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My Top Ten Favorite Google Products (2011)

Google makes a ton of products.Almost two years ago,thinking about it,I posted my top ten Google products at the time.Google Reader was #1,Blogger was #2 and FeedBurner was #3.Since then,G+ has come into play,I switched to Android and Chrome is on fire.It's time for a rewrite..

来自9月的原始文章。2009: My Top Ten Favorite Google Products

Here's what I would list now.Eager to hear your own top 3,5,or even 10..
  1. Google+(Obviously,this is my start page,I am here constantly)
  2. Android(The mobile OS runs my favorite tablets and phones)
  3. Google ChromeOS(Living in the cloud is a game changer)
  4. Blogger(The easiest,most flexible and stable blogging platform)
  5. Google Reader(Still the best place to follow hundreds of sites in one place)
  6. Google Search(寻找任何东西的黄金标准)
  7. Gmail(最后是我的默认邮件,and archive.Buzz is a plus.)
  8. FeedBurner(把我的博客带到其他网站,powered by Pubsubhubbub)
  9. Google Voice(Syncs my phone to the Web with auto-blocking of spam calls)
  10. YouTube(If it happened and is worth watching,it's here.现在也有电影!)
Things have obviously changed in just two years.安卓,ChromeOS,Google Voice and Google+ were not on my radar much only a short time ago,and now they're essential.Curious to your own insight and what major services (Analytics,Maps,Earth,etc.) I missed..

/via my Google+ Profile..

December 24,2009

My 2009 Tech Predictions: Mixed,But Nailed Real-Time

Another yearly tradition here on 188金宝搏.追随去年 10 Predictions for 2009 In the World of Tech(和) its 2008 predecessor)it makes sense to review how we fared.Recall my 2008 predictions were a complete mess.Unlike some other bloggers,who opt to pick non-controversial items and guess at obvious developments,我喜欢每年都玩得开心。That's why I'll never go ten for ten.Besides,that's no fun..

As of Christmas Day 2009,here are how those ten predictions in the world of tech stand:

1) The Real-Time Web Will Become Critical for News and Information Discovery

Right..Critical is a subjective word,but real-time ended up being the word of the year in 2009.It was in real-time that the world shared their reactions to the Obama inauguration,并分享对伊朗选举的反馈。我们实时看到飞机在哈得逊河着陆,with a picture posted to TwitPicalongside.While it is true that Twitter and other real-time mechanisms lack the fact-checking and robustness of more traditional media,there were many many cases that had CNN and others following real-time's lead.Real-time later became such a big deal it was integrated into Google Search and Bing,so this was a clear win..

2) Businesses Will Be Expected to Be On Social Media If They Have Web Sites

Right..In 2009,the majority of businesses woke up to social media.虽然毫无疑问有很多人反对,and even a bigger number doing a poor job,2009 was the year that companies realized you could get business done on Facebook,Twitter and other networks.There is still much work to be done,but with tens of thousands of self-proclaimed social media experts out there,还有一些真正的帮助,其他人会跃跃欲试。.

3) Apple Will Introduce A Succession Plan for Steve Jobs as CEO

Wrong..And it's too bad!While Steve Jobs was out due to liver surgery,his position was well covered by Tim Cook,苹果的COO。Cook在公司缺席期间做了这么好的工作。the company's stock is at all-time highs,and its cash hoard is multiples greater than it was at the beginning of the year,even during a global recession.It could be assumed that had Steve Jobs passed away in 2009,Cook would have maintained control - and it would make sense that Apple have an internal plan for how Steve would fade to the limelight..

这就是说,I would still love it even more if Steve Jobs were proven immortal..

4) TechCrunch Will Acquire VentureBeat or Silicon Alley Insider

Wrong..In 2009,, TechCrunch instead acquired only one writer,MG Siegler,from VentureBeat,and MG has gone on to be one of the most recognizable faces for the site.In parallel,Silicon Alley Insider went to more of a copy and paste model,and carries many of TechCrunch's articles in excerpt form,making the whole thing more confusing.But TechCrunch didn't find any need to acquire either site and continues in its highly visible position..

5) Android Will Have Less than 20% the Sales of iPhone in 2009

Right..(除非有人能证明不同)尽管今年下半年Android的新闻和手机介绍激增,including new models from HTC and Motorola,Apple's iPhone still outsold Android in a big way through the year.Though figures are difficult to get for the newest models,这一趋势表明Android在市场份额上占有优势,他们的组合似乎并没有超过今年iPhone的20%。2010 will no doubt be a different story..


是非。.FeedBurner finally got its act together with Google this year,adopting Pubsubhubbub,and rebranding under the corporate name.In parallel,, FeedBlitz launched a serious competitor to FeedBurnerwhich could replace the service outright.It hasn't been a"major"alternative,but absolutely works if you prefer it..


Wrong..FriendFeed's sale to Facebook took many of its hard-core users by surprise,and its no doubt that many are still reeling,unsure what will happen to the popular aggregator and social network.That I linked FriendFeed and Twitter together in my prediction is unfortunate,as Twitter not only remained independent,but flourished,raising more than $100 million,and ensuring profitability,by some reports,thanks to deals with Google and Microsoft.The company's $1 billion valuation makes it a difficult target for acquisition indeed by any potential suitors..

8) Companies Will Continue Budget and Staff Cuts Through the Third Quarter of 2009

Right..While recent months have seen isolated good news,especially in some parts of Silicon Valley,for the most part,companies have kept their belts tight,and unemployment remains high.While the dramatic job cutting that took place from late 2008 to mid 2009 has slowed,the recovery is not yet in perfect view..

9) An Extremist Group Will Manage to Take Down or Deface the White House Web Site

Wrong..Luckily,I was wrong about this.I don't believe that some groups out there would like to make this happen,but thus far,the White House Web Site has made it through the year unscathed.Of course,对于Twitter的好友来说,这是我们不能说的。who just a week ago were defaced by an Iranian Cyber group..

10) eTrade,Digg,绊脚石Skype and Yahoo!Will All Be Sold..

Wrong.(But A Little Right)Again,我一下子把所有这些公司联系起来都失败了。eTrand和Digg保持独立,and Yahoo!设法放弃它的名字,尽管放弃搜索到微软。Skype was sold,and StumbleUpon similarly was sold,back to its private investors.In my prediction last year,我说,“eBay will want to ditch its non-core assets like StumbleUpon and Skype"是的,that happened,but we did not see the list of companies change hands as I had expected..

My 2008 predictions,2007年底制作的,saw a massive 1 1/2 answers correct out of 10.Contrasted with that year,I did a little better in this calendar year,especially when it came to the expectations around the economy,real-time,and social media.但我的分数仍然低于50%,4比1/2对。We'll see how I do for 2010 when that post rolls around..

December 22,2009

For All the Gloom Around RSS,读者不断攀登

Skimming many of the leading technology outlets,you would think RSS had given up its ghost,making way for new services,like Twitter.Just this week,ReadWriteWeb claimed RSS阅读器市场处于“disarray"“继续“decline".This came after a summer in which TechCrunch IT's Steve Gillmor declared RSS dead and 建议它“rest in peace"“and others 沟槽式RSSfor microblogging lists.With the world watching Twitter's top names and their Suggested User List-boosted following counts cross well into seven digits,data from FeedBurnerand other sources shows RSS counts climbing - in some cases dramatically - for nearly all blogs,and a number of them also sport reader counts in the millions.While the independent market for RSS readers may be in bad shape,having ceded ground to Google Reader,RSS as a utility is actually growing.It's not going down,not by a long shot..

Prior to ReadWriteWeb's alarmist article,back in August,I arrived at similar conclusions,when I said “stand-alone feed readers are collapsing"“,highlighting the fact that Google Reader,和朋友们的追随者,dominated my personal statistics..

That Google Reader and iGooglehave reached a dominant position in the market does by no means indicate the technology's death,而是它的成熟——beyond aggregate reader counts,does not take in to account the fact that RSS is the mechanism for getting data between sites practically everywhere,even if it is not called out as such..

In January of 2008,我 凸显了一项叫做Rating Burner的新服务的首次亮相,which aims to display the most subscribed to blogs that utilize FeedBurner.该网站不仅展示了排行榜,but also the change in subscriber data from day to day..

