下半年仍然很受欢迎和分享。.

12..博客悄然转向十,Plans Slew of Feature Upgrades

As one Blogger holdout who hasn't moved to WordPress,I watch the platform closely,and Blogger turned ten years old this fall,没有炫耀。Following my quick summary,this surprisingly hit the front page of Digg (only my second time ever),which was appreciated,but befuddling,因为这不是一个巨大的故事,在我看来。.

13..嗨,脸谱网,It's Me,友谊饲料。This Relationship?这很复杂。.
August 10,2009

脸谱网收购FieldFi的消息使很多喜欢FrPFESS的人都以一种非常个人的方式。我采访了这个网站的许多顶级用户,他们觉得这个声明好像是在情感上打击了他们。as no other simple merger or acquisition had before.Much of the concern lies in the fact that Facebook has a reputation that runs contrary to what some hoped FriendFeed would become.My amusing tongue in cheek response tried to explain just how we were feeling,rather than encapsulating the news like many other sites already had..

14..FEYLY探索突出推荐博客,Reader Activity
September 26,2009

Feedly,a 2008 debut here,has been among the most popular ways to get RSS updates.The service's Explore feature enhanced feed discovery.在张贴这篇文章后,它在FEELY中被高亮显示,许多用户来到博客看什么是新的。.

15。.Twitter Caps Following Limits,凹陷自动跟踪服务
April 20,2009

一年后,我写了很多关于Twitter的好话,it's no surprise the more negative stories gained traction.其中之一是阻止一些Twitter开发者使用先进的自动跟踪工具,reducing the option for some accounts to be automated..

在一年内有超过500个职位(第四以上的500以上),这15个顶尖的人告诉我,人们总是渴望更多地了解谷歌和Twitter,and how to best use these social media tools.虽然我不让流量定义我想要覆盖的东西,it's always worth making sure I keep on topic for what the readers want to see..

10 Predictions for 2010 In the World of Tech

遵循预测for 2009for 2008,as well as their results.(2009γ2008

Keep in mind I would rather not predict the obvious..

1.Twitter Manages to Complete 2010 With No Major Hacking or Security Incidents

尽管有2009强看到微博服务从极客们毕业到更主流的吸引力,, 推特仍然受到许多正常运行时间问题和一些非常明显的黑客攻击和安全事件的困扰,这些事件导致缓慢和停机。As part of the company's maturation process,Twitter will build the personnel and infrastructure necessary to withstand such future attacks,and 2010 will go major incident free.可能有些缓慢,but no outages via the dark corners of the Web..

2。Seeing Android and iPhone,Windows Mobile Will Aim for Parity,and Fail

微软,jealous at all the consumer and media attention around the iPhone,现在是Android,将努力保持相关性,推出新版本的Windows Mobile,and hyping its own apps,just like they did when they launched 掌上电脑线路(later Pocket PC) following the PDA's rise to power.他们的做法不会被视为与Android或iPhone相比,不会以积极的方式改变他们的市场份额。.

三。Apple Will End Exclusivity With AT&T,Adding T-Mobile and Verizon

With AT&T being 苹果iPhone在美国的巨大黑眼圈,该公司最终将终止电信运营商的独家经营权,and strike deals with both T-Mobile and Verizon.消费者将能够转换运营商并保持他们的号码。毫不奇怪,users may find that those networks aren't perfect either..


The mystery around 脸谱网plan for FriendFeedwill become clear in the first half of 2009,不仅是公司用FieldFIPS元素改进它的网络,but existing users of FriendFeed will be given guidance on how the two networks can converge,同时保护他们现有的内容和联系人。.


同时 Google Wavewill continue to improve and may open up to all visitors,without requiring invites,the product will still be seen as experimental,and will not shed its beta tag,keeping it through the end of the year,much like GMail和其他产品从山景之前。.

6.Facebook,Zynga,LinkedIn Will All Go Public

After a dearth of IPO activity in the last two years,2010将看到复苏,尤其是来自硅谷的风险投资公司,他们急于赚钱,以减轻过去几年的损失。脸谱网和 LinkedInwill be among the larger IPOs,具有 Zynga也归档,and other smaller companies following suit..


7.Chrome OS上网本将从主要零售商那里获得

Google's Chrome OS will reach a maturity level that it will be sold on netbooks alongside more traditional offerings from major retailers including 百思买..


Many of the self-proclaimed social media experts will leave their corporate day jobs and strike it out on their own,期待将世界转化为Twitter和脸谱网粉丝页面。他们中的很多人会发现,企业的收入比收入和回报都要多。and may walk away disappointed..

9.Google,脸谱网和Apple Will都获得1B+收购

除了新的公共市场活动之外,收购将再次成为时尚。. GoogleApplewill make full use of their growing cash hordes,and will make at least one ten-figure transaction in the year.Facebook,从IPO中筹集的现金will do the same,很大程度上是股票。.

10.The Real-Time Search Market Will Consolidate

One or more of the active dedicated real-time search companies will find differentiation difficult,尤其是谷歌,, ,, Twitter搜索and others participating.尾随的市场份额参与者将与现有站点合并,将关闭,或者寻找一个低预算的买家。.

December 30,2009


在那些想要融合的人之间,似乎总是有一场技术的拔河。multi-purpose device that does everything,or those who want a dedicated device that does one thing (or just a few things) extremely well.对于每一个成功的混浊打印机/复印机/扫描仪/传真机设备,there are utilities like toasters or microwaves that just do one specific function.The truth is that when differing technologies converge,它通常会导致一个单一的不满意的经验,其中没有一个功能是高质量的。More common is the practice of product diversification,其中一个设备变成了一个设备系列,with differing features for differing price points..

On the Internet,many of us are creating a ton of content in a ton of different places,and in most cases,这个内容不同于站点。I may use FlickrSmugmugfor photos,使用 推特Identicafor microupdates.I may use 最后。fm潘多拉for music streaming,和 BloggerWordpressfor more lengthy pieces.The solution,which I've long championed,一直是一个聚合器的发展,which takes all this disparate activity and presents it in a single place.这种聚合是网站的核心所在。 FriendFeed,最近,, cliqSET,, Arktan而且,increasingly,, Facebook.并行地,there has been this development of personal lifestreams,which can capture all our content in one place,并托管在我们的网站上或第三方网址。.

It sounds great.But despite my excitement and evangelism around such tools,在很大程度上,他们没有兴旺发达。似乎,instead,people want to enjoy the content in its native environment,或者保持简单。I look at the developments behind Arktan and Cliqset,惊奇does the world need to develop a perfect aggregator,again??


