Over the last two decades,the world of retail has transformed from one led by big box retailers who courted shoppers through coupons and print advertorials or splashy television ads,to one where online commerce takes an increasing share of information gathering and eventually,购买行为。Names like BlockbusterCircuit City很快就会变得古色古香 Woolworth,, Mervyn's吉姆科- symbolizing a generation of stores that didn't adapt quickly enough to take on more nimble competition,who won on scale and speed..

With Christmas 2013 now behind us,the headlines are not just of yes,更多的购物者蜂拥而至,mixed in with uncertainty over just how many people were impacted by Target's massive card hacking,but of a completely unexpected surge in last minute buyingthat doomed shipments by UPS and FedEx,the alpha and omega of delivery systems,将虚拟世界与物理世界连接起来。但是很清楚发生了什么。As an increasingly connected Internet populace abstracts the physical world of commerce to an online shopfront,so too vanishes the perception of physical limitations - such as distance,time,和重量。.

We are progressing toward a world of"now commerce",where we can order it now,and expect the results practically instantly.The end of 2013 shows we're getting closer,but the system's not yet quite ready for the pressure,即使是消费者。.

Simply put: Nobody expected everyone to wait until the very last minute to order Christmas gifts,but everyone did.As UPS告诉商业周刊:"We had our peak projections,体积已经超过了我们的预测。“So all the models failed..

Web giants like 亚马逊易趣网了解他们年轻的存在,尽一切可能保持他们的网站,并保持交易流动。Slow load times,inaccurate shopping carts and price mismatches can sap users' patience and reduce trust.So they've prepared for massive amounts of scale - leading to Amazon's supporting upward of 426次交易在高峰时间,without crashing.But it becomes even more challenging to prepare a physical delivery system like UPSor 联邦规模为2至3倍或10倍的期望值,which is where the system broke,除非有重大改变,我们应该再次预料到这一点。.

(image /via +谷歌购物快车

Take a look at two notable bits of news from two big players in 2013 - the first being Google Shopping Express(披露:我在谷歌工作)和第二个 杰夫·贝佐斯宣布无人机装运.The promise of both?Even faster fulfillment to customers.In Google's case,they've partnered with retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area to ship under the Google Shopping Express brand,并在指定时间窗口内传送,just like 西夫韦。com还是传统的送餐方式。Amazon's promise is to take its already fast Prime shipping down from a few days to possibly a few hours.Now,instead of wondering what day you could get something,你只需要知道哪一个小时。.

Four-plus hours from order to delivery at my door..

像许多其他人一样,这个圣诞节的季节,我用最后一分钟的订单把电子商务放在测试中,想把我购物清单上的一些东西划掉,让他们在最后一刻到来,避免在家里发现和减少杂乱。因此,知道谷歌购物快报在圣诞前夕中午关门,送货当天,I placed an order just after 11,并选择了当天下午1点到下午5点之间的时间窗口。As you can see from the screenshot in my email,the gifts were delivered just over four hours later,to my door - not only saving me a trip to the store,but providing near instant gratification..

经常,one's vision of the tech future is colored by the Star Trek computer - one which responds to voice commands,并且可以通过请求产生物理对象。据说 谷歌热衷于建造星际迷航电脑,and innovation like the world of 3D printing makes this vision of virtual to physical conversion seem more possible.But before we get that,we're already seeing a generation of people who expect things to happen instantly.一个人可以马上打开 网飞公司or iTunesor YouTubeand see practically any piece of video ever made.人们可以求助于 Spotifyor 谷歌音乐and get any song on demand and play it on any device,practically anywhere,假设你有足够的带宽。我们马上就想到了,如果缓冲使它不完善,咆哮。.

So you can see this coming,你不能吗?The consumers are expecting instant gratification.We're getting incredible service when it comes to entertainment.We can order practically anything virtually and delivery windows are tightening.We know what we want,我们现在就想要它。.

188金宝博官网登录:I work at Google,which runs Google Shopping Express and in various ways competes with Amazon.Google also owns YouTube and in various ways competes with Netflix.我家是亚马逊家庭,我们的孩子看Netflix太多了。.

December 10,2013

How the Moves App Can Track Your Steps,地点和通勤

Ever since jumping feet first into the Fitbit fanclub last year,我一直在量化每一步,finding excuses to take a walk,parking further away,并且通常更活跃。. I lost 30 pounds from my peak weight,and have found many people doing the same,当我们在每周排行榜上战斗的时候。. If I don't have my Fitbit tracker on,my activities simply don't count.But on top of my daily Fitbithabit,for the last few months I've been tracking my comings and goings with the Moves app for Android,and have found it a strong companion that tells me information about where I've been,even if it lacks the social component that has Fitbit play such a big role in my need to be competitive..

Unlike Fitbit,这需要一个专用设备,无论是跟踪器还是臂章,从步行中收集数据,running or cycling,Moves leverages the built-in accelerometer and GPS data from your phone to pick up on your step count.So if you're someone who doesn't want to carry yet another device,and you just want to keep tabs on your own activity,移动就是这样。.


Moves initially didn't get a lot of interest from me for three reasons,after colleague + Scott Knasterintroduced me to the app.The first is that when using Fitbit and Moves in tandem,移动几乎总是比FITBIT减少10到20%个步骤。for the same ground covered.Having been a staunch believer in Fitbit's data,and always wanting the higher numbers,移动丢失。Second,Moves always requires you to have your phone on you,所以如果电池电量不足,你的脚步不计其数。FITBIT的电池运行了几天,这从来不是一个问题。Third,Moves is done in complete solitude.没有任何能力跟随人们或与他们分享你的活动-这是菲特比特阴谋的基石。.

You Know It's Bad When It Takes an Hour from Mountain View to Milpitas

所有这些都在路上,Moves gets more interesting for what it does do.As I move from place to place,Moves makes a best effort to find destinations along my path.If I go to the office,移动水龙头 Foursquare'smap data to find the office building.如果我在一条风景优美的小路上,again,Moves taps into Foursquare.移动足够聪明,基于我的速度,我是否在行走,跑步,cycling or driving - which is labeled as transport..

后一位,transport,now makes it easier to show my wife just when I left the office,或者我在车里呆了多久,或者可以证明,在技术经济如此发达的南湾,交通是多么荒谬。.

Two weeks ago,Moves made its first move (see what I did there?) into making their data get out of your phone and possibly onto the Web (like Fitbit) and into new applications with their launch of accounts and connected apps.你可以通过网络上的历史数据轻松地看到未来,或者通过电子邮件或其他连接的服务与朋友分享未来,including Moves Export,它承诺采取的行动,你已经做了,并把他们带到运行管理员或比较脸谱网的朋友,进一步使这两个应用程序更加紧密。.

You can find Moves free on Google Play.如果你是一个iOS用户,不要烦恼,, Moves is on the App Storefor 99 cents too.It may be double counting for me to track all my steps twice,但正如你所看到的,这是一个很好的理由。即使你已经使用FITBIT,退房动作。And if you don't,there's really little reason you shouldn't give it a shot..

