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Time Shifting In a World of Realtime

Nearly three short years ago,the buzz word du jour in tech was"“实时”.Real time discovery.Real time search.实时偶然发现。The explosion of interest in social sharing tools like 推特,, Facebookand FriendFeed(remember this was early 2009) had people (包括我自己)) saying that"Delayed news will no longer be acceptable for early adopters,who will gravitate to the quickest sources of news,wherever they may be."In practice,虽然这有时是真的,I've found a completely divergent innovation to play as big a role in the way I (and others) consume news content and entertainment - that of time shifting,which has remained valuable at a time when most real-time search engines have pivoted or vanished..

Best exemplified by TiVoand other DVRs,preceded by the creaky VCR,the act of consuming media at a time much after its initial airing is so commonplace that live viewings are so uncommon that friends often tiptoe around current storylines for top shows.在一些社会圈子里,只有最破戏剧系列获得“day it actually aired"treatment - like 破坏,, Dexteror Homeland,while everything else goes to TiVo,to be consumed later.(显然,昨晚我看到了Dexter和祖国的赛季结局。

新闻,with some exceptions,can be similarly stored away for later viewing,be it through RSS readers or on your social network of choice.千万不要粘在实时流上,以免漏掉任何东西。Instead,RSS阅读器捕获你自己挑选的链接,准备好了,当你有机会的时候,不一定与他们发布的时间有关。.

On the big screen,电影可能会在一个巨大的开放周末。but with consumers having so many options for entertainment sources,it's common to see people mention they'll"wait for Netflix",可能会有几个月或几年的时间,内容节省几美元,同时也能在自己家里得到舒适的观看。如果你发现自己突然对某个节目感兴趣,你的朋友们已经看了几季了,don't fret,as you can,在几乎所有的情况下,catch up - tapping into many options,是他们吗 网飞公司,, 葫芦,, Xfinity,, iTunesor Android Market..

This fall,, I made it a personal mission to watch all of Mad Men,after hearing people go on and on about its quality.I powered through it with many late-night Netflix marathons.After finally ordering Showtime,我赶上了这个赛季的Dexter在XFIENTY,and then did the same for Homeland.如果我妻子错过了她最喜欢的节目,she can do the same,tapping into the various video repositories on the web,including the big three networks,typically slower to adapt to the innovation of the web..

I watch my evening talk shows 3 to 5 in a row,from 乔恩斯图尔特to Conan,fast forwarding through commercials and skipping uninteresting guests - efficiently getting the best and skipping the rest.It's almost the same approach I take to 我的RSS阅读器or activity on the social networks,skimming,阅读,clicking and leaving no prisoners.即使我不经常联系,and I do a good job of getting close,我不觉得有什么失去的感觉。.

突发事件的实时反应,kicked off by an initial discovery,然后在搜索引擎和社交媒体上喋喋不休,can't be duplicated by time shifted content,but for most buckets of content,be they text,audio or video,the drive to be first and in the mix of the story as it is interpreted and curated,不是必需的。Advents in information and content sharing over the last few years have instead made"on demand"a reality,getting me what I want when I want it,not when someone else decides for me..

March 13,2010

Users vs.Companies: Conflicts over the Real-Time Web??

If 2009 was the year of real-time Web,实际上,每一个主要的服务都会立即找到给用户带来内容的方法。2010 is about optimizing the new real-time world,expanding interoperability between sites,寻找更多的方法来发现用户的内容,and taking the potential of real-time out of the status world and into the real world.今天,在 South by Southwest Interactiveevent in Austin,德克萨斯州,one panel asked if we were making serious progress in this vision,and if companies,feeling increased competitive pressures,are short-changing users in the process..

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb,who moderated the panel,featuring representatives from Collecta,, 谷歌,, 狗哇啦网站and 微软,said"the real-time Web is a big,complex and multi-headed beast,"adding,"almost as many people you talk to on the subject will give a different perspective.""