硬件专门化使得产品能够被精炼和精炼,直到它们不能被软件完全虚拟化或仿真为止。这是DVD播放器的一个很好的例子。计算机上的DVD播放机,and its associated software,is good,but it's not as good as the dedicated device in your entertainment center.And that convergence of your media player and your TV hasn't really been a success either.VCR/TV组合从来都不是个好主意,而WebTV并不完全被认为是质量领先者。收敛总是美妙的,但结果却很短暂。.

For the past two years plus,我一直是聚集最响亮的支持者之一。For me,an odd person at one end of a data consumption curve,它解决了一个需要我必须集中我的活动和发现我的朋友的更新从周围的网络。但是对于更普通的用户,他们只是希望一些事情能很好地工作。They have chosen Facebook as their social network.他们选择Twitter作为他们的微消息平台。They have chosen LinkedInfor their business platform.甚至那些已经选择了这三者的人也没有像我们早期的采用者那样在Web上爬行以寻找单个站点解决方案。.

his 2009 wrap-up post,Lifestreaming advocate Mark Krynsky confirmed“他”didn't see many things this year that took Lifestreaming to the next level,"adding"Lifestreaming was pretty stagnant."2007和2008看到了许多新的服务,2008是FrADFIDS看起来可以改变游戏的一年,像Twitter和脸谱网这样的威胁网站。但是像网站一样优雅和专业,它只是不能够把那些东西从原来的东西上换掉,精炼的,source of the data..

I have to believe that aggregation tools are interesting,and useful to a small minority of people.Lifestreaming tools are fun for individuals to highlight their activity.Sites are out there that do a good job,and more are coming,but I am thinking that"聚集”is the new"convergence".它看起来很棒,and some people will carry a Swiss Army Knife with them everywhere,但大多数不会。.

December 29,2009


任何时候我听到这个词 聚友网,my inner geek coughs and the eyes tend to roll a little.But to other geeks,who recognize the social network's 75 million users are posting a significant amount of increasingly rich media every day,the ability to harness this flow of updates and find information sounds like a true tech challenge worth pursuing.. Collecta,一个以搜索Twitter搜索最著名的实时搜索引擎,blog posts,照片和视频,this morning has introduced 一个专门针对聚友网的站点搜索引擎,将他们的发现引擎推向首席执行官Gerry Campbell所谓的“a different vibe and message than any other service.""

聚友网新闻集团的一部分,while languishing in comparison to the juggernaut of Facebook和怪胎嬉皮 推特and others,已经成为创意艺术家和消费者的热门话题,给网站大量的图片,videos and text flowing through the network.除了这些数据之外,one of MySpace's hallmarks (or quirks) has been its mood features,and a highly entertaining way of language,用各种乱放的大写字母,caps lock and exclamation points.The result is a flow that Campbell called"monstrous"和“rich"..

2009,如上所述 在我的预言中进入年初,real-time became legitimized.In a conversation I had with Campbell yesterday in advance of this announcement,他说:“people are beginning to expect data is fresh and hot,"adding"我们把这看作是网络的结构。"Collecta's mission is to not only grow traffic on their main site,at Collecta.通用域名格式,但是为了使站点特定的搜索能为其他品牌带来实时搜索到他们的内容。The first trial was with branded search,第二个是聚友网,which you can find at http://聚友网。收集。COM/..


"We have,since the inception of Collecta,说我们的目的地对我们很重要,但同样重要的是,我们的战略是确保其他人谁可以利用实时平台可以养活我们,or in other cases,they can start with a finite set of data,我们可以打开一个完整的,streaming,bells and whistles site,挖掘社区的活力和兴奋,"Campbell said yesterday..

Differentiating in a world of multiple real-time search engines can seem difficult to the typical visitor.Lumped in with OneRiot,, Twitter搜索,, 托普西and others,Collecta is trying to present more than just the newest results,with Twitter dominating,but to also present hot topics in context.The site's front page,echoed on their MySpace specific search,强调一张照片,一个故事,an update,还有一个评论,from the real-time Web..

The hot topics on MySpace become especially interesting when mood is involved - giving the results a very emotional feel.为应对圣诞节失败的飞机爆炸事件,the response on MySpace was very guttural,情绪表现出聚友网的成员们是如何看待这个消息的。In more positive news,you can see reactions to movies or music,比如“化身“( See MySpace search for Avatar Movie并在消息旁边显示情绪,ranging from shocked,to inspired,恢复活力和印象深刻。.


Lest we get too caught up in the frequent hype around Twitter,该网站的信息流量仍然以每天数以千万计的速度进行测量,and Campbell reported that MySpace's flow is at a much higher volume.The difference is even more dramatic when you consider how many retweets are counted in that number..

MySpace Updates and Moods on the iPhone

将信号从聚友网和Twitter等网站上的噪音中分离出来,Collecta is working hard to also include concentrated content from traditional news sources and blogs - working to maintain the integrity of a single blog post that may have dozens of retweets.公司采取的一种方法是让一个人编辑编辑数据,and then try to match that activity through algorithms..

While many of us may not have ever registered MySpace accounts,or logged into our long-since dormant accounts,通过新的收集聚友网搜索的信息和情绪是非常有趣的,为实时搜索引擎指向一个新的数据集提供了一个很好的证明点。Check it out here: http://聚友网。收集。COM/

December 28,2009

You Would Have to Be Insane to Get a New iPhone Now

按照我自己的传统标准,this Christmas should have seen the arrival of two new iPhones in the Gray household.我的iPhone 3G有点太长了,在右下角有明显的裂缝,莎拉把它扔在厨房的瓷砖上。我妻子的手机,莫名其妙地,失踪,已经好几个星期了。在精神上,我都准备好把她的旧帐结清,and sign us both up with new iPhone 3GS units,every single time I start the process,我刚开始在AT&T公司打赌,我想得越多,the more ridiculous it seems that I would sign on the dotted line to any kind of long-term contract with Apple right now..

The number 3 has been bandied about a lot of late,在过去几个月里,Verizon和AT&T有一个众所周知的关于地图的钓鱼比赛。但是数字3也说明了一些主要的问题,它们阻止了我去购物中心,花费几百美元来使我们俩都走上前沿。.



