March 10,二千零一十一

Real Valley Stories: You Stay,你的老板必须走了

Editor's Note:Part three in an irregular series of stories from my 12 years in Silicon Valley.The first discussed 采访我的第一份工作,而第二 讨论角色..


In early 1999,I was simply punching the clock at Berkeley,结束毕业前的最后一个学期,以最少的单位完成我的双专业。大多数日子,I would show up arguably as the best dressed guy in classes,穿着钮扣衬衫和宽松裤,为我的山谷工作做准备,而不是我的同学们更悠闲的风格,谁的口味变化很大。For the most part,我的课在早上。在他们苦苦挣扎之后,I'd drive down 101 and reach Burlingame..

If lucky enough to get there in time for lunch,I'd drop off my bag and leave immediately with my colleague before doing a lick of work.If we timed it right,我们甚至可以去当地的练习场打一两个高尔夫球,在回到办公室之前赶紧抓一个三明治,still making it to our desks in time before our boss came in,having seen closing bell on 加拿大广播公司.有些日子,我们熬夜工作,让交通顺畅,but other days,we didn't get much done at all..

Even in a time when other companies were seemingly filing to go public with no revenue,our particular lack of direction couldn't last long,and it didn't..

A No Revenue Company Doesn't Exactly Scale Well

About six months after joining the project,很明显,该公司的首席投资者疲乏从缺乏牵引力在我们的搜索引擎优化产品,and grew tired of being told,often loudly in Russian during more heated arguments,他没有共同的愿景。After one flareup,one of his partners was assigned to work closely with us to get an idea of our tasks and goals to see if the company could be made valuable,因此,the investment saved..

即使是合伙人也不确定他应该做什么。他费了很大劲才把公司所说的与我和同事花最多时间做的事情——包括我们的网站排名——协调一致,IPO market predictions and the occasional interview with an industry luminary,like one I did with Scott Gannon,这个 IBM电子商务总监.He seemed impressed with how we had managed to accomplish much in an odd work environment,and confided one saving grace for us both was that"we were cheap",这是我们所知道的。.

The situation was coming to a head,but it wasn't exactly clear just what would be the result..

"You Two Are Laid Off.我被解雇了。""

到1999年4月下旬,I came into the office one day and the bad news had come.My boss sat me down and said the lead investor had chosen to withdraw his money after all,and no additional funding was in sight.As a courtesy,我和我的同事有两周的时间把事情搞定,然后我们就可以完成了。我被告知这不是我们自己的错,that the mistakes were his,当我们被解雇的时候,有效地补充他被解雇了。.

This was obviously disconcerting.I had enjoyed the work we had done,喜欢成为山谷的一部分。But given our lack of traction,I was not surprised.那天我和我的同事午餐吃得比平时多,虽然我记不清到底发生了什么。.

The next day,the first in my two weeks of continuing to wrap things up,I was standing by the office printer,我们姊妹公司的一位员工说,有个人要我见面,他很快就要加入他们了,我第二天来特别重要。新员工,a VP of Marketing,had apparently heard I had done some successful things even though our venture had practically flat-lined.This was an interesting turn..

第二天早上,I was introduced to the new VP and in our discussions found we had a shared interest in many things including the future of communications,对所有事物的共同热爱,and with my graduation from Cal looming,他渴望和一个已经上船的人一起开始他的新工作。在48小时内,I had gone from facing unemployment to quite possibly starting a new job before the last one was up,同时画两张工资支票。.

The American Dream: Watching Your Boss Pack Up and Leave??

Having agreed to start my first role as a Web Marketing Manager for"" Technology Workshop",a poorly named but well-intended motley crew of Russians looking to change the world of Web communication,这项工作的转变确实很奇怪。Joining the sister company meant that I hardly had to change a thing.My desk stayed the same.我的电脑保持不变。Even my email address and phone number stayed the same,我工作的人转移了。Over the ensuing months,当然,我不得不打电话询问最后一个角色,最后他们停了下来。.

One day in my first full week of work at Technology Workshop,Greg (my old boss) came back into the office with boxes.当我试图面对我的电脑显示器继续工作的时候,I couldn't help but notice as he took down his things,他的书,记事本和其他物品,打包离开。There was little joy in it as his dream had been stopped.But there was some real awkwardness as the junior employee stuck around only to see his boss,boxes in hand,最后一次握手。在新公司的一些新同事的低声告别之后,他走了。.

My new job had started.Same desk.Same phone.Same e-mail address.同一个办公室。New project..

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