披露:It could be assumed Foursquare Maps compete with Google Maps,和 yes,我在谷歌工作.But then,我不知道这会如何使这篇文章或多或少产生偏见。我只喜欢写188首歌。.

November 26,2013

Working at Google is Living in the Future

大约两年半了。 自从我加入谷歌..

多年来,我几乎像用户和博客作者一样了解了公司的人员和文化,I picked up a badge in 2011,and have spent most of my waking hours during the weekdays since in Mountain View.我当前运行 谷歌开发者生活..

There are many assumptions about Googleout there.我读了很多。I hear others.. Knowing the company其人民as I did when I joined meant I wasn't dramatically surprised by much - but one of the core things that is assumed to be true externally and remains true internally is that working at Google is like working in the future.这不仅是为了长期项目的可见性,它是秘密的或属于投机的范畴。但是,当一天一天到来的时候。.

It's not uncommon,作为雇员,了解未来的公告,to be using new services and applications,and more commonly,future versions of these services.我们这些积极参与“ dogfooding新事物必须做内部检查才能记住哪些特征已经过时,哪些还没有,which devices are launched and which ones aren't,and where's a safe place to use apps to avoid curious eyes and hands.It can even get exciting when one makes a screenshot on their computer or phone,并且必须进行快速扫描,以确定不应该向公众公开的内容。.

保持一个精神检查清单的启动,即将发射,and hasn't launched requires some sort of cerebral gymnastics - making public discussion a challenge for those who have an engaged community,巩固一些内向者的决定,保持安静,for the best avoidance of risk is to say nothing and let those who run comms to run comms,毕竟。.

Getting my occasional glimpse into the future here at Google was a definite contributor to the slowdown of posts and observations of the tech industry at large,starting in 2011,after regular daily posts for years many of you got used to.这不仅是因为人们认为我在这个星球上最活跃、最有影响力的公司之一工作,发现了新的偏见和冲突,but also because,as you can expect,了解我们未来的路线图对我们当前的交付物或其他人的问题提出了更多的问题。.

For example,since the world adores car analogies,it's hard to get excited about the 2013奥迪S4,if you work in BMW's concept car division.“嘿!Nice car...now get back to work.““

谷歌的开放是没有道理的。It's well-documented that the company,for the most part,has an open sharing policy internally,所以那些在一个产品上工作的人可能知道其他产品在做什么。One can easily discover launch schedules and product cycles company-wide.经常,产品靠另一个来释放改进,给自己带来价值。Instead of a completely siloed organization where working on one project means that's all you know,the average Googler can know,with some small effort,what's next from most places.And this is a good thing in my view.对于一些增量风险的泄漏,you gain improved collaboration,扩展测试additional rounds of feedback and reduced paranoia..

Living in the future can be good,尤其是当你接触到最新的手机时,应用程序和 188大秘诀,都以测试的名义。测试新的服务是很有趣的,like 购物快车,all in the name of being a good corporate citizen.And yes,it can also be challenging,especially,正如你所想象的,如果你把两个新事物结合在一起,and can't figure out which team should get your filed bug - only that you know it should work better.So yes,we file the bugs so you don't have to see them.我们也屏蔽了大量的用户体验尴尬,and in rare cases,can completely change the face of a product before it reaches your computer or smartphone..

By definition every technology company is by some extension working in the future.什么是装运通常是最稳定的版本,无论什么建筑必须削减当天,or the highest quality device that could be shipped to the retailer or in time for the scheduled launch event.The one that's not shipped has more features,成本更低,速度更快,or so they always say.但谷歌是另一种野兽,given its incredible ambition..

The company that was once easily defined as"“ the Mountain View search giant“正在做更多的事情和思考如何利用技术来改善我们存在的许多方面。You could be measured by what you used to be,or who you are today,或者你可以把目光放在前面,走向不可能的领域。. 我们称之为月光.And that stretch goal is where the future is.That's the excitement.We may be experiencing the future every.1升级一次,或者在Android上的每一个通知,我们的应用程序需要更新,but there's more to it,and being inside the Googleplex is a unique experience..

如果你想和我们一起去谷歌,退房 http://www.google.COM/Ong/Joops/给我发电子邮件..

披露:I work for Google.That's what this post is about.Nobody reviewed this..



Last week,I got my hands on the brand new Nexus 5,and,as you might expect,, 我对此很满意。.The screen is fantastic.The size and weight are perfect,and the battery life is beyond anything I've had so far.但这不是Nexus 5的帖子。It's about what I also switched when I changed phones - my carrier..

In the process of moving from my aging 2011 Galaxy Nexus on Verizon,I'm now on T-Mobile.This means in the space of five or so years,我从一个 iPhone on AT&T,对 HTC EvoSamsung Epic 4G短跑,to the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and now the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.You could say I've tried all the big carriers here in the US,and experienced their positives and negatives.And in my experience,他们送什么,for the most part,is good enough..

Those of us who were early adopters on the first iPhone here in the US remember that AT&T was the only option - and the service's flakiness was well-chronicled.数以千计的话花在 博客文章在这里elsewheredecrying AT&T's seeming inability to scale up to the unprecedented data demands brought on by the iPhone.(See: 关于AT&T的思考:史蒂夫·乔布斯应该写什么) Calls that would complete without dropping,即使双方保持完全静止,seemed impossible,and it wasn't unusual for the first words after calling back were something to the effect of"Stupid AT&T"..

移动到我的冲刺是一个功能,切换到Android从iOS,因为它是离开AT&T。2010,我赌动量,应用程序选择和质量,and that choice looks to have played out correctly.但是当我的家人搬家时,we unhelpfully ended up in a place where Sprint coverage was not great - meaning most of my successful calls would have to be made in the backyard.For a year,那很好,我们做了——尤其是大部分时间,, we use our phones for data,包括电子邮件或文本,比打电话要多。.

In 2011,I switched to Verizon when the Galaxy Nexus came up,and data/voice have been very good.No complaints.但他们不是Nexus 5发射的合作伙伴,and while I had considered either going Moto X on Verizon,or keeping my creaky Galaxy Nexus around just a bit longer,我想再做一次实验,搬到T-Mobile。因为口袋妖怪最著名的说法是:Gotta Catch 'em All!““

在进行开关之前,I polled people in person and many whom I didn't ( 通过Twitter)看看他们如何评价自己的航母,在1-10级,and what mobile OS they were using.Surprisingly,the overwhelming majority of people rated their carrier with a score of 8 out of 10 or above.I had expected to see a lot of lower scores,and to see some trends play out,IOS上的AT&T得分低,或更小的载体的更低的分数,特别是T-Mobile和Sprint。但总的来说,, people seemed pretty happy这让我感到惊讶的是,如果唯一安全的业务是不受欢迎的,那就是航空公司——他们从未得到任何信贷。.