2) Android
3) Apple


忘了Verizon的愚蠢地图吧。The entire battle around 3G is a complete farce if the iPhone can't even maintain consistent call quality or avoid dropping calls,the most basic of requirements.就在今天,I have had only two phone calls with my iPhone,两者都下降了。第一个是一个新客户,我在讨论成功标准的时候挂断了电话,and the second was with a PR rep talking about a new announcement set for tomorrow.I joked that the iPhone hung up when it heard the word MySpace,但我们都知道AT&T已经哽住了。.

iPhone滴答呼叫我是否有一个酒吧或五个酒吧。那里应该有五个酒吧,I find myself doing a contortionist's dance to edge toward a window or a safe spot in the house where it doesn't sound like static or the person on the other line is underwater.Many other times,当电话本身从未响起时,我收到语音邮件通知。荒谬的.

So every time I log into the Apple Web site to test buying the iPhone 3GS,I am reminded of a two-year contract with AT&T,for me,还有我的妻子。既然苹果有机会开拓新的市场,我为什么会同意接受这种束缚呢?更好的,providers in that time period,尤其是在第一年??


Android does not have the most applications today.Switching to Android would not magically port over the applications and iTunes I have purchased,making those major roadblocks in switching platforms.But in a year when it seems all that Apple did was speed up the iPhone and add rudimentary video recording,Android went from being a niche player to a real competitor.如果谷歌的创新步伐继续在平台上,iPhone一度被认为是不可逾越的特色引领,可能会遭到极大的侵蚀。.

It Wouldn't be THAT Hard to Upgrade


我看到iPhone 3GS宣布是一个巨大的进步。Albeit the third version of the platform,在最初的iPhone和3G模式之后,3GS没有改变景观。That said,it's expected Apple will come out with the next generation iPhone in the middle of 2010,following WWDC.结合平板电脑周围所有的嗡嗡声,one wonders what would be missed by buying the 3GS today,if one could instead hold out for generation four..

Walking through the AT&T的条款和条件只是让我有点恶心。我认识到我在iPhone平台上投入了大量资金。我一直是一个好的iPhone迷。我知道我妻子需要一个新电话,and it does make some sense that we're both on the same carrier and plan,but I do feel like if I do what my natural tendency is and wander over to the Apple Store with credit card in hand,that I would be a big sucker,chained to AT&T's sub-standard service for another two years.And at the end of those two years,Android将在哪里?What other carriers will Apple have opened up to??

In the world of gadgetry,two years is an incredible amount of time.Maybe I should just buy these units now and plan on facing a hill of early termination charges later.But that just makes me more of a victim to the entire system.I know I'm considered crazy by some,but to do this,我得有点神经质。.


2008年底,, I posted an internal year in review,逐月,which wasn't just a look at the world through 188金宝搏 lenses,而且在网络上,看到公司在一年中的首次亮相和变化。As you can imagine,在今年年底,看起来很重要的东西在今年年初从我的视线中变化很大。Similarly,这一问题在2009年里无疑是真实的,因为它少了很多,at least for me,in terms of new startups,and instead,a lot more concern and issues with the economy.正如上个星期推出的新Web服务综述中提到的那样,许多新产品是其他产品的延伸,or leveraged existing platforms..

That's a message you can see through the site's activity...下面。Last year's big word was"“下水”.I dare say this year's word was"Twitter"..


在被证明是预言性(或讽刺)的帖子中,I advised FriendFeed on what they should do to gain market share...and said why I talk to companies via the blog.... 推特奥特斯滑行...Mike Fruchter写了一篇史诗文章。 getting started in social media.... 非实时网络让我失望.... 史蒂夫·乔布斯请病假...经济衰退 started impacting ads.... TeTeToad获资助...but 推特不断地拧紧.... 诈骗犯加入脸谱网.... Twitter was funded...和 BuzzGain发射..


FrADFIX轻敲他们的数据库 advanced search capabilities...and I visited Lijit in Boulder,科罗拉多州...看到 Gnip as well.... Sirius Radio tried to die...和 外脑基金.... Facebook ads remained off-topic...虽然 我开始在iPhone上玩iSoot...当怀疑 what companies would get us out of the recession.... 特伦德尔启动...we debated Twitter's utility for following people.... embraced Google Translate...谈论 社交阻塞的自动直接消息..


I attended SXSW in Austin,和 future Twitter screenshots were leaked.... Likaholix launched...I said you should 主张某事...虽然 Twitter spammers got creative.... KOSCOME推出MeiHiVe.... Google Reader added comments...the iPhone获得脸谱网连接...我谈到了如何 blog live events.... 云接触启动 did 突跳馈电RSS...the recession highlighted a downward spiral小甜甜在推特上通过了奥巴马总统.虽然在这个时候嘲笑,这是一把钥匙告诉“在看到艾什顿·库奇的潮流中,爱伦和奥普拉成为极客们的头号人物。.


推特又把我打发走了。.... 燃烧器启动Burnl...虽然 FrimeFET实时进行.... SyfTR滤波RSS源...I 在科技城乘坐赛格威.... TwitZUP挑战Twitter搜索.... 麦迪被释放了...我说 让我更瘦as 展会门票.... debuted...和 more Twitter screenshots were leaked..


Adobe didn't want me as a customer.... 说他们很贵...微软说 search could be improved...I debated the intersection of skill and luck for job hunters.... Socialmedian integrated into XING...暴民 在推特上大声喊叫...I gave up on Apple rumors...discussed 社交媒体数据流being an early adopter.... Twitter's search engine broke down.... FLICKARE发布 did 千斤顶,, 托普西,和 PeopleBrowsr...and blogging and RSS "seemed slow""....


Google introduced an 改进的博客搜索.... Drew Olanoff got cancer.... I bought Robert Scoble's BMW.... Palm and Bing managed不要吸吮。..I was on SocialWeb TV.... BackType launched BackTweets.... FielF进货增加了我的RSS统计数据.... I subscribed to Sirius Radio.... 马修和莎拉一岁...正如我 访问TiVo并强调了 博客的重要性..


FriendFeed added real-time search.... retweeting started to trump linking.... T型转向架...Google 宣布Chrome操作系统.... Lazyfeed did 回声Seesmic Web...I discussed beta processesbeing a VC in text form.... Pubsubhubbub launched...我流口水 the potential of the CrunchPad...和 My6Sun首次亮相..


I was curious about Apple's plans beyond Mac OS X...noted RSS Feed readers giving way to Google Reader...suggested not to unfollow everyone on Twitter...held a Lunch 2.0面板与KSOMIX,Mozilla和FieldFor...尝试 第一次使用 Favorit shut downFuffFIE卖给脸谱网...虽然 那是争论的。.... Twitter was under attack...对话 Google Reader skyrocketed.... 博客转向10...和 LazyfeedMy6感opened for everyone..