Data from Rating Burner shows green,positive growth across the board for feeds.And while total counts can always be debated as to their accuracy,sites including TechCrunch(with 4 million subscribers),, the YouTube blog(with 2.400万), Smashing Apps(with 1.500万)和 Simply Recipes(1.500万)分为七位。This parallels the top Twitter accounts,who crest in the 4 million range,crowned by screen celebs Ashton Kutcher,Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres..

Yes,statistics are statistics.The high numbers for these well-known personalities is suspect,thanks to their inclusion on Twitter's Suggested User List,and it is also expected that some top blogs here are bundled and not read every day - adding to their counts.事实也并非如此,不是每个博客都使用Fuff燃烧器,因此也无法追踪。Many sites point instead to a raw XML file,keeping control.这就是说,regardless of the data's perfection,the growth in 2009 for RSS subscribers cannot be questioned..

使用 BlogPerfume's Feed Analysis tool,I took many top blogs and plugged in their statistics,to see how they grew in 2009.Running their query for the last 12 months provided 11 months worth of data.(Not perfect,but good enough)

For the charts below,I used three data points to show blogs' subscriber trends:
  • 1月22日,2009
  • 6月22日,2009
  • December 22,2009
(Yes,一月到六月的差距是5个月,and the gap between June and December is 6,但你明白了。)

To run the numbers yourself,简单地插入任何饲料燃烧器启用饲料。(Examples: TechCrunch,, Mashable,, 188金宝搏and I Can Has Cheezburger)

ProBlogger Nearly Double Subscribers in 2009 to ~140k

LOLCats Added 100,000读者到200K+

TechCrunch Doubled from 2 million to 4 million

My Own Stats,Aided by FriendFeed,Quintupled

ReadWriteWeb added 40k from June ( flawed)

Google's Mac Blog Added 30k Subs to Top 70k..

Mashable Added Almost 150k Subs to Near 350k..

Also - keep in mind that my own personal numbers are inflated thanks to FriendFeed,but most non-personal blogs are not..

So what is the point?The point is that while some services (read: Twitter and Facebook) may be getting many people's attention,and while it is also true that Google Reader has the lion's share of the RSS reader market,the current discussion around RSS being less useful,或者不那么重要,than in years past,is flawed,period..

唯恐这个早期的收养者听起来像个守财奴,just because something is newer does not automatically make it better,nor does it mean that there will be a rapid mass exodus from the previous technology.Just like Twitter can drive good traffic to a Web site,so too can RSS.Just like Twitter can pass along top content,so too can RSS.Just like top followed accounts can get million-plus audiences,so too can RSS.And both are growing in terms of connections,看不到反转。Both are tools to be used well,and both are being used more than ever.The only"disarray"is in the current thinking..


My Top Ten Favorite Google Products

As Google成长为一家公司,its reach has extended well beyond its initial foundation as a massive search index.The company now represents many things - including a mobile handset platform,一个Web浏览器,基于Web的电子邮件,社交网络,以及各种各样的软件程序。Like Microsoft in the 1990s,it is often hard to see a viable business where the company does not play a role - and a significant one at that..

Danny Sullivan revealing Google CEO Eric Shmidt's favorite product is the Chrome browser,I began thinking about my own preferences,and thought I would share - inviting you to do the same..

1。. Google Reader

Google Reader is my starting point for finding the day's news quickly.The RSS reader is the very best way that I know of to get all the blogs and news sources I read in one place,它为我提供了简单的快捷键来快速阅读它们。choosing to share them on my link blog to downstream social networks,including 友谊饲料,, Twitter,, Facebookand 社会中位数..

As Google Reader has expanded its social capabilities,最近我也在我的分享节目中活跃的谈话中爆发了一场爆炸。and find I am spending even more time inside this product than in months past..

虽然听起来很疯狂,I believe the quality lead Google Reader has over its competition exceeds even that of Google Search's quality lead over its relative competition.I would rather have Reader and be forced to use Yahoo!/Bing比使用谷歌搜索和使用其他RSS阅读器。.

2.. Blogger

The Blogger platform,now 10,doesn't get enough respect.The simple blog publishing and hosting product makes it easy for me to add new posts,把它们分类,and update my templates,multiple times a day.Having moved well beyond its initial reputation of being something like a spam blogs haven,Google has put real effort into clamping down on bad behavior.Meanwhile,outages that used to impact the service have practically been eliminated..

Blogger is the platform of choice not just for my blog,but for my wife as well,giving us one place to log in to update either site..

3.. FeedBurner

While the product hasn't seen a ton of updates since its acquisition a few years back,FeedBurner hasn't received much challenge (with the exception of FeedBlitz) when it comes to distributing RSS feeds from millions of blogs,mine included.On top of making sure that my posts get distributed,FeedBurner also keeps tabs on statistics in terms of total subscribers,click throughs and site visits,and enables the ability to customize each blog post with feedflares,adding additional interactivity..

4.谷歌搜索 Google Blog Search

Google Search just does its job,period.Even as the Web has grown dramatically,Google's ability to return the"one right answer"solution when guessing what I am looking for is unmatched.It may lack the real-time capability of other sites,but imagining an alternative Web without Google search is daunting..

Similarly,Google Blog Search has largely replaced Technoratifor most and is the default engine for finding new content on blogs around the Web..

5.. GMail

而我一直在使用。Mac e-mail since well before GMail ever launched,the product changed the game in terms of what online e-mail represented.GMail,at its debut,offered storage space 20 times higher than the competition,综合搜索和其他特征,如标签和自动过滤,使其既轻便又灵活。而其他免费电子邮件产品在网上却名声不佳,seeing a GMail address doesn't make me turn away in scorn.我建议,任何开始在线媒体策略的企业都要获得Gmail帐户来集中相关的电子邮件。.

6.. YouTube

Though,像喂料器一样,not born at Google,YouTube is one of the most recognizable brands on the Web.Like Google Search,it has become the default service on the Web for what it does - enabling people to share videos and view videos,from silly family pictures to professionally designed music videos or corporate interviews.It is through YouTube where my wife and I share home recordings of our twins,and embed them on our sites.The ease at which we can port YouTube content to Facebook,FriendFeed and blogs is a big reason we use them above any other competitor..

7.. Google Maps

Ever since I acquired a GPS unit for my car,my reliance on Google Maps has plummeted.But if in a pinch,if in another car,or needing to look up a route quickly on my iPhone,没有替代品。While I once used Mapquest to find my frequently-lost self around town,Google Maps is now the trusted standard.正如TechCrunch最近所指出的,只有谷歌才足够敏锐地认识到最近旧金山海湾大桥的关闭,alerting potential travelers accurately..

8.. Google Chrome

A decade following the peak of the initial browser wars,between Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer,我们再次对浏览器市场份额进行了一场有趣的争斗。this time involving Microsoft,谷歌Mozilla and Apple.(歌剧还没死)Chrome的首次亮相,first for Windows and Linux PCs,with stable Chromium builds for Mac here as well,introduced more stable browsing,simplified favorite pages,and speedy load times.Let not the low ranking fool you - compared to Schmidt's #1 position.为了我,it's a good product,but not the market leader in the way its brethren Google Reader,FeedBurner and Search are..

9。. Google Desktop

Google Desktop将Google搜索的威力带到了您的桌面文件——帮助您找到从文本文件、电子邮件到嵌入在办公室文档中的富媒体内容的所有内容。While in years past,much of its functionality could be found in Apple's Spotlight,或者MAC在搜索器中的集成搜索,the latter is just too slow and unreliable,with Google Desktop gives you the familiar and trusted approach you know from the Web.Its ability to crawl through previous dates to see when documents were created is especially useful..

10。. 谷歌分析

Few self-respecting bloggers go too far away from their Web traffic statistics,and many have two,three or more packages going simultaneously,确保他们有足够的数据来考虑他们自己的专家。不惜代价,Google Analytics provides detailed stastics,not just for the last 4,000 visitors (as Sitemeterdoes),but for all visitors,letting you compare time periods,深入游客的人口统计,看看你的出版和内容的发展趋势。.

Close but not included: AppSpot,iGoogle,Google AdWords,Google Earth,Google Docs,Google Finance,Google Groups,Google News

What are your top ten Google Applications?Did I miss your favorite??