当时,my curiosity was as much tied to MotoMaker for the Moto X launching first with AT&T.Was AT&T good enough again to be forgiven for their 2008-10 era quality gap?在我看到的所有挫折之后,我是否可以考虑回到AT&T?我看到iOS上的人,Windows Phone和Android都能把AT&T分数提高到7以上,and those from other carriers also being quite favorable.没有明显的落后者。.

So when the Nexus 5 came available on Google Play,my internal debate over how to move forward was a pretty simple one.I saw that T-Mobile's LTE coverage includes my work and home.I saw the pricing for T-Mobile was in line (and actually a bit cheaper) than Verizon,and practically the only risk I'd be taking is if it was weak when I traveled outside of my usual stomping grounds.到目前为止。..没有抱怨。.

There's no question that as more and more of us as consumers and businesspeople are expecting more from our smartphones and tablets,我们对电信基础设施的需求正在急剧增加。We've gone from a society that exchanged voice calls and simple texts to one where we expect full HD video and streaming live audio.我们期待在所有设备上高速访问,几乎处处都是。.

建立和支持这种需求,所有的航空公司都在争先恐后地确保他们不是最后留下来的人。as all the smart consumers end up attached to the market leaders.It's been a long time since I've read a great rant on AT&T,or seen a wave of people reporting dropped calls.Verizon's commercials promise the widest LTE available,and they do have"the map for that",但是替代品似乎在用户的眼中保持着。所以也许,just maybe,we've hit a turning point when the carriers are pretty good,随着硬件的改进和移动软件的发展,用户体验将变得更好。我很高兴我们已经走了这么远。.

Usual 188金宝博官网登录:I work for Google.Google builds Android,并塑造了Nexus 5。在我加入公司之前,我最初从谷歌I/O 2010获得了我的第一个HTC EVO。这篇文章并不是针对任何谷歌合作伙伴表示偏见或偏袒。那太愚蠢了。.

November 05,2013

Enthusiasts & Evangelists: Pushing Product,Begging for Features

There's a fine line separating an enthusiastic user from that of an evangelist,even if the two terms are often thrown out there as equals.因为用户可能会消耗你的产品或想法,it takes an extra level of effort - working as a partner,testing early versions of products,看看产品走向何方,才能真正成为福音传道者。爱好者通常是在接收端,a consumer of the benefits,福音传道者不仅从你的工作中获益,但可以帮助加速。.

Evangelists are often early adopters of your product,who have been converted to your story and ideas,and are willing to advocate on your behalf.一些面向消费者的顶级公司转向了家庭中的福音传道者,他们的指纹在他们客户群的成功成长过程中,and regularity by which their products are seen in the press,while others rely on end-user evanglists to bring the story to new communities..

爱好者们,对你的产品感到兴奋,are likely to be found breathlessly awaiting morsels of information,是谣言还是新闻。They may have their fingers on the buy button and refresh your product pages as they get ready to buy,and make cash available.They debate your benefits and beg for feature enhancements,但是如果他们的要求没有得到满足,they'll just as soon as wait for the next one,在你错的同行之间的争论,并提出为什么它可能是切换到竞争对手的高峰期。Enthusiasts are never employees of the company,though they may be close to the teams,在用户组中求爱,并提前获得项目以提供beta级反馈。.


The most well known evangelist in Silicon Valley lore is very likely +Guy Kawasaki,who while at 苹果在早期的麦迪时代,fought to bring the Macintosh story to developers,schools and customers everywhere.盖伊继续推销其他产品,including +Motorola Mobility,但他的苹果遗产仍然完好无损。最近,所做的工作 沙克汗for Spotify+ Thomas Meyerof Sonos put both those products on the map for me.In both cases,Shak and Thomas delivered a 1:1 relationship with me as an early adopter,providing access to products,关于改进的交易反馈寻找新用户的服务方式。.


最好的福音传道者可以帮助狂热者皈依福音传教士。As discussed in depth as the first stage of early adopter behavior,the enthusiast can graduate from being a consumer of your work,and instead works as an unpaid advocate for your story and your ideas - accelerating the network effect.由于最初接触点的1:1关系不能超过几十个甚至几百个顶级影响力者,one must hope that they evangelize on your behalf why your product is better,why you can be trusted to keep coming up with exciting new innovations,or,如果你在某个区域落后,why you can be counted on to bridge those gaps..

Seeing Potential Instead of Problems

An evangelist can believe strongly in a direction for a product and buy in early - in the same way as an investor can see potential a company and buy its stock.In 2010,, my move to Android from iPhone在iOS的用户体验更好、可用的应用程序列表更长的情况下,可以非常容易地实现它。The debate as to which installed base was larger was also up for question.但我可以看到轨迹,and,as I was later proven correct,the applications caught up,the user growth accelerated,在许多人的心中,the user experience is equal,或者至少是可以争论的。Even from a point of perceived weakness,I believed strongly that their choices as a platform were right..

The same could be said for Spotify's early trial back in 2009.虽然iTunes是池塘里的大鱼,Spotify几乎一夜之间改变了我的游戏,而且所有的在线音乐服务都遵循了他们的模式,即使产品还没有正式运往美国,and there were occ

Crossing the chasm from enthusiast to evangelist is a lot like moving from a hobby to a religion.玩水是一回事,还有另外一个承诺。It's no surprise then,that evangelists are most commonly associated with religious institutions and converting people to the one true way..

像一个虔诚的宗教人士,一个公开地谈论挑战性的部分,promising only purity and bliss.For example,in a 2007 post I wrote for +GigaOM,我强调five lesser-known tips for being an Apple fanboy".The number one rule?“Never admit fault with Apple around non-Mac people.“Giving the perceived opposition a weapon to use against you was never a good idea.宁可默默忍受,或者悄悄地找一个同伴来帮助你解决问题,而不是公开地成长。The same goes for the converted evangelist.It is better to report product issues back to the company or their rep,or a fellow user than to complain publicly.显然,发烧友们没有这种束缚,因为他们都急于打破你的产品,告诉世界你做错了什么。.

我父亲让我相信坏消息比好消息传播得快得多。一个经验不好的人会告诉七个人,and a person with a good experience will tell three.这需要更高比例的正交互作用,and to make this success repeatable.But while an enthusiast will share the good news and the bad news at equal volume,传教士只会放大好消息,并不断在后台工作,解决不良故事。不是盲目,but discretion..

尤其是在瞬息万变的消费市场和推广领域,you need to find evangelists,who will find you enthusiasts.如果你的产品不能让人们分享你的故事,your story probably isn't that good.你的服务必须比早期的采纳者或传道者更好一些,他们会下注并投入他们的时间和精力来讲述你的故事,就像我几年前对FriendFeed和Google Reader所做的那样,later Spotify and Sonos,and now with great stories like ChromeOS - which I strongly believe presents the platform of the future.People like Shak and Guy and Thomas are rarities,but they can be the accelerant that moves your flame to an inferno..