Following an SFAMA panel,I said 社会媒体是基础设施 BRZZY首次亮相...我在一个小组 with Ev and Biz to discuss Blogger.... 史蒂夫·乔布斯露出了他的脸。.... Reader2Twittersent updates from Google Reader to Twitter.... ECDAMY实时进行 I flew to Londonto speak on social media for business...I told you my 10 favorite Google products.... MaxiScale did Simler...and I got tired of the distributed conversations战斗。..谈论 why companies raise money and the pressures that result从VC融资。..和 推特列表..


Google Wave 证明很酷,but very 推特接管世界...I 联邦贸易委员会打哈欠...并且是 curmudgeonly about social media...explained why I share what and where I do...lauded 企业开放度...and said 没有完美的Twitter客户端...I went back to BlogWorld...and said 博客还没死.... the Salmon protocol was spec'd.... FieldFi开始在脸谱网崩溃...I said 推特无法取代RSS.... Google Reader launched Magic.... BlogTalkRadio launched Cinch podcasts...I debated 完全谷歌...and discussed the issue of open APIs..


The Motorola Droid looked pretty cool.... Stalqer很有趣...每一个 Twitter client added lists.... Cadmus launched...和 Google released Closure...I went to Defrag and discussed 社交网站流动...介绍 圣骑士顾问团.... Facebook filtered out my sister having a baby...I discussed the pillars of successful social networks...和 the Chrome OS release.... Twitter承诺广告...I found issues with FTC's disclosure rules...and the CrunchPad was dead,不幸的是。.


I said 谷歌不会去做坏事...Lazyfeed revamped into square mode...we released FTC披露图标...SocialToo 在Twitter上为我做了肮脏的工作 the 微博服务成熟...引入My6SoSE mytweetsense at LeWeb...where I was 托管Twitter应用程序面板...谷歌扩展 网页元素...I fell in love with ICRoCKET搜索Spotify for the iPhone...I said 制定议程的公司获胜...highlighted how 科技新闻作者受到激励...并展示了如何 RSS readers continue to grow.More recently,I recapped 年度十大应用,recapped 我的年度预测and whether I met the year's goals..

And that,除非未来几天有戏剧性的消息,encapsulates much of 2009,被网站捕获。Now you can see how the year's developments took place,get an idea for the events I attended,where I spoke,and what companies were making news.忙碌的一年,as every year seems to be.The year was marked by some slowness in terms of new company debuts,但是大运动量大。2010,as the economy improves somewhat,应该重新看到一些新的名字,我期待着在一年内重新开始。.

188:我也是社会的顾问,ReadBurner and BuzzGain.此外,my6sense,科斯莫斯埃克米迪and Simler have all been clients of Paladin Advisors Group in 2009..

December 25,2009

How I Aimed to Do Better On the Web in 2009

当2009隐约出现时,near the end of 2008,I took a look back at how I was utilizing the Web and set for myself some direct goals,不一定是面向数字的,但可测量的。正如我在图中所示 10 Things I Wish I Would Do Better On the Web Come 2009,我想与网站上的读者(以及其他博客)共同努力,远离家乡,更加积极主动,participating in events,panels,podcasts,诸如此类。(音符 Steven Hodson's reaction to this list as well

With the goal of keeping myself accountable,这是一年的目标,and summarily rated with a success or failure..

1) Make More Comments on Original Blog Posts

Success:尽管大量评论仍在继续。 FriendFeedFacebook,或 Google阅读器,我同心协力地为今年的大博客和小博客发表评论。be it the individual Posterous图布雷尔帐户,或者一个大型博客网络,如 TechCrunchGigaOM.我想我不会像我希望的那样在这里做一份好工作。但我确实意识到我在2009的活动。.

2) Respond to More Comments on 188金宝搏

Success: 迪斯科使这个过程非常简单,letting me respond to comments that come to the blog via e-mail,or in rapid fire with their simple user interface.On"“热”博客主题,I made sure to respond to a good number of thought-provoking readers,和“走下线to add my views.As with the above,this too could be improved,but I believe I was better at this in 2009 than in 2008..

3) Be More Interactive On Twitter

Success:I am still not as huge a 推特风扇一样多的人。I continue to use Twitter more for links than conversation.但我也想利用这项服务来帮助推广 #BlameDrewsCancer现象,and have been very active in responding to @Replies.I try not to use the site as a status update service all too often,but this became more than just a repository for"New Blog Post"2009。.

4)在一些网站上花费更少的时间,and More Time on Many Sites

失败:I believe I merely exchanged some sites for others here.I continue to spend a lot of time on Google Reader and FriendFeed (no surprise to most of you).While in 2008 I spent a bit of time on SocialmedianStrands,I removed myself from those sites for the most part in 2009,and replaced them with more use of Facebook,plus the addition of 埃克迈迪Simler.(which have some FriendFeed-like elements)

The leverage of RSS continues to keep me on Reader more than in visiting many different downstream sites,and I still am visiting non-tech at a bare minimum..

5) Have More Time for In-Depth Reviews

Success:In addition to a great number of in depth reviews of new iPhone applications,I also started using YouTube帮助描述一些服务,包括 LazyfeedMy6感.就其他Web服务而言,我试图确保在覆盖一个我浏览过的网站时,包括大量的截图或解释性项目以提供更多的背景,even if it means I am not first to publish..


部分成功:Following up on all sites and giving equal time is practically impossible.但对于每一个我只讨论过一次的网站,there were many more,如 Brizzly,Lazyfeed,Simler and others that saw multiple pieces of coverage that included updates on the product and company..

7) Attend More Industry Conferences and Panels

Success:2009年我参加了第二届博博会。此外,我参加了奥斯丁的SXSW,LeWeb,multiple TechCrunch CrunchUps,还有其他说话的机会。.


Success:Adding on to the above,我在2009获得了一个分支的机会,领导小组 Twitter applications at LeWeb,讲 SXSW中的内容聚合,讲 realtime at BlogWorld,在 入境营销峰会上的信息过载,the 广告与SFAMA的死亡,还有其他机会。我想尽可能多地说“是”,travel and expenses willing.2010应继续发展趋势。.


部分成功:2009 did not feature the regular podcasts that were attempted in 2008 with the ReadBurner Weekly and Elite Tech News podcasts being shuttered.我去过FFundercats几次,joined Leo Laporte for a holiday This Week In Tech,还有Steven Hodson,but this was less than I had anticipated..