August 02,2009

RSS Is Doing Great,但独立的读者读者正在崩溃

Three years in technology can be an eternity.I marvel that just over three years ago,我告诉过你 “RSS Is a Demanding Mistress"“,showing off a screen capture of my NetNewswire application,由新闻播报员提供动力。At the time,当我抱怨有将近100篇文章要阅读时,I didn't anticipate the impact Google's entering the market with Google Reader would be,and my screenshot now seems quaint.By 2007,I had switched to Google Reader,and despite multiple assaults on Reader in the ensuing two years,you can tell most challengers apart by their epitaph..

In the past few years,I've helped champion more than a few new approaches to the RSS feed reader market,each with its own approach to making the stand-alone process more social.. First there was Assetbar,who had tremendous technology,but a clunky interface,and never really got off the ground.Not too long afterward,we saw Shyftr debut,但是在一个关于饲料的共同评论的高度可见的争论之后,the company eventually shut down their interesting product as well,moving instead to RSS filters.即使上周我们看到 NewsGator turn off their synching functionality,pointing customers to Google Reader.Yes,, NeNeWestWORE仍在,and now points to Google Reader,but it's pretty much a legacy app at this point.(In my opinion,of course)

这不是很可爱吗?(From back in 2006 on NetNewsWire)

While some are debating RSS' role in a new world of real-time information discovery,there is no question that Google Reader has won this specific battle.If I exclude FriendFeed datafrom my own FeedBurner statistics,the combination of Google Reader and iGoogle accounts for 84 percent of all my RSS readers.In contrast,NewsGator is below 4 percent,and BlogLines checks in at just above 2 percent,with PostRank and Netvibes coming in at just over 1 percent each.Mice nuts..

My FeedBurner Stats Show Google Reader and FriendFeed Dominate

这并不意味着RSS生态系统就像一个自由落体。最近的发射 My6sensefor the iPhone,looking to find the most relevant content,and 懒饲料基于主题的实时博客搜索show me that not only is innovation alive and well,but blogs and RSS are key components in creating new products.And while Caleb Elston has been quiet of late,I am still using 吐鲁every day to share my OPML,and keep track of new blogs I am adding to Reader.Also,, Feedly,它建立在谷歌阅读器上,有一些非常有趣的社交选项,continues to plug away,赢得忠实粉丝。.

But just think of what's happened over the last three years..

In 2006,人们喜欢 Jeremy Zawodny reported Bloglines' share at between 30 and 50 percent.Steve Rubel cited a Pheedo report showing Bloglines"slipping"“from 37 percent to 30.回到足够远的地方,and you can see it even had the majority of the market way back in 2004,, according to ReadwriteWeb..

By early 2007,Hitwise said that Bloglines had three times the market share of its nearest competitor,which was Rojo.Interestingly,, 该报告提到谷歌阅读器,saying"as of the week ending 1/13/07,it had only 1/13 of the market share of visits of Bloglines.“That's right.One thirteenth the share of Bloglines.I should mention that not everybody saw the gulf that wide,as others,including Bob Leereported the two were in a practical dead heat the next month..

The last two years have been all about Google Reader,作为搜索领导者和RSS分发负责人,through the acquisition of FeedBurner,also became the RSS consumption leader.. Rojo disappeared in July of 2008,and Bloglines' own stumbles made it that much easier to switch,, forcing Marshall Kirpatrick of ReadWriteWeb to say,“Do you really want Google to nail down complete dominance over the world of RSS?We sure don't.““

The onetime debate about whether Google Reader is number one or not is pretty much gone,and Newsgator's turning off their online synching essentially throws in the towel.The once promising Feedeachother.com已经关灯了Shyftr and Assetbar aren't coming back.. A new entrant called Feveris interesting,but looks more like My6sense than a traditional client.RSS is powering aggregation sites like FriendFeed,which in theory,提供30到40%的读取器读数,but when it comes to stand alone,all must stand in awe of Google Reader,for to do battle is futile..


PubSubHubbub: Real-Time Feeds and Real-Time Feedback Too??

从一个地方到另一个地方的数据永远不会太快。就在一两年前,RSS的速度被认为是优秀的,but now,with latency of RSS feeds getting to destinations such as Google Reader or other networks ranging from minutes to hours,combined with issues related to repeated polling at source sites,teams of talented engineers have taken on these problems,with programs such as FriendFeed's Simple Update Protocol (SUP)and the new PubSubHubbubtaking the most-visible route..

PubSubHubbub,an protocol designed as an extension to Atom,is designed to reduce the time for updates to flow from one network to the next to almost zero,并且实际上消除了下游服务不断要求数据的需求。.

Recently,we learned that a few major players in the feed distribution system had signed on to the PubSubHubbub train.First,last Friday,, FeedBurner announced initial support for the service,making it built in for all publishers who had feeds enabled with the PingShot option (myself included).Second,, Google Reader integration was demoed在TechCrunch实时崩溃,if only in prototype form.第三,FrADFIFE几乎立即宣布支持,meaning that if I publish a post here,it should hit both FriendFeed and Google Reader practically in an instant,without any manual updates on my part..

An avid user of both services,the announcements were excellent,but in the last week,我真的没有发现任何不同。Posts made on the blog didn't hit FriendFeed right away and I didn't see updates in Google Reader any more quickly.So I did a test post Wednesday night at 11:11 p.m.,titled"PubSubHubbub Test: 11:11 p.m.“什么也没发生。Minutes later,I deleted it.But it didn't go unnoticed.After 1 a.m.我收到了一封电子邮件 布伦特·斯拉特金,one of the engineers behind the protocol,asking if it had worked.That's right.After 1 a.m.,一个谷歌工程师在这个非常酷的工具后面,足够关心给我发一封个人电子邮件,确保一切都很好。.

I said that I hadn't seen it work,and asked if it was,as usual,user error.But I was assured that"Nope you did everything right!“and that as things matured,they would"get the kinks worked out.““

这种友好,helpful outreach is the type of very real and personal service that one doesn't expect from big companies like Google,然而,它发生了,非常感谢。As I've stated time and again for years here on this blog,anything that can be done to help distribute data further and more quickly I am a big fan of.That I am a big fan of RSS,Google Reader and FriendFeed is no surprise to any of you,and PubSubHubbub looks like it is going to be a major boost to the entire ecosystem..

看看今晚我做的测试。At 1:08 a.m.,, a post from a dev servertook less than 4 seconds to get from the blog to FriendFeed.( see here事实上,it was probably faster,but it had already landed before I changed browser windows.Brett may not be"4 seconds"fast,but he's doing a fabulous job engaging with the growing PubSubHubbub community,, as you can see from his comments on FriendFeed.This is the way tech and Silicon Valley should be..

June 19,2009

The Changing Subscriber Definition Points to Potential Over Actual

The dust has not yet fully settled on yesterday's news that RSS feed circulation numbers around the Web spiked,, thanks to a new tie-up between FeedBurner and FriendFeedthat essentially counted social networking subscriptions as equal to those who signed up for your RSS feed directly.But while more and more people find their statistics up by thousands,and in some cases,orders of magnitude,the discussion has led away from what is"right"or"wrong",but instead,investigating what a real subscriber was anyway,and if we should stop thinking the way we always did..

The worlds of blogging and social networking are numbers-obsessed,and the statistics are so full of holes,大多数人甚至不值得重复。. 我可能是以下10,000+ people on Twitter,, but I rely largely on the search tool,or browse individuals' updates in Friendfeed.On FriendFeed,the story is much the same.I heavily utilize lists to categorize people I follow and make sure I don't miss the best content,but I absolutely see a small fraction of items.And 甚至不让我开始脸谱网.Given I practically only go there to accept friend requests,play games against my family,or respond to wall comments,I certainly didn't see the photos you just posted..

“fake follow"is absolutely in effect - even with best efforts..

But in parallel,我对RSS(和电子邮件)的处理方式不同。I believe Google Readeris the gold standard for finding information,and 我通过分享最好的物品制作博客博客是必不可少的。让我来强调我最擅长的东西,and for those who follow it,依靠我作为人类的过滤器。As such,while I may read quickly,and skim often,, 我总是,always,read every story from every feed,to the tune of 100%.Similarly,I always have read every e-mail,even if I haven't made the time to respond..