Usual 188金宝博官网登录: 我在谷歌工作。.Google is the proud owner of Android and ChromeOS,of course.We also make Google Play Music All Access,一个假定的竞争对手Spotify。Any bias is my own and I'm not speaking on behalf of Google at the moment..


Video: GDL Root Access: The Intersection of Skill and Luck

In the seven-plus years I've run this blog,一个更常见的讨论是关于技能的因素,effort,opportunity and luck intertwine to result in a positive outcome (or not) for companies and individuals.本月早些时候,we talked about how you need to do more than just show up in Silicon Valley获得牵引力,and back in 2009,I took on the required intersection of skill and luck,, wondering aloud how good employees at unsuccessful ventures differentiatethemselves from bad employees at successful places.Unfortunately,没有魔法。.

所以Google +Don Dodge我谈论了这件事 +GDLRoot Access event last week,明确每一个关于创业成功的伟大故事,你都可以在网上阅读,还有一些你可能从未听说过的,或者用呜咽声结束。I've long said that celebrating failure never helped anyone,但是我们应该意识到这一点,and learn from it.下面是我们的嵌入式YouTube的讨论。The debate runs just over seven minutes..


本月早些时候,I wrote about how,即使在快节奏的时候,big opportunity world of Silicon Valley,, you don't get any participation medals just for showing up.Sometimes fantastic ideas are ahead of their time,or by virtue of personnel and personality decisions,客户问题,缩放或任何方式的因素。.

作为一部分 +GDL,我自己的计划 +谷歌开发者,, +Don Dodge我坐下来讨论一些技术,需要一些时间来捕捉,including Sun's Javastation网络计算机.Our discussion on Root Access is captured on YouTube and embedded below,taking about 10 minutes..

October 22,2013

真实谷故事:The Missiles are in the Air...请留下来“

编者按:Part 10 in an irregular series of stories from my 15 years in Silicon Valley.Part 9 talked about the timeI emailed the entire company about impending layoffs在他们发生之前的几天。This time,a story about how,在办公室紧张的时候,我得到了一个竞争对手的工作机会,and over not much more than a weekend's time,rescinded and stayed instead - all while gaining new promises for career growth..

Ten years ago was a time of change,似乎是这样。I'd just gotten married,and Silicon Valley was in the throes of a deep recession.The once-packed highways became easy to drive again.停车场是空的,建筑没有任何租户。Two-plus years into my job,我们已经看到了我们不公平的高峰和低谷。.The CEO had been replaced,我们的销售副总裁和the Marketing team had almost completely turned over,让我成为一个更资深的人,surprisingly.But while I believed in our technology,our future was not certain,so when a former colleague gave me a call,请我面试his new startup,我想我会试试看。.

当时,amid a national recession,and extreme risk aversion by our target customer base to test and deploy equipment from startups,我们每个季度都面临挑战,to say the least.On the marketing side,我们发现我们的预算压缩到接近零。and our options were increasingly limited.Our trade show and travel budget was eliminated.Our online advertising budget was deleted.我们甚至把我们的公关工作完全留在家里,paying only for the typical wire service fees,紧随其后的是来自我的战略电子邮件或电话催促我们成功的故事,或者试着让记者们不去想那些可怕的事情。.

The Friend Throws Me a Job Opportunity

Then came the phone call.A former director of product marketing who'd found a new home asked me to come in and interview for the role of digital marketing manager.I polished up the 188金宝博亚洲 and started the process - talking to the hiring manager by phone,and eventually coming in for an interview..

走进竞争对手的办公室和我工作的创业公司安静的像图书馆一样的鬼城有着截然不同的感觉。这一种鲜艳的色彩和新风险投资的新鲜气息,being bankrolled by one of the Valley's biggest names.The interviews went well,and I remember specifically driving them to be a pioneer in the space,使用Google's AdWords,当时这个行业是未开发的水域,and could be a fast way to get inexpensive leads..

A few days later,在星期五,我接到一个电话,and they wanted to move forward.I got the job.They wanted me to start as soon as possible,which put the ball in my court,to call HR and let my employer know I was leaving.所以第二天,星期六,我打电话给人力资源部副总裁,catching him at a kid's softball game.我告诉他我不想在我离开的时候做很多戏剧性的事,我只是想在那个星期的那个星期五完成。越早出门,the better.I was excited about moving on..


第二天早上,Sunday,我检查了我的工作邮件,看到了一个来自CEO的稀有消息。with a simple subject line:"please stay".The body of the message too was short,但他说他要去欧洲旅行,didn't want to lose me,并随时伸出手来。那很有趣。.

Later that day,the VP of HR emailed to say he wanted to talk that night.所以我等待他的电话。Overnight,我从两只脚走出家门,感觉自己像个低级的镣铐,变成了一个得到高级管理层关注的人。我的妻子,适当地,转动她的眼睛,and told me to be wary..

Which Direction to Take??

那天晚上,he called.It was after 10 in the evening,and I paced back and forth in my apartment kitchen,告诉他我们公司的情况,and recent changes in the marketing team,我只是没有看到我们成功的途径。引用布什的评论,当时我们在伊拉克开始战斗,我说,“Marketing needs a regime change.“几秒钟后,他用我从HR那里听到的最酷的一句话回答。“Louis,the missiles are in the air.““

From that moment,the tone changed - not from one where I was on the way out,但是在我说我需要坚持的地方,including the obvious meeting or exceeding in compensation,但额外的责任,and transfering to a new boss,我对他已经有了很大的尊重。.


这使得星期一尴尬。In addition to putting through my usual tasks,我再次与HR VP悄然相见,实际上我看到的每一个阻碍我留下来的路障都被撞倒了。我答应过工资匹配,标题更改,and a changed reporting structure.The people who had limited my ability to succeed were going to be out of the way.And all it took was my sending a note back to the competitor that I had rescinded the offer.我显然不能告诉他们为什么,but I had to let them know..

You read in career guidance books to never take the counter-offer.Despite any financial gains,the reason you were interested in leaving is usually still the same.人们通常是一样的。But I drafted a"对不起,但是。..“信寄出去了。这无疑使他们感到惊讶,它真的烧毁了我的朋友,who'd brought me in,as he left me a livid voice mail which landed me on his bad list for years to come..

And yes,I was immediately worried I'd flubbed the decision - especially as I saw this company eventually launch,put out their share of positive releases,在我们共同的活动中有炫耀的摊位。But their star faded,尽管我有更多的机会掌握我们的战略方向,通过新产品的引入,帮助公司走出困境,several cycles of upgrades,dramatic customer expansion and eventually,an IPO filing - although we never did quite make it..

The biggest surprise in all this,even during the darkest times for us as a company and as an industry wasn't that I could find a new role,或者一切都结束了,but that I had allies higher in the food chain than I had ever anticipated - people who agreed with my views,尊重我,让他们给我一个成功的机会。.