然而,in addition to the group podcasts,我开始大量使用CHICH,letting me send off single person podcasts from the iPhone,or 1-1 interviews,as were done at LeWeb..

10) Highlight More Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

失败:和2008一样,I continued the highlighting of five new bloggers and ten new Friendfeeders each month through the first half of the year.但是,脸谱网在8月份购买FrADFIVEL,使这个计划歪曲了,让我公开怀疑是否继续实践是有意义的。I continue to seek out new content and highlight it through Google Reader shared items and other places,but could improve..

通过在去年年底制定这些目标,they were somewhat in the back of my head as I made plans and actions through 2009.我试着不设置一个任意数量的目标,这会让事情看起来像个杂务,但确实想做正确的事情。As you can see,many of these goals,especially in regards to events,were much stronger in 2009 than 2008.我只是觉得向你汇报是有意义的。.

December 24,2009

我的2009项技术预测:But Nailed Real-Time

Another yearly tradition here on 188金宝搏.Following on to last year's 科技界10大预测2009(and 它的2008个前身),回顾一下我们的表现是有道理的。Recall my 2008 predictions 一团糟.与其他博客不同,who opt to pick non-controversial items and guess at obvious developments,I like to have fun each year and stretch.That's why I'll never go ten for ten.此外,那没意思。.

As of Christmas Day 2009,以下是科技界的十种预测:

1) The Real-Time Web Will Become Critical for News and Information Discovery

正确的。.Critical is a subjective word,但在2009,实时成为了年度词汇。这是实时的,世界分享了他们对奥巴马就职典礼的反应,and shared feedback to the Iranian elections.It was in real-time that we saw the aircraft land in the Hudson River,具有 一张贴在Twitpic上的照片沿着。虽然Twitter和其他实时机制缺乏传统媒体的事实检查和健壮性,有许多情况下,美国有线电视新闻网和其他人遵循实时的领导。Real-time later became such a big deal it was integrated into Google Search and Bing,所以这是一个明显的胜利。.

2) Businesses Will Be Expected to Be On Social Media If They Have Web Sites

正确的。.2009,the majority of businesses woke up to social media.While there are no doubt many holdouts,即使是一个更差的工作,2009是公司意识到你可以在脸谱网上完成生意的一年,Twitter and other networks.还有很多工作要做,但是有成千上万的自称社交媒体的专家,and some real help,others will make the leap..

3) Apple Will Introduce A Succession Plan for Steve Jobs as CEO

错了。.太糟糕了!While Steve Jobs was out due to liver surgery,他的职位被蒂姆库克所覆盖,Apple's COO.Cook did such a great job running the company during his absence,该公司股价创历史新高,它的现金储备比年初时多了几倍,即使是在全球经济衰退时期。可以想象,史蒂夫·乔布斯在2009去世了,Cook would have maintained control - and it would make sense that Apple have an internal plan for how Steve would fade to the limelight..

That said,我更爱它 如果史蒂夫·乔布斯被证明是不朽的..


错了。.2009,, TechCrunch instead acquired only one writer,MG Siegler,从Vuntu拍,MG已经成为该网站最知名的面孔之一。并行地,硅巷内部人士多去了一个复制粘贴模型,并载有许多TechCrunch的文章摘录形式,使整个事情更加混乱。But TechCrunch didn't find any need to acquire either site and continues in its highly visible position..

5) Android Will Have Less than 20% the Sales of iPhone in 2009

正确的。.(Unless somebody can prove differently) Despite a surge in Android news and new handset introductions in the latter half of the year,including new models from HTC and Motorola,苹果的iPhone在一年中仍然远远超过Android。虽然最新型号的数据很难买到,and the trend shows Android gaining in market share,it does not appear that their combination managed to pass 20% of the volume of iPhones in the year.2010无疑是一个不同的故事。.

6) A Major Alternative to FeedBurner Will Emerge As the Service Stagnates

Right and Wrong..Fiel燃烧器终于在今年与谷歌合二为一,adopting Pubsubhubbub,以及公司名称下的品牌重塑。并行地,, 福布利茨推出了一个严重的竞争对手which could replace the service outright.这不是一个“专业“alternative,但如果你喜欢的话,绝对可行。.

7) FriendFeed and Twitter Will Both Be Independent Through 2009

错了。.FrFiFor向脸谱网的销售让许多核心用户感到惊讶,毫无疑问,许多人仍在蹒跚而行,不确定会发生什么流行的聚合器和社会网络。That I linked FriendFeed and Twitter together in my prediction is unfortunate,as Twitter not only remained independent,but flourished,筹集超过1亿美元,and ensuring profitability,通过一些报道,感谢与谷歌和微软的交易。该公司价值10亿美元的估值,使得任何潜在的求婚者都难以成为收购目标。.

8) Companies Will Continue Budget and Staff Cuts Through the Third Quarter of 2009

正确的。.虽然最近几个月出现了一些好消息,特别是在硅谷的某些地方,在很大程度上,公司一直勒紧裤腰带,and unemployment remains high.虽然从2008年底到2009年年中发生的戏剧性裁员已经放缓,复苏还没有完全清楚。.


错了。.幸运的是,我错了。我不相信有一些团体想让这件事发生,但到目前为止,白宫网站毫不掩饰地度过了这一年。当然,that's more than we can say for our good friends at Twitter,一个星期前,伊朗的一个网络小组被玷污了。.


错了。(但有点正确)Again,I failed by linking all these companies at once.eTrade and Digg stayed independent,还有雅虎!managed to keep its name despite giving up on search to Microsoft.Skype was sold,and StumbleUpon similarly was sold,back to its private investors.在我去年的预测中,I said,"易趣网将放弃它的非核心资产如StubLuMon和Skypeand yes,that happened,but we did not see the list of companies change hands as I had expected..

我的2008个预言,made in late 2007,从10中找出了1个正确的1/2个答案。与那一年相比,我在这个日历年做得稍微好一点,尤其是当人们对经济抱有期望的时候,实时性,社交媒体。But I still scored below 50%,with 4 1/2 right.我们会在2010的时候看到我的工作。.


Last year,, 我强调了今年推出的十个顶级Web服务。,from Socialmedianto BackType阅读器.Not an all-encompassing list,博客同事Robert Scoble问:“" 我是对的",adding on a few of his own..

With 2009 coming to a close,我认为强调一些自己的个人喜好是有意义的。Keep in mind that I am not ranking these services necessarily in a most important to least important order,我忽略了其他一些顶级服务(例如,, 四方的,于三月启动,或者一些 Zynga属性)由于我自己不使用。.