但并不是每个人都像我这样对待RSS和RSS订户数量——这意味着两件大事。First,total RSS subscriber counts usually far exceed total page views on most blogs,as RSS items pile up in readers around the world and go unread.Second,在我所尝试的RSS中,宗教遵守订阅号,in the face of bundling and statistics that led me astray,is easily shouted down by reason..

I used to look at subscriber counts as a good benchmark for how much influence a blog might have.A blog with 2,000 subscribers typically reaches more people than one with 200,and less than 20,000。With the addition of more horizontal social networking"followers"or"friends"在混合中,I have to look at the number as potential.For example,the new number of about 14,000在我的博客(8)000 earlier this week and 5,如果所有在RSS或FriendFeed上订阅我的内容的人都保持他们的订阅继续进行和活跃,那么4月份的000个用户将看到我的内容。.

And it is this"potential"这是新的现实,more so than a hard and fast number you can set your watch to.But it's also a slippery slope.If we all start signing up to RSS feeds but we don't read the blogs,and we all fake follow on Twitter,FriendFeed,脸谱网和其他所有的网络,实际上并没有太多的社交活动——只需爆出数据,friending and hoping that you're the exception rather than the rule..

To accept my new statistics,and those on other blogs impacted,新的现实需要改变的心态。It's not saying one way is right and another is wrong,but instead,seeing the new data through the prism of our new world,那里有这么多的信息流,我们都希望我们的数据能吸引人的眼球,not that it always will..

June 18,2009

FriendFeed Sneaks Into My RSS Stats And Hits The Big Red Button

It's tempting to go back the age-old line of there being lies,damn lies,and statistics.On the Web,实际上一切都是衡量的,大数字几乎总是更好的,counting up one's followers,friends,subscribers or authority is practically a pasttime.But with each metric comes a question of validity - how did they approach that data,这个过程与世界观是一致的吗??

Today,只为他们的团队所知,, 友谊饲料started to display subscriber counts to those FriendFeed users who are importing blog posts alongside all other subscribers,displayed in FeedBurner或任何其他博客分析工具。With this change,受欢迎的FrADFIX用户已经看到他们的订阅用户数量急剧增加,即使实际的交通或读者对他们的网站没有改变。.

BlogPerfume Shows My Stats Spiked Today

A clear beneficiary of this move,my own statistics ballooned from a possibly accurate count of just over 8,000 subscribers on this blog to more than 13,000。And in parallel,thanks to my importing my posts on my wife's blog,her count catapulted from just over 50 to more than 9,000。(对于每天只有几十次访问的网站)

My Wife's Blog Stats Are Through the Roof

巧合的是,my RSS subscribers had already been jumping,starting in late April,for reasons largely unbeknownst to me.In the last two months,I organically saw the subscriber counts pass the 5,000 barrier and crest to the more than 8,000,as I poked through the stats and tried to find out why - considering both Google Reader bundlesand possibly a part-time inclusion on the 技术排行榜as factors.But now,pointing to that growth seems silly,given FriendFeed flipped the switch and gave me a big,albeit likely false,foundation..

FriendFeed's Impact Rivals that of Google On This Site

The company's comments on this changestate that"you are putting your words in front of a lot more people",so theoretically,它们应该被计算在内。But I believe it is less-intensive to follow someone on FriendFeed than it is through standard RSS,and I have no idea how this handles duplicates,though I can guess it's somewhat controlled,given my own stats jumped by a mere 5,000 when my wife went up by more than 9,000。.

Rob Diana of Regular Geek clearly made his comments understood,when he said,““ Subscriber Counts Now Mean Nothing“..

因为你没有管理员访问我的饲料燃烧器统计,你可以看到跳跃 taking a look at Blog Perfume's Feed Analysis tool here..

So the question is - why?Did the FriendFeed team just want to extend the visibility of how much impact their service has with bloggers?This move makes them a clear rival to Google in my own statistics.Or did they really think this was a way to show,accurately,how many people you were exposed to?Either way,, as I said on a thread in the site,what's done really can't be undone.I hate upward spikes as much as I hate downward spikes,as we've seen when FeedBurner and Google FeedFetcher miss each other in the night.But it's not accurate,especially when it comes to small blogs hiding on big accounts (like with my wife's blog on my ID).我只希望Twitter,脸谱网和其他网站不会选择做同样的事情,or we can call the whole tracking bit a wash..

May 29,2009

Google's Blogger Challenge: Win the Marathon and Don't Bonk..

Sometimes I feel like I am a rarity in the tech blogging world,考虑到我还没有离开 the Blogger platformand onto the more frequently celebrated,higher geek cred option,, WordPress.In fact,我是个怪人,甚至连最新版本的博主都没有。I still cling to the"Old"Blogger and post my stories using FTP,as it's something that has worked for me for the better part of three and a half years.但是当我还没有做开关的时候,many have - falling in love with WordPress' wide array of extensions and open source mentality.I've even had offers for people to help me move off Blogger to WordPress,and have,so far,resisted..

With this going on,there's no question Google's Blogger platform has a perception problem.While it is on record as the largest blogging platform on the Web today,提前六分开 TypePad,, LiveJournal和WordPress,it is largely seen as not leading the innovation curve - even if mommybloggers ( like my wife) use it and love it..

博客的一些方面感觉好像他们在五年内没有改变,and surprisingly,that perception is actually true.Today I had lunch at Google Headquarters with 瑞克·克劳,who is a Product Manager on the Blogger team at Google,我们详细讨论了平台的当前状态,as well as what is planned in upcoming releases to help the product become even more on par,and in some cases,ahead of the competition.He said that for the most part,Google has just"kept the product alive"in maintenance mode,not adding too many features.同时,许多功能正在测试中。 the product's"Draft"area,similar to Google Labs,are unknown to the majority of the product's users..

But even in keeping the product going,there's been a tremendous amount of effort from people Rick said were"working their butts off".He wrote me in an e-mail after our lunch,saying,“There's been a ton of largely invisible innovation over the last few years - things that don't get seen because they just work,but enable the massive scale at which Blogger operates.““

Klau joined Google as part of the company's acquisition of FeedBurner2007年年中,自购买以来,neither FeedBurner nor Blogger have been spared the arrows from critics who recognize the value of their services,but expect more,, 我自己 包括.Klau agreed with my comments this afternoon saying that users see Google as having the combination of tremendous brain power and seemingly infinite technical infrastructure resources,making any hiccups practically inexcusable.I've always said I favor the little guy over a large monolith like Google,and users are easily tweaked when products produce incorrect results or have outages that last hours - both of which I've highlighted before in darker days..

But Klau also noted the platform is under a constant around-the-clock battle with spammers and other hackers attempting distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks and working to find ways to blast spam into comments on the millions of blogs on the Blogger platform worldwide.In fact,博客团队在全世界三大洲拥有三人,致力于保持网站的畅通。.

To fully appreciate life as a Blogger user,Klau做了与许多人后来做的相反的事情,, 用自己的博客从WordPress到博客平台.He now gets the privilege to see both the good and the bad of his product from the perspective of the company's large user base - and despite the competitive state,he sounded eager at what the future will bring,and the opportunities available,with top resources available from the Mountain View search giant,including potential integration with newly announced products elsewhere within the company..

“I feel like we're in a marathon,and I am beginning with a 10 mile headstart,“Klau said.And while it may have been true that in recent years,Blogger had been sitting idly,或慢跑在适当位置以保持他们的位置,it is clearly no longer the case now,as I learned during my talk with Klau today.The team is running again..

Today's Real-Time Web Makes Blogging and RSS Seem"Too Slow"“

Thursday evening,I had the opportunity to attend one of the semi-regular open houses held at 友谊饲料headquarters in Mountain View.( See pictures from Brian Solis,who also attended) While on other occasions,I may have taken the chance to pick the brains of the small team,yesterday I ended up spending the bulk of the time talking to others in the industry,including Edelman's Steve Rubeland TechCrunch IT's Steve Gillmoron what they thought the future of communication,information discovery and blogging would be,amidst the dramatic expansion of microblogging and real-time updates and alerts.And while we all had our own viewpoints on the future of RSS,we agreed that what has been status quo for the last five to ten years is changing underneath us,moving toward a world that is faster,driven as much by what will be our preset queries and searches,rather than through subscriptions and static pages..