那些飞向空中的导弹?他们着陆了,最终,那些让我们减速,给我和公司带来障碍的人在别处找到了新的角色。至于那个几乎把我拉走的公司?他们从不公开,instead selling back to their primary investor.它们燃烧了一分钟,最终消失了。结果我做出了正确的选择。.

October 15,2013

You Don't Get Any Participation Medals for Just Showing Up

“I need some record of you being in this class,“hissed my 8th grade math teacher,看着我,指着我的低年级5%年级在他的课程在十个作业之后,这是班上最低的分数。My not so glowing 50 points out of a possible 1,000是很多天不交作业的产物。as my continued refrain of"我明天就去开始成为一个不可能解决的问题。.

每一天我都告诉自己,我最终会完成前一天的作业,罚我迟到,但我的一部分知道我只是整天漂泊,试着在考试中弥补。为了我,它证明我知道答案-传达掌握的主题。但对于我的成绩,it was proving that not only did I know the answers,but I was willing to do the work.只是露面是不够的。.

在过去的15年里,, I've been working in Silicon Valley,and I've encountered an incredible mix of people who perform as if they are on different gears.有些工作非常艰苦,and are driven to succeed at practically any cost,拒绝让传统的限制进入他们的道路。Others seem almost crestfallen if they can't keep up with those gracing magazine covers simply by being in the right place at the right time.And the truth is that life's not perfect.有一个技能和运气的交集经常看到。 糟糕企业的优秀员工因为他们的职业选择受到惩罚,而在令人难以置信的公司中,影响力较小的员工却能获得同事的工作成果。.

From the outside looking in,Silicon Valley might look like a technology-centric Disneyland,where the future can be experienced today,where dreams can get funded,and you can't walk down the sidewalk without knocking shoulders with millionaires.But every success story you read,and those people who become household names,他们是史蒂夫·乔布斯,Meg Whitman,Larry Ellison or Marissa Mayer,不是纯粹的运气的产物,but the application of effort against risk..

Risk Is Often Required If Something Is Worth Doing

I remember sitting around our corporate boardroom one afternoon ten or so years ago,as an account manager on our team explained why we had been unable to close a once-promising deal.他说,用一些焦虑来解释,“In his business,IT经理的工作是降低风险。At our stage,we're all about risk.“And it was true.While our more established competitors didn't have all the whiz-bang capabilities our devices did,what they did offer was a track record of success,integration with top partners,security,and all those things that moved risk out of the data center.We had to look elsewhere to find customers more willing to take a bit and absorb some risk,in exchange for our differentiation..

Which brings us back to"just showing up"..

I spent my first three years in the Valley working at two very small startups.The first didn't have any revenue,还有一些奇怪的想法。. 当创始人被放手的时候,姐妹公司让我留下来。,我们努力工作 bringing traditional office tasks to the Web.工作很好,and our customers liked our products,but we weren't growing fast enough.When we went out to raise a $10 million B round,we came up light,and that was the end of my tenure.但随着我们不断增长的增长,it seemed like everyone around us was going public,making money and buying homes - which to us was pure fantasy.Some of our best engineers took other jobs,并公开谈论他们所有的朋友致富时所感到的挫折,while we were still bringing our food in a bag lunch and eating at our desks..

即使在泡沫中,露面是不够的。At my next company,我在那里度过了8年我们有足够的尖峰和凹槽来填充一部小说。也许有一天我会写下来。We scored several rounds of venture funding,several rounds of layoffs,和 申请公开上市,一次也不,, but twice.公司 eventually sold for a good amount after I had left,但在一些暴发户从我们身边飞过之前,having much more profitable exits,at valuations anywhere from 4 to 5 what our exit had been.And while we could feel bad about not having hit a home run,我非常清楚我们这个行业的许多其他业已破产的人,or returned money to the original VCs,lacking a business model,and other former colleagues who had bounced from company to company in search of something that stuck..

I've always been raised with the mantra that nine out of ten startups fail.我看到了其他比例不同的数字,but the truth is that the overwhelming majority of small business concepts,even those with venture funding,不要有一个积极的出口,and it's a much rarer one that sees the founders and employees strike it big.对于每一个市场的感觉 Facebook,, 推特,, 一款图片分享应用,, 特斯拉or Spotify,you have scads of others with software products few wanted,or website plays that have seen their URLs turn into dead links..

在大竞赛中 攀比,especially in an area ripe with exceptional people who have impacted history,seeing others' success can make it seem easy.很容易创办一家公司。创业基金容易启动。Easy to find customers.很容易做任何事情。But it's not.我还记得那些来自全国各地的热衷于MBA的亿万富翁们的浪潮,只有当事情变得艰难时才会回来。And I remember the stories of former Business Development managers loading luggage at the airport when jobs were scarce.Success is not doled out equally and fairly,最好的产品和最好的人并不总是得到奖励。But the equation improves with incredible market study,exceptional effort,以及在适当的时候需要改变的自我意识。.

读一读世界上成功的人,就像我记得在大学里做的那样,checking out"“ 上帝与埃里森之间的区别“from the Berkeley city library.Do make yourself aware of their smart strategies and innovative products.但别忘了努力工作和努力所需的努力,成功的可能性更大。Or you'll be like I was in 8th grade -- getting dressed down publicly by my teacher who questioned why I was even there at all if I wasn't going to do the bare minimum..

188个有趣的娱乐节目:I worked at BlueArc from 2001-09 and owned options,以及在该公司的2005个AA轮收购的股票。These converted to shares when HDS purchased the company in 2011.. I currently work at Google,任何提及他们的竞争对手或合作伙伴只是故事的一部分,并没有故意偏袒。.


Balancing Act: Building for Both Future and Current Users

随着公司成熟并获得了安装的用户基础,继续进行增量和迭代的更新可以变得容易,这些更新带来了提高客户满意度的特性,but much more challenging to step outside the comfort zone and try something new.通常,除了少数例外,创造新的理念和市场,it takes new people and a new company with a new goal..

在硅谷,it's more accepted that you will challenge the status quo and take a higher level of risk.企业的创新能力通常是由他们花在研发上的多少来衡量的。但是,尚未推出的新产品往往会引起用户对今天带来收入的产品的关注。如何管理这种平衡准备未来的行为,在管理现在的时候,会对你的季度收益表产生重大影响,and how you're perceived by your customer base..

One of the most well-known quotes bandied about in front offices 来自体育传奇人物韦恩·格雷茨基,who said,“I skate to where the puck is going to be,not where it has been,“which can be boiled down to preparing your company and product line for future years,not for what's already happened.公司喜欢 Google(我工作的地方), 苹果,, 特斯拉and others are well known for creating new product lines for future customers and helping convince new audiences that their inventions will have an impact on their lives..