As with 2008,many services debuted in 2009 that were not stand-alone services,but instead,hooked into existing environments,喜欢 推特Facebook,or the iPhone..

1) Pubsubhubbub

2009 was all about real-time and moving data more quickly from place to place.没有比这更好的技术和服务。 Pubsubhubbub,一个由Googler团队设计的开放协议,Googler希望以接近于零的延迟加速服务之间的更新传递。Pubsubhubbub's simplicity and clear benefits resulted in many major services adopting it and virtually eliminating the expected wait times for aggregators and readers to get updates,while also reducing the need for said aggregators to repeatedly poll content sources..

Pubsubhubbubadopted by Blogger,FeedBurner,CliqsetFrADFIVER和其他许多,也推动了Dave Winer RSSCloud的发射,adopted by Wordpress for similar purposes.The launch of Pubsubhubbub also fed the growth of 超高频,an increasingly popular utility that aims to deliver real-time notifications via the cloud..

2) Google Wave

Google Wave在2009发生了巨大的飞溅。( 回顾如果你不尝试,并试图找出它实际上带来了什么价值,可能是因为你在乞求邀请,还没有找到邀请。The real-time collaboration tool was mischaracterized by many who thought it could replace e-mail,or different social networks' activity,and it hasn't found too many people relying on it as a core service yet,but its innovation has many looking to see what the end game looks like..

3) Square

虽然非常新,Jack Dorsey's follow-up to Twitter,, Square,is very alluring.一个简单的硬件附加到iPhone(将来)其他移动设备)广场让任何人接受信用卡交易,核实购买者,and provides the purchaser with an electronic record of the activity via their Web site..

多尔西和团队熟练地观察了令人生畏的不同设备世界,并设法找到它们之间的共性(具体来说就是音频端口),并且交付了可能改变小商家和个人游戏的东西,providing true mobile commerce that doesn't require cash..

4) 回声

发射 JS-Kit's Echoproduct was such a big move for the company that they changed their name to reflect it.Echo,认识到在社交媒体中显而易见的海洋变化,它已经将内容的讨论转移到了核心博客之外,在主博客上聚集下游活动,包括转发和其他社交网络反应。.

此外,ECHO实时反馈给每个人的评论流,turning a once static entity into a live chat room.你可以在流行网站上看到回声,包括那些 from Brian Solis 1938年媒体..

5) My6感

With more data coming in from more sources than ever,it is unlikely that most people are following fewer people or feeds at the end of 2009 than they were at the beginning of the year.结合移动网络接入的兴起,你可以看到My6Sun如何为RSS提供数字直觉,Twitter和脸谱网是有意义的,为您定制的相关数据浮出水面。.

The company has an iPhone app available,free,现在,and has publicly promised that Android development is planned in the short term.请记住,我正在帮助提供服务,but I have been impressed with their offering,and see the issue of curation as one that many services will tackle in 2010..

6) Brizzly

Brizzly,a product from Thing Labs,是使用Twitter和脸谱网流的更新颖的方法之一。The first to enable in-line viewing of images and video,添加定制的趋势定义和直接消息和多账户支持的新方法,Brizzly is a compelling Web-based alternative to the standard interface from Twitter and competing clients,如 地震的..

今年早些时候,物实验室也介绍 Plinky,which while cute,不会让世界着火。.

7) Lazyfeed

For a technology supposedly on its last legs,RSS sure had a lot of very interesting innovation in 2009 (See also: Pubsubhubbub and my6sense).. Lazyfeed今年夏天来到现场,用实时的方法来发现发现,并有能力跟随几个主题一次。实时界面和快速显示的内容使得该产品很容易成为获取大量信息的最有趣的方式之一,while keeping things"懒惰的..

With the slowing of central directories like Technorati,Lazyfeed成为我使用的最好的网站之一,用来寻找我感兴趣的话题的新来源。让我把它们添加到我的阅读清单中。.

8) Flickchart

五月,Flickchart 介绍了一个网站比较你最喜欢的电影,across time,genres,or even against your previous picks.虽然简单,the"pick your favorite"approach became very addicting,and the site now sports more than 40,000注册用户,who have contributed more than 60 million rankings.(See blog post

FLICKICE给我带来的意外好处之一是找到了我从未见过的朋友评价的顶级电影。which spurred me to finally add them to my iTunes or NetFlix..

9) Lunch.通用域名格式Simler

我把午餐都结合起来了。COM和西姆勒,因为这两个网站似乎都在成长阶段,也有相似的目标——帮助你找到那些有共同兴趣的有趣的人。 asks you for your spheres of interests,并且将特定项目排列在-5到+5的比例上。相反,Simler asks you to add tags that describe your interests,并把你和那些添加了相同标签的人联系起来。.

两人共进午餐。COM和西姆勒建议将新项目发布到面向主题的页面,与你的网络中的其他人进行讨论。 seems to be more product-oriented,while Simler is more focused on more abstract things,比如电视,音乐与技术。Simler,就像我的感觉一样is a client of Paladin..

10) Tweetie

If Brizzly was included,it also makes sense that Tweetie makes the list,even if it has no specific Web-only interface.Twitee已经成为iPhone上Twitter客户的金标准,and was among the first to incorporate many of the advanced capabilities introduced by Twitter,包括列表,地理定位,和转发。Twitee还有一个完整的Macintosh版本,我经常使用。.

Also on this year's list but outside of the top 10:
Blippy,, Cadmus,, cliqSET,, Gowalla,, 鲑鱼,, Twazzup

What did I miss,overlook or understimate in 2009?让我知道。我相信你有更好的主意。.


Mozzler Filters Your Social Stream for Links,Displays Media

For many,, Facebook推特已经发展到不仅仅是社交网络连接人们和他们的状态更新。这些服务也成为链接的顶级发现中心,包括图像和视频。But these images,links and videos are floating in the stream alongside status updates,位置服务签入,and replies.If you are looking for links,其他内容可视为噪声,如果您正在寻找状态更新,这可能是一个优势的链接让你恼火。Twitter列表的出现,and some early adopters' creation of technology news brands has helped hone in on the"signal"噪音过大,but a new service from Mozzler,目前在私人测试版,makes finding links,and displaying rich media,very simple..

Mozzlerlike a number of other services,包括 Brizzly,, TweetDeck地震的,lets you combine your Facebook and Twitter streams into a single feed,utilizing Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth..

Mozzler Filtering My TechBloggers List for Links
(Click for Full Image)

Upon logging in,Mozzler显示您创建的Twitter列表,those you are following,并建议流行的溪流,highlighting a number of Twitter lists that have crested beyond 500 followers..