Gillmor famously argued earlier this month that RSS should"“ rest in peace“.Gillmor's summary started off by saying,“It's time to get completely off RSS and switch to Twitter.RSS不再切断它,“and continuing onward,making a case that the immediacy of Twitter made it the source for news discovery,not tools like Google Reader,which I use to find all the data from my sources on a daily basis.As he told Steve Rubel and me yesterday evening,邮报“went global"比他以前写的任何东西都快,从TechCrunch上收到的500多条评论来看,as well as the many follow-on pieces I've seen,it stirred up a great deal of controversy - which is to be expected when making such a black and white claim..

Meanwhile,Steve Rubel,微劝导作者who has been blogging on that site since early 2004,said that to him,blogging seemed"slow",when contrasted with the lightning fast communications seen from tools like FriendFeed and Twitter.He made the analogy that when you take the time to compose a blog post and you launch it over the wall,读者必须仔细考虑并作出选择,看看他们是否会做出回应,or if they will simply hit 'J' in their RSS reader and move along.In contrast,他说,向Twitter发一封短信就像在别人家里引入蚂蚁一样。making them immediately take action..

Gillmor's unique writing style no doubt stemmed much of the confusion around his"Rest in Peace,RSS"story,which I fundamentally disagreed with the first time around and ignored.But in yesterday's discussion,it became more clear what he was trying to propose - not so much a full-fledged abandonment of RSS readers for Twitter,but instead,pushing for a reader-like tool that would follow microblogging services,decode shortened URLs on the fly,and then deliver the option to read full text of a piece..

In essence,rather than waiting the 20 to 60 minutes it can sometimes take RSS to propagate,thanks to latency from FeedBurner,for the most part,Gillmor's approach would take seconds - where a blog publisher or news distributor could post an update to Twitter or FriendFeed and have the same type of result,only a lot faster.This comes at a time when Gillmor and others are saying that referrals to blog posts are decreasing from RSS readers and increasing from microblogging sites,as readers do their link discovery outside of the reader..

Although Gillmor said we should just"switch to Twitter",he isn't even waiting for Twitter to bring back his much-beloved 'Track' to monitor keywords.相反,he expects that FriendFeed will more quickly arrive at a tool that delivers realtime alerts to e-mail or instant messaging tools than Twitter - which makes sense as the aggregator has already set up e-mail and IM tools for lists and has delivered saved searches,two of the three components needed to make 'Track' a reality - and not just across Twitter,但在超过50个社交网站FielFig支持。.

As Gillmor told us both,he sees posts from 188金宝搏"immediately"when I add them to FriendFeed,即使需要更多的时间让他们进入谷歌阅读器。And yes,那是因为我,as a publisher,follow a specific process when posting,to author it and immediately afterward send it to Twitter and then pull it into FriendFeed,all before I manually ping FeedBurner.It's a conscious decision on my part,but one that helps his case..

RSS is not dead.Far from it.我们每天都在使用RSS,powering our Web portals,and helping to distribute blog and news content everywhere.But if it is about getting things discovered most quickly,and getting a response from readers very quickly,there's a reason you see people looking elsewhere,just like there's a reason I use a tool that pulls comments from FriendFeed into 188金宝搏 on my blog posts.I know some people will get to my content somewhere else faster.And if an enterprising software developer,like Nick Bradbury,可以制作一个工具,将Twitter上的链接转换成RSS阅读器中的相同类型的工具,maybe we'll be onto something new..

April 05,2009

As FeedBurner Flails and Fails,Feedblitz Fights

A week and a half ago,, FeedBlitzannounced it would be taking Google head on,offering a much-needed alternative to FeedBurner in the RSS automation space.( 见我们最初的职位当时,they said they would"rapidly evolve",and they weren't kidding.In the ensuing ten days,amidst what seems to be yet another Web-wide statistics failure on the part of FeedBurner,the company has written how to guides on leaving FeedBurner behind,how to merge multiple feedsinto one,how to keep your own domain与您的饲料相关联,以及如何 migrate awayfrom FeedBurner once and for all..

For the large part,the blogosphere has grown accustomed to FeedBurner flaking every now and again.We've grown weary of long lag times between posts hitting RSS readers after they were written,and in seeing inconsistencies in reader counts,通常在用户的网站上自豪地戴上徽章。但我们也习惯了Fiel燃烧器的基本特性——它把你的博客发送出去,period..

FeedBlitz is recognizing the world has changed since FeedBurner's debut.They even offer the option to display the most recent updates from social sites,such as 友谊饲料and Twitter,along side your feed.在这一点上,对许多人来说,their microblogging is just as full-throttle as their full-length blogging,so that makes sense..

As they have expanded their offerings,FeedBurner and Google seem to not be on speaking terms once again.这种事情经常发生,nobody blogs about it but not too long ago,such a miss would be ripe for the gnashing of teeth.但是说小姐已经把我的计数从4700左右的范围降到了1400和1800。Who knows why,but the number is pretty random.Even my wife's family-oriented blogdumped from almost 50 subscribers to less than 20.Ouch..

所以如果你厌倦了燃烧器燃烧你,I strongly suggest giving FeedBlitz a try.I'm working my way over to switching myself.You can see my FeedBlitzed feed here:


New FeedFlare Displays FriendFeed Likes and Comment Counts

Bloggers who are tied into social media sites have long used FeedBurner'sFeedFlare functionality to help promote their blog posts,from pushing visitors to Diggor Stumbleposts,add them to Delicious,or e-mail them to friends.但越来越多,information from external social networks is being fed back to the blog itself - from the number of retweets a post may have received to the number of Google Reader共享项目的用户,for example.A new custom feedflare,designed by Kevin Fox,the lead designer of 友谊饲料,and the artist behind popular sites such as GMailand Google Reader,现在可以用来显示你的帖子可能在FoeFoIP上获得的评论和评论。It's already running on this site,and can be seen on his RSS feed as well..

FriendFeed Activity Displayed on My Site

The FeedFlare can be displayed on your site,on your RSS feed,or both - and clicking on the comments and likes statistics takes you to where your blog post is shared on FriendFeed,bridging visitors of your site to the conversation there..

Setting up the FeedFlare for FriendFeed likes and comments is not a one-click process,so if you are interested,here's how you do it:
  1. Download this compressed.压缩文件.It contains the three documents you need,and an"About"file.Unzip the file and you will see a folder titled"友情反馈..
  2. Open the file"flare.php".Next to where it says USERNAME,replace"诺特路易斯格雷with your FriendFeed user name..
  3. Open the file"friendflare.xml"and replace the pathname of"““with where you will host the flare.php file.For example,I host mine athttp://www.188金宝搏/feed/flare.php..
  4. Upload the files"flare.php",“friendflare.xml"and"friendfeed.php"to a directory on your site which matches the path you provided in step 3..
  5. Log in to your FeedBurner account,and go to the"馈火炬section in the"Optimize"tab..
  6. At the bottom of the page,where you have the option to add a"Personal FeedFlare",粘贴到XML文件的URL中。(e.G..http://www.188个陷阱/馈电/友军。XML)
  7. Hit"Add New Flare"然后“Save"..

The FeedFlare Displayed In FeedBurner

在这一点上,the likes and comment counts on your items will be displayed on your blog or RSS feed.They will continue to accrue until you have 30 newer items in your blog feed..

大约一年前,the blogosphere lit up around how social sites were stealing the conversation away from blogs,and operating in silos.像这样的工具,and Disqusand 反向类型integration of FriendFeed comments,the disparate conversations are becoming ever more unified..

If you like this FeedFlare,一定要退房 Kevin Fox's FriendFeed here,or his personal blog at if you get it up and running,it'd be great to see it on your site,所以在评论中发布你的博客网址。.


FeedBlitz Launches FeedBurner Alternative for RSS Automation

自从 Google'sacquisition of FeedBurner in mid-2007,抱怨来得太快了,as FeedBurner's integration saw frequent disconnects between the acquiring company and its new prize,slowness in updating feeds,and a complete lack of innovation,all amidst silence from Mountain View that had many wondering if the service would go the way of DodgeBalland other services into Google's black hole.. At the end of 2008,I predicted an alternativewould rise up to give bloggers an option to switch.Today,馈电which has powered my e-mail distribution for nearly three years,提出这样做。.