But to create new services best categorized as potential can come as risk if you take your eye off the ball and discard existing customers and their interests.I remember having a discussion with Apple's Ellen Hancock way back in 1997,when she was speaking at Berkeley's Macintosh Users' Group (BMUG).To hear her story,Apple,那时候麻烦缠身,有很大的计划来改造他们的操作系统 a next-generation OS called Copland,但没有计划对其现有产品进行一年多的更新。.

她的引文,从 my story in the Daily Cal那一天: “我说,'What do we have planned between July 1996 and December 1997??他们说:'Nothing...' I said,我认为这很奇怪,我们有2500万个用户;你不觉得他们想要什么吗?'"“

Somehow,in the excitement over Copland,Apple had asked their 25 million user installed base to wait around and be patient for them to get their act together.汉考克who no doubt painted her role as a glowing benefactor,pushed the company to make improvements to the aging Mac OS in parallel,bringing value to that installed base,while the company continued efforts on the future product that never did quite make it out the door.(Postscript: Hancock was later demoted by Apple CEO Gil Amelio and had run-ins with Steve Jobs,,according to the Wall Street Journal

在我自己的职业生涯中,I've seen this push/pull relationship between future product lines and enhancements to existing lines rear up regularly..

In my eight years working in Marketing at BlueArc,a network storage provider,from 2001-09,我经常发现我们实际上将所有的工程资源放在一条产品线上,而不是另一条。instead of assigning some product leads to one task and a second group to the other.我们会去“都在“on the high end product,发射它,and then turn around and go full bore on the low end product,and then repeat.There was no balance at all - the result of having a scarcity of people available and trying to compete with market heavyweights with significant resources..

In the meantime,while working on the successor to the current generation of hardware,our existing users practically served to annoy us with their problems which we hoped to eliminate once the new new thing came out.There always came a point in the support chain when we would find them an upgrade path to the next generation - if simply to alleviate the problems with the existing one..

甚至更早,when I was at 3Cubefrom 1999-2001,we had two product lines.一个是 a Web faxing servicethat wasn't sexy,但实际上带来了我们所有的收入,尤其是来自广播传真的客户。The second was a conference call and early stage Web meeting service.. As I highlighted way back in 2006,our meeting platform was the first volley into building an online office suite called OfficeCube.Our small engineering resources were all focused on this future product - to promote the next stage in our growth,even while our existing customers saw innovation in our core service stall.我记得,我们的业务发展和销售主管曾积极而令人沮丧地讨论过,他们恳求我们做点什么来推销我们赚钱的产品,going so far to call our future suite vaporware - which eventually turned out correct..

对于较小的公司,especially startups,where revenue has not materialized,a change in course to a future product is well-known as a pivot.It's easier to pivot when you're not walking away from an installed base and needing to have revenue each quarter than it is to tell an established company to change course.苹果公司从PC制造商到生活方式设备制造商的支点花了多年的时间和令人难以置信的努力,他们的成功是众所周知的,部分原因是它具有挑战性。Other companies previously well-known for their hardware and software leadership turn,like product managers going the VC route,in companies that live off service and consulting revenue instead..

The topic of branding and marketing is a long one,with libraries full of books on what defines a company's personality and culture.当我看到公司的品牌延伸时,我知道,我总是好奇他们在尝试什么——如果这个新产品是一个发展他们故事的行动,在不断增长的市场中攫取,a desire for an increased balance sheet,or if they can solve an issue for customers that nobody else can.When you start to tell your own customers that you represent something new now,他们对你的了解和对你的期望正在改变,you had better know you're making the right move,而不是放弃具体的东西,主要是潜在的。.

Usual 188金宝博官网登录:I work at Google,这是在各种各样的企业中。This isn't intended as a commentary on any of those projects.I don't currently own any stock in Apple or Tesla,but have before and might again if the price is right..

October 01,2013


苹果公司转变远离 Mac OS 9to Mac OS Xis more than a decade old at this point,这意味着整整一代计算机用户可能从未接触过“经典“Mac OS,which launched in 1984 and evolved for the next few decades before being put out to pasture..

我记得,as if it were yesterday,听到送货员敲门并留下一个装有Mac OS X 1零售盒的包裹,我感到非常高兴。0 on compact disc,它承诺完全改变我与我的电脑交互的方式,带着一种新的、现代的面貌,a new kernel and more..

It Looks Great,But What About Printing??

通过安装Mac OS X的第一个版本来生活在出血边缘意味着它有一些明显的漏洞。For one,I couldn't print.另一方面,我不会玩DVD。So while some of the features were exciting,这显然是有限的。These limitations,and general skittishness over new technology,导致许多人不立即进入Mac OS X -和一些软件开发人员,most notably Quark and Adobe,dragged their feet on committing to the new OS,等待市场需求。In the meantime,我们的用户不得不生活在一个“one foot in,one foot out"experience,with"经典“applications launching inside of Mac OS X,displaying the traditional Apple menu bar,the traditional Finder and all other bits one would expect from an older Mac..

This awkward time had developers forced to make a choice.他们会只为OS X创建应用程序吗?continue on a path of developing for OS 9,or ship both and risk a gap in features?是,pardon the pun,a classic dilemma of developing for a known and existing market,或者为将来的市场做准备。及时,经典褪色,和史蒂夫·乔布斯 famously holding a burial for it at the WorldWide Developers Conferencein 2002.所有的大卖主,从 土砖to 微软,为Mac OS X发货。打印机司机终于来了,就像运行DVD和做Mac OS 9所能做的一样。.

桌面是新的经典。Web是新的OS X。.

我觉得我们现在正处在发展的十字路口,at least on the desktop.作为全职 铬钼氧化物user,我从来没有在我的浏览器之外安装专有软件,但是我也不觉得我能做什么。我可以打印,使用 谷歌云打印to my Canon printer at home.I can play all my videos on 网飞公司or 谷歌游戏and my music through Spotifyor 谷歌音乐.I can run all my productivity apps on 谷歌硬盘,edit photos in PIXLRand so on.Even at a time when traditional operating systems are the significant market share leader,I think we've reached a point where developers looking to reach the widest numbers of potential users are better off making a product for the Web than they are by picking a desktop platform - and in those very rare cases where I find out an application needs to be downloaded to even run,我很惊讶。.

当你对抗网络的动力时,你输了。虽然这并不意味着地球上每个地方都有无处不在的高速宽带——远非如此——我确信我们正处在一个转折点,like all those Mac developers were 10+ years ago,在一个已知的平台或未知的平台之间,我们需要选择哪一个。And just like in the Mac OS X scenario,the Web as a platform may have a few holes,but the Web's modern browsers are becoming stronger and more robust at a pace I'd argue is outstripping improvements in our traditional desktops..
The Pixel is My Machine of Choice and It's All Web..

My Data Follows Me On Every Device..