对大多数人来说,the real-time Web represents reducing latency from the time updates are published and when they are experienced practically to zero.This can be anything from updates from blogs to downstream aggregators and RSS feed readers,status updates from social networks to other points in the ecosystem,or instant alerts from the Web at large that a saved search you requested has found a positive match..

But one of the existing problems with the real-time Web that has occurred is that despite the focus by many services to solve the same problem,many have done so without delivering true data interoperability - and other services are trying to solve for real-time without having full access to users' public data..

"回到白天,you couldn't send e-mail from AOL to Compuserve,and today,你不能从谷歌BuZZ发送数据给脸谱网,"谷歌App Engine团队的Brett Slatkin说,and co-author of Pubsubhubbub."Part of what we are trying to work on is breaking down these barriers that connect to different sites.If I am on Buzz and Marshall is on Identica and Jack is on Twitter,我们都应该能够沟通。""

Standards have evolved in the real-time Web space,from OAuth to PubSububbub,WebFinger and Salmon ( 这里记录),but that's not to say there aren't still heated debates over these standards,甚至应该支持哪种版本的标准。( See this article for a discussion of OAuth 2.零

"我努力成为一个务实的人,and when I hear about a family of specifications,it sounds like a family of work,"微软的奥巴桑乔说。"There is clearly a place where we have a common pain that we can work on.There is a bunch of shared pain,and the way you have to get real-time service is to work on APIs,and that is a clear starting point for standards.Pubsubhubbub can help solve that problem,but I get concerned when you have to implement certain specs to solve that problem.""

"These specifications we agree on should be useful on their own,"Slatkin回答说。"当实现像HTML这样的规范时,you are not buying into an ideology.""

As the real-time Web's protocols are debated and deployed,so too does the application of these services.. Google Buzzand Facebookhave received scrutiny for their aggressiveness in converting assumed private data to public,and 网飞公司recently canceled an algorithm development contest thanks to concerns of assumed privacy violations..

"谈论隐私时,马上,不幸的是,社交网络市场正在衰退,他们没有鼓励用户隐私的动机,"奥巴桑乔说。"I am waiting to see when people find what they thought were private updates as part of trending topics on Google and Bing.Users and companies are in conflict.""

奥巴桑乔给出了Twitter需要用户公开的例子,以便将价值驱动到系统中。After all,if users were all private,不会有趋势的话题,因此,Twitter的最佳利益是公开更新。"There is a factor that if a user wants to be private,它从系统中减去值,"他说。.

Beyond these concerns,known benefits of the real-time Web are scratching the surface of what could be done with more expanded to real-time data from other sources,it was argued.Slatkin forecast a time where you could query supply chains for inventory and purchase locally instead of from Amazon.com,turning economies of scale on their head.Gowalla的ScotRaymond谈到将实时Web技术与地理数据相交以显示趋势位置和当前热门的派对,by decaying the relevance of checkins over time.Jack Moffitt,CTO of Collecta,said a development environment for new tools and applications that leveraged zero latency was becoming"very interesting"..

"All these guys are working on realizing the potential right now,working on real-time data,"柯克帕特里克说。"Brett Slatkin said it was important people focus on the unforseen future that systems we worked on to support undiscovered use cases - things are going to get real crazy real soon.""

Web-wide adoption of RSS and Atom standards has eliminated the problem of publishers providing their data,and tools like Pubsubhubbub are working to get data from one site to another faster."轮询没有伸缩性,你需要一个推送通知来传递它。It's possible we will have multiple winners,and we have to consider privacy considerations that people won't want their data available to everyone,"said Moffitt..

The element of real-time is being layered across the Web,and it seems to be happening even if developers aren't completely in agreement over the tools needed to optimize the experience or if the debates on privacy versus public data are solved.而且有大量的空间可以实时地生长在状态空间之外,并进入更传统的市场。问题是开发者能提供没有用户运行到FCC的解决方案吗??