The new RSS management service,, announced in a blog post,称它将提供出版商,营销人员和博主们改进了品牌,综合搜索引擎优化还有一些有趣的补充,including social media marketing and metrics..

If you are already using the company's e-mail marketing services,RSS的添加是免费的。For all others,您可以开始使用FoeBLITIZ来运行RSS订阅,价格低至1美元。49 a month..

Before moving my feed away from FeedBurner,which at times is tempting,I'll have to be sure existing subscribers wouldn't see any hiccups.FeedBlitz says they are eating their own dogfood,routing to the new self-hosted URL through FeedBurner itself.You can see how their"Blitzed"Feed looks here:

With this long-awaited alternative,it will be interesting to see if the many complaintants are willing to make a move.It's often been said that the most-popular feature of FeedBurner has been the little chiclets that show up to date subscription counts,so FeedBlitz wil have to match this capability.Given they've displayed my e-mailed RSS count since 2006,I think they will be up to the task..

所以谷歌,you've got some competition in town - and FeedBlitz says it's not done,promising it will"rapidly evolve".That's something FeedBurner is definitely not doing..


Nobody Can Hear You Scream If Your RSS Feed Is Dead

I didn't make any blog posts on Thursday,after a full Wednesday which included a visit to Google headquarters to meet with the Google Reader team.And even though I made a few posts on Friday,the first day of the SXSW conference,many people still think I'm on a temporary hiatus,由于标签团队之间的失败 FeedBurnerand Blogger,谁通过零食影响了很多用户,stopping their posts from getting out of their domain.It looks like I should have spent more time in Mountain View after chatting up the Reader team,to see just what the heck is going on elsewhere on campus..

As the resurgent Kent Newsome of noted today,在他的岗位上,““ FeedBurner & Blogger Conspire to Assassinate My Joy“,the XML file that Blogger generates to distribute RSS feeds was completely wiped out - and I have been impacted as well.No matter if I had 20 or 2,000 posts historically,the file reports it has zero kilobytes,and no amount of trouble-shooting thus far has been of any help..

In this world of RSS-enabled services,a failure of this level means that my posts aren't getting out to the previously-mentioned Google Reader.They aren't populating social networking sites like FriendFeed,社会中位数和脸谱网。And that will no doubt cripple visits for those affected..

As always,I at first considered the issue was my fault.I noticed FriendFeed this morning wasn't picking up my posts,and tried to delete and add my blog six ways from Sunday,but with no success to speak of.While Kent recounts his searches for real tech support,I was in the air during much of the day,回来发现我不是唯一一个听到谷歌沉默的人,as others assumed silence from me..

Complaints are wide-spread in Blogger's help forums - from 现在通过FTP发布RSS源是空的。.to atom.xml is empty简单地 empty feeds..

I'm concerned on quite a few levels here.FeedBurner and Blogger are among the most mocked Google products because of their p188金宝博亚洲d neglect.Yet they are two of the major foundations for my blog.Also,I am concerned because we are seeing this issue as a weekend starts and a major tech conference is starting up.There's a huge chance this issue won't be resolved if Google is asleep at the wheel.除了加速我的WordPress之外,我无能为力。This doesn't make me feel all that lovey-dovey with Blogger at the moment..

January 28,2009


客邮 By Matt Dickman ofTechno//Marketer(友谊饲料/Twitter)

In your opinion,what is Google's differentiator as a company?Can you remember when you switched from Yahoo!!to the new,fresh upstart Google?为了我,it was seamless.One day I woke up and was just using it.I do,然而,remember why I started using it.谷歌把用户放在他们业务的中心。它们通过清理界面并以干净的方式呈现信息来增加搜索体验的价值。concise manner.他们很早就知道,搜索引擎取代了雅虎仍然坚持的基于目录的引擎,不是一个补充。.

For the past two years I have written a blog post about the ways that Google attaches itself to my life on a daily basis ( here is last year's version)I've welcomed this life-integration with the company because I felt they were adding value.They weren't doing any evil..

Lately,however I've felt a disturbance in the force.I still use all of the same Google products that I mentioned in the post,但有些事情发生了变化。. The company that innovated search by focusing on the user has lost its focus on the user..Here are two examples that you may,or may not,我已经注意到了,欢迎你们的反馈。.

First,, Friend Connect.*sigh* This really was my tipping point with Google.(You'll notice there are common threads between this example and the next one.) Back in mid-December I came across a blog post on this new Google platform extension.On the surface,I liked the idea.Everyone with a Google profile (most of us) could join the site and engage with each other through what Google calls"social gadgets".My plan was to add ratings at the end of each post,然而,我跑了(继续跑)成了一个问题。.

The initial set up was cake.I added the community widget to the side of my blog and waited for people to join..

My initial experience with that module was poor.The invite function wouldn't let me add new users.Actually,I just checked and it still won't.Worse yet when I tried to invite my friends and the page gave me the error,something weird happened.All of my Gmail chat contacts disappeared.My Google reader contacts as well.Not cool.I've been rebuilding this over time,but some people I have been permanently severed from.To add fuel to the fire,when I try to add the social widget to the post,I get the image below where the widget should be.I have everything set up right,it just doesn't work..

You would think that,upon launching a new platform extension,Google would be all over the support site.Not the case.从我提交帖子给下一个Google代表回答任何问题开始,大约是三个星期(他们没有回答我的问题)。.

Scenario #2,, FeedBurner.I think the entire blogosphere has a love/hate relationship with this service.From the time Google acquired the Chicago company until now it has been a rollercoaster.. FeedBurnerstarted out with a narrow focus and they executed well.Google acquired them to extend their advertising/analytics offering.However,subscriber stats would often fluctuate wildly,几天内下降到零,如果你幸运的话,反弹回来。Google always claimed that they were"“工作”,but I didn't believe it until a while back when I saw that they were transitioning to the Google platform..

In theory,这是件好事。规模更大,more stability,more happy people.Wrong.这种转变没有得到很好的解释,我看到了一股恐慌,慢慢粉碎了博客圈。A couple of us took the plunge and made the move (I even recorded a video to help people understand the process).In the process,my subscribers dropped by half.No explanation.Hundreds of posts to the support forum and no replies from Google.My stats did bounce back,but the service's reputation is shaky now.People use this as a key metric,companies track it and people get paid based on it.Sadly there is no alternative (yet)..

Google has lost sight of the user.他们忽略了我们太久,集中精力做广告。I get that it is their lifeblood,but what good is an ad that nobody sees because you alienate your community.我认为,一个以正确的使命攻击并专注于用户的公司可能会削弱谷歌的装甲。Killer customer service powered by social platforms could allow a new set of players to emerge..

I would love to get your take on this.Have you seen the same trend?如果你是谷歌站起来放下脚,你会怎么做??

阅读更多的Matt DickmanTechno//Marketer..

January 07,2009

I'm Getting So Tired Of The Non-Instant Web

Tap...Tap...Is this thing on?(Reloads)

At the end of 2008,, my #1 prediction for 2009in the world of tech was that the real-time Web was going to grow in awareness and importance - and that a growing number of early adopters and fast followers were going to turn to sites that delivered instant updates,without waiting for filtered analysis.But there are other aspects of the Web that seemingly should be instant,and are nothing but.Brick and mortar institutions that have moved to the Web still have the delays common with their offline institutions.Pure online plays can't manage to update their data as months and years change.And the result is frustrating.As I find some services doing a fantastic job of updating instantly,it's those that lag that drive me absolutely nuts..

Back in 2006,when this blog had maybe three total readers,我自己被数了两次,I encountered an issue where eTrade看起来好像从我的帐户发送到第三方银行。As the two posts on the matter,从 8月20日,2006and August 24,2006,show,a simple process of selling stock,converting it to cash and shipping it to Bank of America,that should have happened practically immediately,took about a week.While at the time I was mostly just annoyed,near the end of the year,in what looked like an instant replay,I actually bounced checks for this very reason..