In 2011,just after I joined Google,, I talked about how I used Chrome all day long,and used multiple browsers to separate my business profile and my consumer ID.Since then,I've moved completely to ChromeOS and Chrome has debuted on both Android and iOS,因此,你可以同步你的数据,几乎任何智能手机,永远不会错过一个步骤。密切合作 铬开发者关系team here at Google,I get to see the browser get faster,并成为一个更强大的平台,用于创建丰富的应用程序,具有出色的视频和声音。.

通过完全生活在网络上,as I mentioned last year in my post on the future of storage being none at all,任何有Web访问的计算机都是我的计算机。Hardware is simply a conduit for my access to my data and my preferences.一旦我通过浏览器登录到我的帐户,我应该能够在我离开的地方拾起,我不应该基于任何客户端软件或插件可能或可能不安装在这台机器上。.

Pick the Platform for the Future..

Hindsight is 20/20,of course,and we have the benefit of history to fall back on,which clearly shows developers were right to present a fast track for migration away from the creaky OS 9 and start coding for OS X.While Apple's incredible success over the last six-plus years especially has been due to the company's work on iPhones and iPads,had Mac OS X never delivered on its promise,the company would certainly be a shadow of itself.The direction to a more modern OS proved to be the right one..

Now,again,we have a choice - to a more modern platform with more opportunity for a rapidly-evolving set of users for whom the Web and anytime access are a given,几乎所有的时间都花在浏览器上。将开发者作为一个不太知名的路径,可能会涉及一些风险,but unlike that time at the beginning of the last decade,you don't need the overwhelming majority of a small market base to upgrade and get to your product.Most of those online are already there - and they want your app..

Usual 188金宝博官网登录:Yes,I work for Google.I work in Developer Relations and think about this stuff a lot.这并不意味着我对我们真正的或假定的竞争对手有任何偏见。.


两段,a Link,一片尘土

Our platforms,以及它们的局限性,are changing the way we communicate.Rather than accommodating the many ways we as humans like to share and engage with others,我们使用的大多数在线服务限制了我们能分享多少,项目如何上演,and how easily others can discover or respond..

同时 推特140个字符平台只是这些硬限制中最著名的一个,there is an easily observable trend away from long-form content,分析与对话,and more toward a brief moment with an ephemeral interaction.Blogs are one of the last outlets we have where the container,像液体一样,expands to contain all into it which is poured,虽然大多数其他商店经常试图让我们成为某样东西,但我们不是摄影师。clever headline writers or meme artists..

我们已经从1000多个单词筛选和几十个有争议的评论一个项目,通过搜索发现一个永久性的,instead to a moment in a stream that is significantly less relevant tomorrow or next week than it is today.We're valuing our content not in real activity,但在微观活动中,如果是+1s,喜欢,转发或收藏夹。We're trading points and counterpoints for vague notions of follower counts and popularity..

While it can be a challenge to regularly upkeep an outlet like a blog or a news magazine,考虑这个内容的持久性和可发现性。One can,with a little effort,read an author's life as it changes,by poring through the archives.作者可以链接到前面的点和位置,为一个想法做更深层的解释,表现出思想的一致性或进化性。And permalinks can serve as the point of engagement for us to talk something into the ground,or its natural conclusion - whatever comes first..

Consider,if you would,the last really important Tweet or Facebook邮政或 LinkedInupdate that you either made or saw.Where would that Tweet stand in the halls of history?While real-time is an amazing tool for the right now,它通常不是一个伟大的工具,为以后或永远。除了在电视上潜入世界的集体思想外,没有其他的解决办法。sports and shared experiences,but it lacks for completeness..

Yet that's where practically all our effort is going..

The most visible entrants and quickly adopted mediums in the social sphere over the last few years are not centered around long-form content.. 一款图片分享应用,for the most part,is a photo sharing site with social interaction.. Tumblr,尽管可以选择更长的内容,is usually a collection of photos or short excerpts -- links to links with the content on the other side.. WhatsApp阅后即焚are different beasts altogether,专注于当下,with the content never intended to have any true longevity..

So our thoughts and our communications are being forced into these neatly approved buckets,围绕介质的呈现。If you know your network looks best with a headline,a few hashtags,一句话,that's all you'll do.如果你知道 it's a beautiful photo with three words at the top,that's what you'll do.Maybe you can make an infographic or a meme out of it and be the most shared image of the moment,只会在第二天消失。.

这就是为什么我对这些计划持乐观态度的原因。 Ev Williams的媒介作品,如在一个专用件中概述的 TechCrunchtwo weeks ago.We've also seen interesting attempts from Dustin Curtis' Svbtle network- a very well designed platform with hand-selected authors.I don't yet have accounts with either,as I'm quite loyal to my +博客平台和集成谷歌+评论,but both services seem to be fighting against the stream,so to speak,helping people with longer thoughts share in a better looking way..

I believe as social participants,我们可以而且应该比用几句话做得更好,一个总结链接的推特,或者有标题和段落的帖子。它可能现在就满足了,short attention span theater,but if that's all we have,then what do we tell history that we've done?我们是否建议未来回首这个时代的人们下载我们存档的社交流以便更好地了解我们是谁?如果他们摸索我们的自动筛选照片,了解我们的艺术品味,or see how many likes a post got to determine its impact??

I would hope we're not letting the containers impact our ability to share the entirety of the message.这就是为什么我有很多其他工作要做的原因,, the blog continues to be my foundation in a world of streams,which I first wrote more than four years ago and stand by.所以,如果你最喜欢的社交场合开始减少你表达自己的方式,把它带到别的地方去。Don't cut yourself short,and become dust in the wind..

常用镗孔188我在工作 Googleon Developer Relations.我的大部分工作都在YouTube视频上,short and long.This blog runs on Blogger and integrates Google+ comments.The post is not intended as a post in favor of or against our products or competitors' products.I also like writing long 188金宝博官网登录..

September 19,2013

Our Fragile Web of Dead Domains and Lapsing Links

为了我们所有的谈论 how much information is produced every year,以及如何 我们生命中的每一小块都被分享了and instantly discoverable,令人惊讶的是,在网上找到信息是多么困难,就在五年前的最初状态let alone ten or fifteen..

当我们曾经被传说中 互联网如何抵御核战争,由于冗余和地理备份的复杂结构,简单的人类错误,conflated with the occasional act of malice,have reduced our expectation that data,once posted,will be forever stable..

I believe strongly in the concept of the cloud,和 几乎把我所有的数据都搬过来了,relying on a cloud-centric laptop each day and saving my files in the cloud.但并不是每个人都像我一样谨慎地选择供应商和维护平台和域名,and it's not too uncommon for entire sites and bookmarks to vanish from the Web,仅用 Archive.org其他聪明的逃窜者留下来讲述这个故事。.