正如Twitter承诺的 回到十二月at LeWeb,the company has now extended access to the firehose,the full feed of public tweets,一个完整的合作伙伴-超越搜索领袖的初始交易 Yahoo!!,, 谷歌and 微软.The partners announced todayinclude personal favorites Twazzup,, Collectaand 科索姆,让Twitter更多地进入平台而不是目的地。.

Twitter,through its continued rise in traffic,use and the public consciousness,has seen the data flowing through its system grow increasingly valuable,as the company aims to live up to its lofty goal as the pulse of the planet.这个丰富的数据集,now open for partners to tap into,can potentially rival traditional search engines in terms of value,特别是实时反应和情感分析发挥作用。.

Kosmix,个性化报纸服务背后,, Meehive,在自己的搜索工具上扩展主题页面,wrote to say,"Having full access to the entire tweet streams will give us the chance to surface all relevant and interesting information on what is buzzing on the Web for any given topic.""

Financial deals were not disclosed by Twitter,or by its partners,but the company looks to have found a way to recognize revenue and gain income off of the public stream.In this age of real-time data,the faster and more relevant,the better.That Twitter is letting more of its secret sauce spread across the Web will make it harder for other sites,即 Facebook,看起来敏捷。.

Disclosure:Kosmix has previously done business with Paladin Advisors Group,我在哪里 新媒体董事总经理..


Collecta Delivers Real-Time Search for MySpace

Any time I hear the word MySpace,我的内鬼咳嗽,眼睛有点滚动。But to other geeks,who recognize the social network's 75 million users are posting a significant amount of increasingly rich media every day,the ability to harness this flow of updates and find information sounds like a true tech challenge worth pursuing.. Collecta,a real-time search engine best known for indexing Twitter search,博客帖子,photos and videos,this morning has introduced 一个专门针对聚友网的站点搜索引擎,pushing their discovery engine toward what CEO Gerry Campbell called"a different vibe and message than any other service.""

MySpace,part of News Corp.,while languishing in comparison to the juggernaut of Facebook和怪胎嬉皮 推特and others,has become something of a hangout for creative artists and consumers,给网站大量的图片,videos and text flowing through the network.除了这些数据之外,one of MySpace's hallmarks (or quirks) has been its mood features,一种非常有趣的语言方式,用各种乱放的大写字母,caps lock and exclamation points.结果是坎贝尔称之为“monstrous"和“rich"..

2009,如上所述 in the wrapup of my predictions post进入年初,real-time became legitimized.In a conversation I had with Campbell yesterday in advance of this announcement,他说:“people are beginning to expect data is fresh and hot,"adding"We see this as the fabric of the Web."CaleCa的使命是不仅在主站点上增加交通量,at Collecta.com,but to enable site-specific searches for other brands to bring real-time search to their content.The first trial was with branded 标识。ca search,and the second is with MySpace,which you can find at http://myspace.收集。com/..

MySpace Search,Powered by Collecta

"We have,since the inception of Collecta,said our destination site is important to us,但同样重要的是,我们的战略是确保其他人谁可以利用实时平台可以养活我们,or in other cases,they can start with a finite set of data,我们可以打开一个完整的,streaming,bells and whistles site,to tap into the vibrancy and excitement of the community,"Campbell said yesterday..

在多个实时搜索引擎的世界中,对于典型的访问者来说,难以区分。Lumped in with 奥尼里奥,, Twitter Search,, Topsyand others,Collecta is trying to present more than just the newest results,with Twitter dominating,but to also present hot topics in context.网站的首页,在他们的聚友网搜索中回响,highlights a photo,一个故事,an update,and a comment,从实时Web。.

当涉及到情绪时,聚友网上的热门话题变得特别有趣,给人一种非常情绪化的感觉。In response to the failed airplane bombing on Christmas,the response on MySpace was very guttural,as moods displayed just how MySpace's members were taking the news.在更积极的消息中,you can see reactions to movies or music,比如“Avatar"( See MySpace search for Avatar Movie) and get moods displayed alongside the messages,ranging from shocked,激发灵感,rejuvenated and impressed..