As I've written about a few times on the blog,I opened up a checking account with eTrade near the end of 2007.Given the crisis at many financial institutions in 2008,it seemed a good move to have some of my cash at Wells Fargo and some at eTrade,in case one had issues.But at the end of 2007,我不得不写一张支票,超过了我在任何一家银行的持有量,but was less than the total amount between the two.So,planning ahead,or so I thought,I transfered money from Wells Fargo to eTrade.Days later,I wrote the check,knowing I had enough cash to cover it.But days later,I got notification my check had bounced,and eTrade did me the favor of charging me a $25 overdraft fee..

Meanwhile,I substituted the old check with a new one for the same amount,and resubmitted,as the deposit made its way through.But instead of the second one going through,and the first begin canceled,eTrade billed me a second overdraft charge,saying now that the first check had passed through,and the second had bounced.Freakin' brilliant..

So...we're dealing with that.Meanwhile,我的银行账户在变薄的状态下,the mortgage came due,automatically debiting from my wife's B of A account (we're working on closing that out).I wrote her a check to cover the amount,while at the same time,selling stock on eTrade's brokerage side to transfer to the checking side to give the appropriate cushion.That was done at the end of last week,但就在今晚,我才有机会把资金转移到合适的地方。Annoying.The last thing I wanted to do was bounce,yes,a third check,and then have my wife bounce her own account and have us in trouble with the mortgage company,事实上,we did have the money,but just didn't have access to it..

I know financial institutions have these old-fashioned rules that allow a certain number of business days to make funds available,and that things aren't as easy as simply dragging and dropping money from one account to another,but given the seeming simplicity of the Web,I've got to believe there is a better way.Why should I have had to check in with eTrade first thing every morning,multiple times during the day and again at night to see if their system would let me have access to my own money?The Web should remove the restrictions not just of physical limitations,but of time as well.Just get it done..


It's January 7th,right?所以,为什么,oh why,is there any reason that's data still stops at November of 2008?Are they still waiting for those year-end reports to trickle in from December?It makes absolutely no sense.在12点01分A。m.1月1日,I could have given you the exact statistics for this site.. Sitemeterjust checks in with real-time data,and it keeps going.But,the Web's easy way out when it comes to getting comparative traffic stats,is asleep.Call Alexaall the names you want,but at least they show December and the first part of January.Ridiculous..

But those services aren't alone....

Web digerati from Steve Gillmorto Gabe Riverahave been slamming FeedBurner's slow pickup of news and translation to RSS.RSS is practically the lifebood of today's connected,always updated,移动内容世界and the Google-owned property has put innovation on hold by hitting the snooze button..

我自己已经看过很多次了,as I go through Google Reader,seeing posts that took place hours and hours ago.I used to blame Google Reader for the issue...(See: Warning: Google Reader Congestion of Up to Five Hours) but now it's clear the offender is FeedBurner.If FeedBurner is destroying the capability of the real-time Web,there needs to be an alternative.There's really no good reason with so much technology at Google,and on the Web in general,that we can't find a real实时解决方案。.

我可以继续走下去。..但我将奖励那些获得即时即时网络服务的公司和公司。There's no reason I should have to wait for my money,my data,我的饲料,or any of that.I'm done with waiting..

December 31,二千零八

10 Predictions for 2009 In the World of Tech

追随去年10 Predictions for 2008 In the World of Techand the recent results:My 2008 Tech Predictions Look Bad As Year Nears a Close..

1) The Real-Time Web Will Become Critical for News and Information Discovery

延迟的新闻将不再为早期采用者所接受,who will gravitate to the quickest sources of news,wherever they may be.As tools like Twitter Searchand FriendFeed real-time提供人们快速广播他们的更新,reactions and news with true immediacy,人口的一部分将采用这些实时来源,并在延迟或过滤引擎之前支持它们,including RSS,and of course,编辑大众传媒。At the same time,虽然我们中的许多早期采用者可能对这种发展相当嘈杂,我们将留在重要的少数群体中,even as the mainstream becomes more aware of these options..

2) Businesses Will Be Expected to Be On Social Media If They Have Web Sites

20世纪90年代中后期,there was a land rush for domain names,as every company jumped in and procured Web addresses and built out Web sites to establish their electronic home.尽管这些网站中的许多网站充其量都是不完善的,they knew they needed to be there to participate.In 2009,it will be expected that brands and businesses will be similarly established on social media,using tools like Twitter,, Facebook,, LinkedIn,FriendFeed and YouTube..

3) Apple Will Introduce A Succession Plan for Steve Jobs as CEO

While Steve Jobs is not likely in imminent danger,the continued unsettled rumors,as well as a good level of common sense will push 苹果to present a succession plan for Jobs,which will not take place immediately,but over the space of a few years.One to three names of potential in-house replacements will be named,as well as a timeline,as Steve fades to the background,but continues to wield tremendous power over Apple's vision and deliverables..

4) TechCrunch Will Acquire VentureBeat or Silicon Alley Insider

Mike Arrington's tech blog continues to be the influence leader in its space.Both VentureBeatand 硅谷内幕者have forged strong brands with a financial bent which would be good additions for the TechCrunchbrand as Arrington and team look to extend their umbrella and wrap up what he considers to be the best blogs.SAI in particular would offer an East Coast/financial bent that the Silicon Valley-based TechCrunch is currently not known for..

5) Android Will Have Less than 20% the Sales of iPhone in 2009

While commoditized PCs managed to put pressure on Macintosh and relegate Apple to a small market share percentage the Cupertino company is still trying to recover from back in the 1980s,历史不会重演,as Google's Android partners will be unable to knock the iPhone off its perch as the must-have smart phone for power Web consumers.. BlackBerrywill continue having a significant share in the enterprise,but it will continue to be iPhone eroding its share,not the Android,especially given the unmatched array of applications available for the iPhone which Android will not be able to match..


谷歌的管理不善 FeedBurnerhas many people frustrated with how the feed service has been run since its acquisition last year,as the service continues to see slowness,outages,最近天黑了,, shutting down their blogand being gobbled up by the AdSense team.竞争对手将会出现,enabling bloggers to move their FeedBurner subscriber base and historical statistics to their new platform..


Despite Twitter's recent dance with Facebook,it will rely on its existing venture capital funding and find revenue that enables the company to stay afloat at least through the end of the year.FriendFeed,similarly,will not be acquired or merge with any other service prior to the end of 2009.The company,如有必要,相反,将进行第二轮融资,with its own internal sources providing much of the capital..

8) Companies Will Continue Budget and Staff Cuts Through the Third Quarter of 2009

The layoff parade in 2009 will not be limited to unprofitable companies,小公司或实际上任何类别的公司。打击金融市场的厄运和阴霾,advertising,real estate and almost every sector will continue through the first half of the year,before starting to see a rebound in the third quarter.You will see strong companies 就像微软裁员数千人一样,and practically everyone will not be renewing contract positions that have concluded - even Google and Apple..

9) An Extremist Group Will Manage to Take Down or Deface the White House Web Site

America's political climate is extremely polarized,following the conclusion of two extremely divisive terms.当贝拉克·奥巴马搬进白宫时,the very features that make him a"first"will also make him and his administration the chief target for some incredibly angry and hate-filled groups.One will somehow manage to access 白宫。gov siteand manipulate it this year..

10) eTrade,Digg,绊脚石Skype and Yahoo!Will All Be Sold..

Desperate times call for desperate measures.. eBaywill want to ditch its non-core assets like StumbleUponand Skype(去年我也对StubLuMon进行了销售预测)。Digg,losing momentum,will sell cheap.Yahoo!will eventually be purchased by News Corporation,AOL,or even Google,assuming it passes regulatory approval,到今年年底。Microsoft,still insulted,won't be back to the table..


喂饲器,Wake Up.You And Google Didn't Talk Last Night..

You would think that as FeedBurnerhas been further incorporated into the Google monolith,recently incorporating with Google's feedproxy,that its service would be finer tuned and could be trusted to sync up with the Web giant's other products,including iGoogleand Google Reader.On most days,they seem to do a fairly good job,getting feeds out to the various RSS readers,and reporting statistics accurately.But today,像前几天一样,the two seemed to walk by one another in the hallway and not make eye contact,because we are once again seeing a decimation of feed counts across the blogosphere,从流行博客中斩获数以千计的用户and for the little guys,把它们降到零。.

My subscriber count plummeted by two-thirds (at least for today)

Coalminersgd wonders if all her subscribers went away..