在这听起来像一个肮脏的故事或反网页筛选从嵌入在网络上的人,让我给你举个具体例子。Imagine,if you would,a unique URL pointing back to the original dotcom boom - a simple one like.. com.com.不,我没有打过两次。The domain com.com长期拥有 CNET,part of CBS Interactive.While CNET has undergone a number of owners over the decades since its launch,it's also seen extreme variance in how they marketed their main site and URLs.For those of us who just wanted the news,it was 新闻。com.后来的新闻。com would redirect to 新闻。Cnet.com,as it does today..


But at one point,新闻。com redirected to 新闻。com.com,and for whatever reason,这是我从浏览器到浏览器多年来一直遵循的书签。Suddenly,几个月前,this bookmark stopped working,instead showing me a directory of links,看起来像一个寮屋抓住了网址,并接管了它。. Archive.org显示相同.新闻。com.COM工作,然后在七月。..it stopped redirecting.那太烦人了。While it's simple enough for me to update my bookmark,毫无疑问,我是少数保持该URL的用户,to have a potentially high profile URL like.com.com什么都不做。..seems foolish..

但现在是旧新闻了。com.com URL is Pure Rubbish

Enough about.com.com.What's just as frustrating at times is the short shelf life for links and images from years past.我自己的博客已经有七多年的历史了,and in the 3,000个左右的职位,我从开始,每个人都有很多联系。As companies come and go,他们的网站和他们的子页面的链接消失了。News media sites,which one would hope would present a timeless archive,a long tail of information to the truth seekers out there,往往是最坏的罪犯,as articles of a certain date fall behind a paywall,or site platforms change,forever hijacking link structure and rendering previous links inept..

One of the biggest regrets I have,as far as the web is concerned is one that +Ryan Tate(现在) +有线和我分享。In the Web's more prehistoric times,back in the late 1990s,he and I both worked at the Daily Californian student newspaper at +UC Berkeley.我们俩都写了几百个新闻故事,covering everything from student elections to campus crazies and the occasional homicide.But at one point,after I'd left the paper,我们的网站被黑客攻击/破坏了,and all the existing content was lost - shockingly without backup.所以超过99%的数据已经消失了,and one will either have to travel to the Berkeley campus and pick up a hardbound paper to see our work,或者就这样消失了。15年后,我的故事很少值得一读。它们是我个人的(和工作)历史的一部分,很少有记录。.

From writing on actual death to link death...while CNET's link lapse with.com.com是一个惊喜,可能是因为销售,to be used by an unknown acquirer,or simple neglect.Worse is when one sees links automatically shortened,只为URL缩短器消失,或用于主机服务,以使其他短链接无效。同时 I've made my case for URLs to look good and be intuitive,we've gotten used to seeing smaller URLs,最好的例子是T。一氧化碳从 推特,helpful on their service,和咕一起。gl from Google,, bit.ly,以及其他。但是通过购买短网址服务,你需要它由原来的所有者和所有的桌子保持完整。So for those of us who long shared with ff.im from 友谊饲料,it is by the grace of Facebook那些旧东西还在,and practically nobody would be surprised if they went the way of the dodo in the next couple years..

My argument is that the Web should be built for permanence.A link I post today should be a link that works later.A permalink to a dedicated page with content should produce that same content,even if the surrounding frame has been upgraded,未来。And short links and domains should behave in a trustworthy,用户友好的方式。It would be a minor tragedy if the start page you use daily suddenly became something else,and a larger one if the domain on which you host your personal stories simply closed shop because the host didn't find it financially feasible to keep going any more.因此,尽管网络的魔力是真实的,有时你似乎可以在那里找到任何东西,然后马上得到它,assuming speedy broadband,the gaps have me thinking we can do better.And yeah +CNET,what's up??


共享的项目可能已经消失,but the LG Stream is Back

Longtime blog readers and social connections know that for years,one of my most fulfilling actions on the Web has been the ability to act as a human filter,每天通过数百种饲料,与你分享最好的食物,具有 Google阅读器作为我的工作台,我的共享项目是我的成品。With a simple share,读者中的追随者,but also those subscribed on 友谊饲料,, Google Buzz推特,could see my hand-selected picks..

When Google Reader changed its sharing model back in October 2011,not to mention the general demise of most aggregators,这条溪流有点停止了。阅读饲料成了孤独的行为,和 读者现在退休了,人们可以很容易地预料到旧的分享方式已经完全消失了。But with a cobbling together of a few products,and thankfully,对RSS等标准的持续支持,I was able to reboot the"LG Stream",as friend + Thomas Power早就提到它了,你可以再次订阅我在网上搜索的帖子,从技术博客和其他领域获得一个精心策划的选择。And again,, 你可以跟随你喜欢的RSS阅读器中的流or 在推特上..

In a post Google Reader world,这就是它的运作方式,and how you can do the same,你是否应该感兴趣。.

First,I,, like many others,移动我的RSS提要(通过OPML)到 Feedly.I've had a more than five year relationship with Feedlyand the team behind it,and have found it quite useful,with the same familiar keyboard shortcuts I liked in Reader,一个快速的接口。.


Second,I created 小额账户to essentially bookmark the top stories I found as they happened.这两者都可以通过 built-in integration Pocket has with Feedly Pro,我买的,or 通过Chrome扩展.Given I use ChromeOS all day,I've got Pocket a click away all day..

Pocket Captures All My Select Favorite Items

Third,one benefit of Pocket is that it automatically creates an RSS feed for your account.All I had to do was enable the feed to be a public feed to start treating it like any other stream.( 下面是怎么做的

Feeding my LG Stream to Twitter is Twitterfeed..

第四,我拿走了RSS源,and connected it to 双向馈电,and told Twitterfeed to regularly poll the feed for updates,and push new items to Twitter at my new account,at @物流..

Practically the only downside is the non immediacy of posts being shared with Twitter,因为Twitter Fube默认每三十分钟更新一次。This can mean that it sends updates in batches of 2 or 4 or however many new items I've Pocketed in the last half hour,corresponding,通常情况下,with my last sync-up with Feedly.But as with Google Reader's shared items,人类过滤流的递送就在那里。.

对于那些不了解我过滤行为的人,my goal's not to push any corporate agenda,and my biases are clear.与流行的聚合器相比,I won't be sharing rumors and spy pics and salacious gossip.我特别不打算分享谣言。 Google,迷惑每一个可能分享我的人意味着背书或确认。That'd be a bad idea,很明显。但你会发现,我看到的最重要的1%件物品,我觉得有趣的是技术创新的混合,新闻,social best practices,and thought leadership.My bias is intrigue and quality.多年来,在谷歌阅读器时代,我听说人们没有时间阅读他们所有的食物,但他们总是读我分享的东西。.

所以我们回来了,thanks to Feedly,Pocket,FeedBurner and Twitterfeed.. You can subscribe to the new LG Stream on RSSor 通过Twitter.And for those asking about Google+integration,the service doesn't support feed imports,so there is not yet an equivalent.

常用镗孔188 我在谷歌工作的开发者关系。.可能或不可能,可能不会影响,any of my comments related to real or perceived competition or partners for any of our products and services..