MySpace Moods and Updates Around the Avatar Movie

Lest we get too caught up in the frequent hype around Twitter,the site's messaging traffic is still measured in the tens of millions per day,坎贝尔报告说,聚友网的流量要高得多。当你考虑这个数字中有多少个Rewitts时,差异就更大了。.

MySpace Updates and Moods on the iPhone

To separate the signal from the noise on sites like MySpace and Twitter,Collecta正在努力将传统新闻源和博客的集中内容也包括在内——努力维护单个博客帖子的完整性,该博客帖子可能有几十个转发。One approach the company has taken is to have a human editor work to curate the data,and then try to match that activity through algorithms..

虽然我们中的许多人可能从未注册过聚友网帐户,or logged into our long-since dormant accounts,the information and moods flowing through the new Collecta-powered MySpace search is very interesting,and a good proofpoint for the real-time search engine pointing to a new data set.在这里检查: http://myspace.收集。com/


Real-time Search: What's Most Important Now,Not Most Accurate

This afternoon,at TechCrunch's Real-Time Crunchup event,representatives from many of the innovators in the real-time search space had a quick round table aimed at furthering the discussion,由主持人Erick Schonfeld提出的问题,who said that some on the panel may believe real-time search is defined by Twitter Search,while others believe it is"everything on the Internet,but with a freshness or recency component".And while many different companies,including the standard-bearers,like 谷歌and 微软,are looking to take on this new challenge,他们是如何做的有很大的不同。.

Danny Sullivan,author of Search Engine Land,说,"We need better definitions of what it is,so as consumers and users,we understand what we are interacting with.Through Twitter and a few other services,you have the option to publish in a few seconds.Maybe you call it social sharing search."(He also posted a summary of the players last night

一些参与者可以通过他们的数据通过Twitter发起的百分比来定义。and how they worked with the data,包括过滤。.

"我会把它定义为人们实时谈论我的话题,"Gerry Campbell说 Collecta."It's not what is most important,but it's what is in real time now.""

This bifurcation of the"one right answer",经常被现有的搜索领导者支持,对最正确的“now"is helping to separate the old school search engines from this new breed.But don't think that the more-established companies are taking this lying down..

谷歌的Matt Cutts,who has been at the company since 2000,said"we have always talked about freshness of content."He relayed a history of his time at Google,说他们曾经有过“war room"of how they could refresh their search index as frequently as a month.By 2003,该公司已从每月更新到每日更新,几年后,in 2007,integrated the company's Blog Search product into its main search results."我们把我们的系统重新设计得尽可能的近,"Cutts说。.

As updates flow in at an ever-increasing pace from all corners of the Web,search engines have the daunting task of getting accurate responses out there,while ignoring off-topic or harmful data,such as spam.而那些设法得到正确公式的人将比那些不善于过滤的人有一个沉重的负担。making their results more noise than signal..

"从火炉里喝水是滴答作响的定时炸弹。"said Kimbal Musk of 奥尼里奥."即使通过过滤伊朗大选的90%,你只会得到一小片,其中的一部分是垃圾邮件。If you don't filter content,you are going to get more and more spam."He later added,"If you stick to Twitter alone,你会有一个充满垃圾邮件和偏见的数据集。""

With Twitter's API getting to a point where more and more companies are relying on it as their engine and data source,每一个都是一个公共数据集的工作,它们如何与信息交互将产生差异。是的,微软或谷歌可能会给你一个最准确的结果,but not for this moment,and not with any kind of impact from your friends or in terms of how that data is being interacted with in real time..

Sean Stutcher 微软清楚地表明,这一信息正变得越来越重要。saying,"The sentiment around a link could be changing,and that might become very relevant to a user.""

In an isolated search world,where an index is an index and the right answer is the right answer,that might not matter.但实时地,it could matter immensely.As each of these companies works through their user interfaces,their data sets,and improves filters and social aspects,看看他们是如何从包装中分离出来的,帮助他们确定目标是非常有趣的。.