This miss,one in a series of misses over the last few years,also comes at a time when many are openly voicing concern that FeedBurner is asleep at the wheel,移动ping服务器而不告诉任何人,and adding delays between people add posts to their site and when they actually hit the RSS feed.. Techmeme'sGabe Rivera and 读写网Marshall Kirkpatrick have been among their most vocal detractors.Gabe 昨天说that"Feedburner lameness continues",在上个月底,Marshall said that FeedBurner May Not Be Hearing Your Pings..

DearRobot is clearly not happy..

In Marshall's story at the end of September,, Steve Olechowski of FeedBurner said“我们听到你所有的叮当声and that"both ping servers still work",but that hasn't been the experience for everyone.. Gabe said"It's inexcusable,““adding"在这一点上,Feedburner is infrastructure"to the Web,something virtually all bloggers,myself included,use to have their content distributed.In fact,Gabe's response to Steve was quite direct,saying,“you guys broke the blogosphere,and your above verbiage reads like a bunch of evasive hooey.““

TimBrownson is frustrated to the point 身体暴力..

Whatever the problems are at FeedBurner,they aren't seeming to get any better with time,no matter how many times people like Gabe,Marshall and I bring it up.公司的博客还没有更新 since May 30th,even though they've been called out for being silent before.(See: FeedBurner Quietly Kills All-Time RSS Feed Statsfrom February).It's alarming for some that a product that has become infrastructure and is expected to have 100% uptime continues to have such gaps and flaws.Losing one's statistics for a day is essentially meaningless,but it really makes you wonder what's going on over there..

参见以前的FoeWistor /谷歌错配覆盖:

September 16,二千零八

My Blog Is Less a Destination Site than a Conduit

By now,we've all likely grown used to the fact that RSS readers don't often see a blog's redesign.For those who choose not to click through and leave comments,根本没有理由直接访问博客,considering it's possible to power through dozens or hundreds of feeds in a feed reader,be it Google Reader,, BlogLinesor any other.With tangential services like Disqus使我能够通过电子邮件与读者接触,instead of through the blog,there's now even less reason for me to even visit my own site..

在这一点上,I probably,on most days,甚至不能告诉你我每天的RSS用户数量,visible on the blog,or see the MyBlogLogwidget's most recent visitors,as I'm using my blog as a way to project content outward - to RSS readers,to aggregators,like 友谊饲料,, 股线and Social Median,通过电子邮件与读者联系,using Disqus.It also,via RSS,powers popular sharing sites,like ReadBurnerand RSMEME.But none of those activities,with the exception of comments,需要实际访问。.

While it's still important to be sure the blog itself loads quickly,对于那些第一次看到它的人来说,or for those who do click through RSS and choose to leave a comment,the look and feel of the blog is less important over time.I expect fewer people are typing in the 188金宝搏 URL and viewing pages directly,as they accumulate feeds and read more,and see the blog's UI more as a shell for content than a destination where a reader would spend a good amount of time.At this stage,the blog is simply a point in time for the content to begin its journey..

The life of a post,as always,for me anyway,starts out in e-mail,where it's authored.Then it's copy/pasted into Blogger.Then I visit the site,quickly,and ping FeedBurner.Subsequently,I refresh the blog feed in FriendFeed to keep it up to date,and send a TinyURLcopy to Twitter.在那一点上,I really don't have to come back.Should someone opt to comment,我可以通过电子邮件在DISQOS中回复,and even Delete unwanted spam or other messages..

围绕博客的大部分活动几乎都发生在其他地方——使得博客站点本身将新访问者转换为注册RSS提要的首要目的。So if they bump into the content,via Techmeme,, Digg,, StumbleUpon,ReadBurner,FriendFeed,or anywhere else,they'll sign up and take in my content in the way they choose.But my blog is not the destination.It's a point in the journey.For those who are relying on ad revenue to come through via page views,this won't be good news,but that's what I see happening.为了我,as I'm not trying to convert visitors into cash,this is the new reality,我们很好,你刚刚注册,passing through and being part of the conversation as you choose..

September 13,二千零八

Statistics Are Your Friend,即使他们不好

By Robert Seidman ofTVbytheNumbers(Twitter/友谊饲料)

成为网站的一部分应该不足为奇。 TVbytheNumbersthat I'm obsessed with statistics and this obsession extends to all the web site analytics and statistics that are available to us..

While I hear and read things often about how Feedburner's统计臭味 谷歌分析统计数据很臭,没有一个能很好地同步,那真的不是我个人的经历。Using either Feedburner or Google Analytics as an intraday tool is certainly problematic,and I have had a day or two here and there where Feedburner did lose data for an hour of five that it never recovered,but mostly both are just slow and do recover.Google Analytics typically tracks visits and visitors correctly intraday within reasonable timeframes,但是在计算总页数上落后了几个小时。Usually,by 8am Pacific time (but not often before then) all the page views for yesterday show up.一旦他们这样做了,on a page view basis,Google Analytics,Feedburner and Quantcastall seem like they wind up syncing up within 2%-3%..

Given everything involved,I find the 2% difference very reasonable and it doesn't bother us any.We wind up triangulating between Feedburner,Google Analytics and Quantcast and it's less of a hassle than managing our Web logs..

Because of the problem cited above with Google Analytics being slow to capture all the page views,it does make intraday monitoring fairly worthless,aside from tracking visits and visitors.All the other stats – time on page,弹跳率,pages per visit,etc.– are all wrong until all the page views are captured.But there's little we're doing that requires great analytics on an intraday basis.There are certainly times when it would come in handy,but even as it is,it works well enough intraday where we can at least figure out if we add something or move something around whether the desired result was achieved..

As a tool used after the fact,我觉得谷歌分析是一个非常有价值的工具,though I often don't like what I see!!

有一件事我们已经抛弃了,即转诊业务总是不好,no matter the source.有一些罕见的例外,其中连接产生良好的交通(高的时间在现场,number of pages per visit,etc),but that's indeed rare.In fact,in almost every instance where a specific post is linked,交通不好,with bounce rates often in excess of 80%.That's whether Louis is linking to it,whether someone throws a link on Twitter,or even if Matt Drudgelinks to one of our stories.. StumbleUponand Diggshow similar results..

Such traffic is great for jacking up visits and visitors,but bad for bounce rates,每页访问时间和站点时间。We've pretty much thrown our hands up in the air on that score and attributed it to web surfing behavior via links.As an aside,我们从苦工到稳定的联系TV Ratings"produces much better results,but if he links to specific story on our site and gives it any prominence on his site,the traffic has a very high bounce rate..

That seems largely out of our control,however there was still one stat that 真正地bothered me.That was that if someone landed on our site via our home page,the bounce rates were still pretty high,approaching 50%.Better if someone came directly instead of via a referral,but still bothersome either way.Here's the landing page results for our site for August 1-31:

Recently,with that and a couple of other factors in mind – mainly wanting the ability to showcase more content on the home page – we redesigned the site.The bounce rate for traffic landing on our home page was around 47% for August.在过去的一周里,post- redesign,that is now around 25%.The bounce rate for referral traffic to specific posts is still lousy,but again,we don't feel like we can do much about that.Here are the landing page stats from September 6-12..

All of this has me wishing I'd gotten around to redesigning the site sooner.Who knows how much repeat traffic we may have lost as a result of design?我也觉得很傻,因为我曾经对查尔斯SWWAB的网页设计/ UI小组负责。I recently had lunch with the VP who ran that group in my org and when I told her about the results she shook her head and laughed at me.My mentality had been this: our blog is a blog,pretty much like every other blog and designed pretty much like every other blog so spending a lot of energy on design tweaking didn't seem like a worthwhile priority..

我肯定应该知道得更好。I'm still not very happy about the bounce rates on referral traffic,but am quite happy about the reduction in bounce rates for people landing on our home page and would ascribe that improvement completely to redesigning..

By the way,for anyone interested,we went with the Live Wiretheme from Woo Themesthat we modified a little.So far I'd consider it the best $70 we ever spent.It's not a perfect world,so the theme isn't perfect,but setting the navigation structure (which we'll certainly still need to tweak) and other modifications didn't take much time.For $70 and time spent,cutting the bounce rate to our home page just about in half seems like time and money well spent..

阅读更多的Robert Seidman电视节目主持人com..