Twitter Filtered for Updates With Links Only

点击你的Twitter ID,你可以看到所有朋友的更新,as with other Twitter clients,富媒体,including photos and video,显示在流中,就像它在阴毛里一样。但对我来说,Mozzler最有意思的选择是“only show links".This eliminates all status updates without links,and all @replies that don't contain a URL..

Rich Media Flows In With Mozzler

将一个高质量的Twitter列表与只显示包含链接的更新的选项相结合,你有一个高度相关的社会流,按时间排序-就像我以前强调过的一样 the mytweetsense product by my6sense..


Chris Were,Mozzler的创始人,给我发了一封电子邮件saying the service"aims to aggregate all the news from your social network into one place",while"同时,it aims to help find new sources of news (whether they be twitter/facebook users/fan pages/lists).""

Chris also said the product has much more to do to improve prior to being opened to the public,but expectations are that it will open up mid-January 2010..

Matt Cutts高品质的MOZZER滤光器

(不)再跳转到更重要的地方去寻找最好的新闻,RSS or Twitter,Mozzler's ability to showcase tweets with links,combined with the most popular Twitter lists,many of whom feature top news brands,比如我的 "Top Tech Bloggers""列表,makes it a very interesting service.你甚至可以在个人账户上查看显示基于链接的推特或脸谱网更新,without everything else..

你可以找到Mozzler http://beta。mozzler.通用域名格式and on Twitter at @mozzler_news.The service is in private beta,and I've been told you can get in to the service if you retweet this post and use the hashtag of #mozzlerbeta..


For All the Gloom Around RSS,Readers Continue to Climb

Skimming many of the leading technology outlets,你会认为RSS放弃了它的幽灵,为新服务让路,喜欢 推特.Just this week,Read Wrad Web声称 the RSS reader market was in"disarray""and continued a"decline".This came after a summer in which TechCrunch IT's Steve Gillmor declared RSS dead and suggested that it"rest in peace""及其他 ditched RSSfor microblogging lists.With the world watching Twitter's top names and their Suggested User List-boosted following counts cross well into seven digits,数据来自 FeedBurnerand other sources shows RSS counts climbing - in some cases dramatically - for nearly all blogs,而且他们中的许多人也在数以百万计的读者中运动。虽然RSS阅读器的独立市场可能处于糟糕的状态,having ceded ground to Google阅读器,RSS as a utility is actually growing.它不会下降,不是一个很长的镜头。.

Prior to ReadWriteWeb's alarmist article,八月回来我得出了类似的结论,when I said "stand-alone feed readers are collapsing"",强调谷歌阅读器的事实,and followers on FriendFeed,dominated my personal statistics..

That Google Reader and 个性化谷歌在市场上占主导地位并不意味着技术的死亡,but instead its maturity - something that,超出读者总数,does not take in to account the fact that RSS is the mechanism for getting data between sites practically everywhere,即使它没有被这样称呼。.

2008一月,I highlighted the debut of a new service called Rating Burner,其目的是显示使用订阅器的最订阅的博客。The site shows not only a leaderboard,but also the change in subscriber data from day to day..

来自评级燃烧器的数据显示绿色,positive growth across the board for feeds.And while total counts can always be debated as to their accuracy,sites including TechCrunch(with 4 million subscribers),, the YouTube blog(with 2.4 million),, 粉碎应用(1)。5 million) and 简单食谱(1)。5 million) are into seven digits.This parallels the top Twitter accounts,谁在400万的范围内,crowned by screen celebs Ashton Kutcher,小甜甜和艾伦德杰尼勒斯。.

Yes,统计学是统计学。这些知名人物的数量是可疑的,感谢他们加入Twitter的建议用户名单,而且,预计一些顶级博客每天都会被捆绑,而不会阅读——增加他们的数量。Also true is the fact that not every blog uses FeedBurner,and thus cannot be tracked as well.Many sites point instead to a raw XML file,保持控制。That said,regardless of the data's perfection,2009的增长对于RSS用户来说是不容质疑的。.

Using BlogPerfume's Feed Analysis tool,我带了很多顶级博客,插入了他们的统计数据,看看它们是如何在2009生长的。在过去的12个月里运行他们的查询提供了11个月的数据。(不完美,但足够好)

  • January 22,2009
  • June 22,2009
  • 12月22日,2009
(是的,the gap between January and June is 5 months,六月和十二月的差距是6,but you get the idea.)

To run the numbers yourself,simply plug in any FeedBurner enabled feed.(Examples: TechCrunch,, Mashable,, 188金宝搏我能吃芝式汉堡


LOLCats Added 100,000 Readers to 200k+



ReadWriteWeb added 40k from June (Jan.数据有缺陷)

Google's Mac Blog Added 30k Subs to Top 70k..

Mashable Added Almost 150k Subs to Near 350k..

也要记住 我的个人数字由于朋友的关系而膨胀。,但大多数非个人博客不是。.

那么有什么意义呢?关键是,当一些服务(阅读:Twitter和 Facebook可能会引起很多人的注意,and while it is also true that Google Reader has the lion's share of the RSS reader market,the current discussion around RSS being less useful,or less important,比过去几年,有瑕疵,period..

Lest this early adopter sound too much like a curmudgeon,just because something is newer does not automatically make it better,这也不意味着从以前的技术中会出现大规模的大规模外流。就像Twitter能为网站带来良好的流量一样,so too can RSS.Just like Twitter can pass along top content,so too can RSS.就像顶部追随的账户可以得到百万观众,so too can RSS.两者的关系都在增长,with no reversal in sight.两者都是很好用的工具。and both are being used more than ever.The only"disarray"是在当前的思考中。.

December 19,2009

Growing Grumblings on Tech News Don't Address Incentives

If you are the subject of the news,people will judge your actions and how you react to being in the spotlight.If you are the distributor of the news,你如何传达这个消息,以及你如何准确地报告新闻,will also be dissected.On the Web,尤其是在我们的硅谷where real time is becoming the standard,analysis of said news is itself happening in real time.从许多角落,通常来自网络上更注重技术的人,我正在讨论科技新闻行业的失败,不准确,和有用性(或缺乏)。While some of the feedback no doubt has merit,它也以简化的形式出现,without offering potential solutions,taking into account how the creators and publishers of this tech news blogosphere are incentivized and rewarded..

On Sunday,Mike Arrington of TechCrunch,正如他经常做的那样,, 开始讨论他所谓的“fast food content"",说“手工制作的内容已经死了,summarizing a piece that lamented sites which steal content without attribution,and more darkly,使用人改写他人内容的网站,不加任何新事物或做“真实报道“,一类人在新闻课上学习,或在“工作”时需要做的工作dead tree"newspaper or magazine..

Given Mike's focus,running one of the more widely read tech news sites on the Web,他关心的是那些借用他和他的作者的内容并把它作为自己的作品出版的人。But I have also given a lot of thought,尤其是晚期,to the vast number of tech news sites and blogs that are out there covering the same stories,and are jostling amongst each other to beat their competition by a few minutes - opting not to win on quality,but instead,on time.In this case,这通常不是另一个科技博客的消息,但来自公司的官方公告。.

科技博客最容易做的事情就是从有趣的公司的官方博客中重复更新,, 添加几个内部链接to previous coverage they have done on that topic,添加一两段分析,and hit the post button.I've no doubt done it myself over the last few years,even with this self-awareness,but you can see the process unfold practically every day.注意短语“According to a post on the official Twitter blog..."or"In an update on Google's blog this morning" many of the better-known sites all post their own interpretations of the news that came from the top..

This,在我看来,is the very definition of the"fast food news"迈克在谈论,and time spent both producing it and consuming it could be put to better use - as in these cases,links could serve just as well as full articles..

I am by no means an ombudsman for tech media and the tech news consumer.I am but one person who takes in a lot of content,自己生产一点。但我看到一些其他领域,科技新闻引擎对新闻消费者的影响很小,新闻工作者和新闻作者本身。.

我相信“fast food news"也可能指为了确保每个站点都发布一个主要浏览器或主要操作系统发布了点发布的消息而出现的大规模歇斯底里,or when a popular site has an outage,这一事件成为每个博客的头版新闻。At some point,given the vast multitude of interesting tech stories,individuals and companies out there,one must take a deep breath and realize that being the 10th site to report that Twitter got hacked last night didn't really add a lot of value to readers..

事实上,when Twitter did get hacked Thursday night,, Mike (again) had a solid post that added information,而且,as he gained more knowledge of the incident,he updated the same post multiple times throughout the night.因为他是第一个到场的人,with real data,他的职位有肉,虽然很多,many others that followed were just echoes of the obvious..

So why is this happening?有几个原因:

第一,the advertising model that forces many sites to drive page views and social interactions,through Digg,, 蹒跚行走,和 推特retweets,将许多科技新闻网站转变为后米尔斯staffed largely by inexpensive writers and freelancers.Instead of deep analysis posts that require interviews,背景,and research,these sites are instead home to excerpts from YouTube,polls,user surveys,and whatever happens to be trending on Twitter that day.质量交换数量。.

第二,这些网站中的许多网站伪装成了他们的读者所看到的唯一网站。Just because one major tech site covered a story 30 minutes before doesn't mean they should assume their readers already know.That is why if you do subscribe to many technology blogs,as I do,你可以期待他们中的绝大多数在同一时间报道相同的故事,而不是选择一个特定的焦点,使他们与竞争对手区分开来。.

Third,感谢竞争和个人互动,不是每个网站都喜欢其他网站。Years of infighting and annoyances,thanks to individual posts,个性,or business priorities means that some sites really dislike each other.They won't link to one another.They will ban the competition from their user conferences,and when they aren't taking potshots,they will act like the other doesn't exist.因此,if the competition"breaks"一个故事,the other will post it anyway,或者试图找到一个能让他们自己的事件发生的皱纹improved"或者使另一个无效。.

Fourth,the rise of aggregation sites makes piling on to the news something that is rewarded.如果所有的竞争博客都报道了一个重要的故事,许多人会效仿,be it to get into"discussion"在 搜索能力,to see TrackBacks on the originating posts,或者在Twitter上搜索热门词汇时,Google and other engines..

In essence,the incentives,在很大程度上,do not tilt in favor of writing unique stories or doing the required research necessary to get a full story,to get quotes from a source,或者找到数据点进行备份分析。.

这就是为什么你看到像Alex Payne这样的人( 推特抱怨,说Rarely does technology journalism produce informed,correct,相关的,and readable content.This is a sorry and damaging state of affairs."in his rant from March ( 更好的科技新闻),为什么Marco Ament,the lead developer of Tumblr and Instapaper creator,, this week,写的:"Over the last few years,我已经从几乎所有的科技新闻订阅中退订了。我从来没有后悔过这个决定,and I haven't missed anything important.科技新闻需要帮助。Badly.真是太可怕了。""

请记住,我们当中更多的技术人员不喜欢他们的作品被解读的方式,这并不出人意料。工程不信任营销实际上是一种要求和一种宗教。But we know they are somewhat right.我们可以抱怨整个公共关系行业,许多批评人士常常发现,他们要求记者与公司CEO或官方代表谈话,却毫无兴趣,either due to time issues or a lacking skill set.提前要求新闻稿总是容易得多,禁运日期。.

In an ideal world,那些充当我们的新闻过滤器的人会花更多的时间在时间之前搜寻新闻,会问那些不想回答的问题的人,会理解竞争的风景,and wouldn't worry about getting a post up in a few minutes to hit a quantity threshold,没有它首先通过质量阈值。.

唯恐我们认为亚历克斯和马珂是孤独的呼救者,you can see other comments this week from The Angry Drunk,从 谷歌的DeWitt Clinton,谁发布到Twitter,"别担心。Save some time.Your story doesn't need a shred of truth to it.它也会被转发。"作为回应而不是科技博客的故事,but a mainstream media piece that had missed the mark.(后来,in contrast,praised Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb 实况报道

Content producers need to make choices in terms of what it is they cover,and where their field of expertise lies.If not breaking the news,或拥有技术精英,还有很多其他方法可以让你听到声音,通过分析和个人使用案例,as well as the option to find new stories.内容消费者也有选择的地方,他们得到他们的消息。I would hope that those people who are being spoon fed repeats of others' original reporting,or are waiting,下颚张开,对于公司博客文章的回溯,recognize what it is they are really missing..

Given the low cost structure needed to create content,it doesn't look like there is going to be a painful consolidation any time soon.与此同时,the system is set up to reward those who publish quickly and pile on - for extra effort doesn't bring home the page views.将会有口袋的网络,怀有最初的想法,a focus on quality and data,and there are going to be other places where copying,scraping,捷径将统治这一天。I know what I hope to be.The question is,can we do our part,作为出版商和消费者,to somehow reward those that do things right??